Waterdeep 2018 Two Moons Festival

The third week of April approaches and with that brings. The Festival of
the two moons. This is one of Waterdeep's four major holidays. There will be
lots of gear, lots of leveling, and a lot of reason to come online all

There will be tokens loaded into the world that can be claimed and submitted
when the auction has finalized that will enter you into a draw where you can
be randomly picked to win one of the unclaimed items!

This news mark the start of a week long celebration, of YOU!

Easter Massacre! 2018


The time of year is upon us for chocolate and family fun!
So while that can be great I think we all could agree that
you could use a break as you slip into a chocolate coma
by hunting down fiendish Bunny Rabbits!

Starting on the evening of March 29th Waterdeep will be
loaded with an unstoppable multiplying force of killer bunnies
that must be pest controlled!

If youre successful you might just attract the attention of
their angry rabid mother, good luck!


Waterdeep New Rules Draft


Waterdeep contains Adult-themed content and language.  By logging into the MUD, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view such material and the possibility that someone may say something you find objectionable. The following rules are designed as a guide for players and staff. The staff of Waterdeep retains the right to take any action required to safeguard the integrity of the game, even actions not specifically outlined here.


Thankskilling IQ Area - Update


The ferocity and rabidity of the turkeys has been greatly
reduced and the rewards... changed. I won't say that the
turkeys are docile, but they shouldn't be killing prepared
players outright. The boss mob is still being polished off,
but feel free to enjoy the newer, slightly-less rabid turkeys
and their delicious giblets.

- Torog

Crystal Stuffings


Venn has decided to hold a Thanksgiving party in
his crystal. All the family friends and people craving
turkey that hey knew showed up. His guests make up
many of the mobs from the runs. I recomend that you
kill the host last so that he does not shut his crystal.
The theme is set the guests have arrived it is only
missing you and your friends.


End of Year Contest: New Food Items


Courtesy of our Illustrious Coder, Kelemvor: a new set of foods
will be added to the 'create food' spell, which will allow for
foods that encourage more roleplay.

We are actively seeking suggestions for new foods.

Our goal is to allow a wide enough variety of foods to
support all kinds of roleplay. Foods that cover some of
these categories would be great!