Cornrow Maze IQ Closing


Since the Halloween IQ area was a little late for Halloween, I kept
it open for an extra week. This Sunday I'll be tearing it down.

It will reappear next year for Halloween with some modifications, but
the IQ items attained within will remain useful, year to year.

Congrats to the players who braved the area and those few who were
able to defeat Rotten Ol' Jack.

Powerleveling and You


After some discussion amongst the immortal staff (prompted by the ever-loving scamps over in Vector),
it's been decided that, for the time being, we will remove the "no weakening mobs" part of the no powerleveling rule.
This does NOT change the range of assistance. If you interfere with combat out of range, you'll still get in trouble.
This also does NOT allow you to multiplay. You want to weaken mobs for yourself? One character logged on at a time.
And if someone comes along and steals the mobs you weakened in the meantime, tough titties!

Town Hall 1 Summary - RP, Areas/Equipment, PHousing



* Make the game more Forgotten Realms, as the name of the game is
Waterdeep.. so people have an expectation of FR.

* Possibly implement a roleplaying karma type system that can only
be increased, to better track RP-related without getting Reddit
downvote effect?

* More roleplaying rewards, as some players feel there is no value
to roleplaying that feel tangible.

* Customization of attacks and fighting style/echos.

Areas, Runs, Equipment

Town Hall 1 Summary - PK, Classes and Balancing


Player Killing

To be honest, not much feedback at all. Some mention of changing
the percent chances of maladictions, and a little touched upon
with class balancing and getting players up-to-speed faster were
the major discussion items relating to PK.

* Some discussion about new areas relating to PK.

* Potentially removing no_recall flag on Forest of Destruction's
Graveyard FreePK area.

Class Changes or Balancing Discussion

Town Hall 1 Summary - UM, New Players, Retention


Hello all, we've just concluded the first of many Town Halls,
which will become shorter and more clean in the future as we
all learn better. Attached in the next few news items are
the summaries of what we discussed.

Please send ideas or notes to immortals (or all, if you feel
it warrants public discussion) regarding any of the items
and we will be sure to continue the discussion.


Reminder: Town Hall Meeting: November 8th, 4PM WDST


Just a reminder to everyone, this weekend we're having our Town Hall
Meeting to discuss the state of the mud, new ideas, etc.

The time, for people who are not great with timezones:

PST - November 8th, 2015 at 1:00PM
EST - November 8th, 2015 at 4:00PM (WDST)
GMT - November 8th, 2015 at 9:00PM

The current IQ Area 'Cornrow Maze' will be open, and at the conclusion
of the Town Hall Meeting I'll be giving people extended access time to it.

I hope to see you all there!

-The King Who Crawls

Halloween Week IQ: 'Cornrow Maze' Now Open


You will notice a new IQ mini-area is now available!
If you see the announcement that area is open, flag up
by typing 'iq on', make whatever preparations you deem
necessary and type 'qgos transfer me'.

This IQ area is best played by HERO level players in a
group, or high 90's and solo heroes with guts and brains.

For a fuller explanation of the cornrow maze, its backstory
and maybe even a few helpful hints, please refer to the
rolenotes written by Startigress this past week.

Waterdeep Town Hall - Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 4:00PM WDST


Hello friends,

It's time for us to have our "as often as we can, and most people said Sundays
work for them best" Waterdeep Town Hall, a meeting aimed at getting some input
from players and answering any questions they may have.

The meeting will be Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 4:00PM WDST.

Waterdeep News and Rolenotes


Some exciting news! Kelemvor has created an API that allows
our website to pull noteboard data to itself.

That means that if an immortal writes a news and posts it, it will
also appear on WD's website at:

Also, roleplay notes posted here will be automatically added
to the Roleplay Archive:

Thanks for this Kel!