Every character has a class, and each class has a unique set of abilities. Upon first creating a character to play in Waterdeep, you will be restricted to using "1st Tier" classes. Second tier classes are only available after you have leveled to HERO (101) level, in which case you may then reroll your character into a 2nd Tier class, which is more powerful. The only part of your character that carries over from rerolling is your character name. It is not necessary to level the 1st tier analogue of the 2nd tier class you ultimately would like. For example, you do not have to level through the 1st tier class 'Ranger' to unlock it's 2nd tier equivalent 'Strider'.

2nd Tier


The wizard is the more advanced class of the mage. True masters of the elements, they are able to cast spells that both damage as well as protect. It is not uncommon to see a wizard hurling swarms of meteors from behind their magically protected barriers. Special Skills: Sanctuary Iceshield Fireshield Shockshield Globe of Invulnerability Meteor Swarm


Striders are rangers who have furthered their studies, focusing more upon the aspects of brutality than finesse. By studying the ways of the bear, the strider can tap into their natural strengths and gain great strength and rage in spurts, allowing them to cleave off a sword-arm or slice a shield in half. The strider is a viable enemy no matter what the situation. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Summon Bear - Level 50 Entangle - Level 51 Counter - Level 70 Cleave - Level 100


Sages are one with nature's magics, able to call upon the elements at will. They study the ways of the world, tapping into its lifeforce for protection. They are also deadly foes, able to call upon vines to snare their enemies in place then summon a hoard of insects to devour the poor soul's flesh. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Iceshield - Level 25 Curse - Level 28 Sanctuary - Level 30 Fireshield - Level 45 Entangle - Level 51 Shockshield - Level 80 Lifeforce - Level 84 Creeping Doom - Level 101 Summ. Elemental- Level 101


With a gentle touch and powerful magics, priests are clerics who have devoted their lives and studies to the art of healing. They have attained a communion with their god that grants them immense power. Their skills range from healing the simplest malady to returning health to the near-dead, and their magic grants them a wide variety of protection. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Iceshield - Level 20 Sanctuary - Level 29 Shockshield - Level 30 Fireshield - Level 50 Anchor/Vortex - Level 101 Full Heal - Level 101 Holy Invoke - Level 101 Summ. Elemental- Level 101


A monk is a combat class similar to mercenaries. They use combinations of punches and kicks to apply affects and mimic the skills and spells of the other classes. This class is considered an advanced class as it takes precise timing of skills to be used effectively. They also use no weapons and using one will actually lower their damage output. Special Skills: Punch Kick Uppercut Roundhouse Dimmak Charged Strike


Mercenaries are both deadly and subtle. Practiced in the arts of thieving, they use their skills in stealth not only to acquire wealth but also to eliminate their foes. If they see something they want, they are equally likely to steal it or to pry it from its former owner's cold, dead hands. Their agility and precision make them worthy adversaries to any who face their blades. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstab - Level 1 Steal - Level 5 Gouge - Level 24 Circle - Level 26 Decoy - Level 55 Strike - Level 101

Gladiator Gladiators are the embodiment of physical battle. Trained to be able to use all forms of physical weaponry, they are able to counter attacks as well as dish out up to seven attacks. They have even learned the art of pressure points and can perform a deadly touch upon the enemy when they have been weakened enough. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Enhanced Damage - Level 1 Bash - Level 1 Stun (Bash Ext.) - Level 23 Counter - Level 32 Rub - Level 80 Death Touch - Level 101

1st Tier

Warrior Warriors live for the thrill of battle. When their adrenaline starts pumping, their senses keen and they call upon their strength and skill to defeat their enemies. Lacking the stealth of thieves and the magical prowess of other classes, they prefer the direct approach. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bash - Level 1 Enhanced Damage - Level 1 Dual Wield - Level 3 Grip - Level 25 Counter - Level 38 Rub - Level 85
Thief Cunning and skilled, thieves are well known for their flexibility. Though they are not the most proficient in any one area, they have a wide variety of skills available to them. Stealth is their strength, giving them the element of surprise to steal or attack their foes, and also allowing them into areas otherwise impenetrable. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstab - Level 1 Haggle - Level 1 Sneak - Level 6 Pick Lock - Level 10 Invisibility - Level 17 Circle - Level 38 Gouge - Level 52

Solitary and aloof, rangers prefer the forests to the cities. Scouts and trailblazers, they are attuned to nature and her animals. Though not as specialized at either, they combine the druid's natural magic with the warrior's fighting skill, making them strong foes. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Sneak - Level 2 Backstab - Level 7 Rescue - Level 13 Track - Level 20 Enhanced Dam. - Level 30 Counter - Level 80


Mages are followers of the arcane arts. Devoting their lives to magic, they are the most proficient of all classes in magic, able to tap into a wide variety of styles of magic including the elusive draconian magics. While their magics are strong, the time devoted to magic makes them poor fighters. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Meditation - Level 9 Iceshield - Level 30 Fireshield - Level 50 Sanctuary - Level 52 Acid Blast - Level 55 Shockshield - Level 60 Gas Breath - Level 77


Druids are the protectors of nature. Their magics tap into nature's power, drawing from it to weave powerful spells. They are skilled in both healing and combat magics, calling upon the elements to protect them. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Refresh - Level 10 Cure Serious - Level 24 Fast Healing - Level 34 Iceshield - Level 35 Sanctuary - Level 40 Fireshield - Level 55 Shockshield - Level 90

Cleric Clerics focus their talents in healing and defense, seeing to the wellfare of themselves and those around them. Through prayer, they are granted spells which deflect and return damage, and they are able to heal wounds and cure maladictions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Important Skills --------------------------------------------------------------------- Meditation - Level 9 Cure Serious - Level 14 Iceshield - Level 30 Sanctuary - Level 39 Shockshield - Level 40 Fireshield - Level 60 Ray of Truth - Level 69 Mass Healing - Level 75