Adventure Point Scavenger Hunt!


Playing with a command I found that automatically spreads objects around the world.
They're adventure point shirts. Find 'em, collect 'em, and turn 'em in whenever.

No specific prizes - this is just something so y'all can entertain yourselves.
Find all the apoints you can! This quest will run for... a while. I don't
even know how long I'll keep it going for.


Double XP and b0rk stuff


First off, double XP is back on. Why? Well, that's the b0rk part.

See, I kinda messed up a little bit and made it so people couldn't
gain experience or do quests. Misplaced brace and all that. It's
fixed now, but this is my penance. Enjoy all the experience
Waterdeep has to offer you!




First off, I would like to welcome everyone back, and thank those who
reminded everyone of Waterdeep via Facebook. If you were unaware, this
place basically hit rock bottom over the past two years. Quite literally
over the summer of 2010, there was hardly anyone here. At times basically
one or two people on during the afternoon, maybe a max of 10 during the

The return of the MAs


Now that WD is seeing some good, fresh, life to drain
its time to build back up our MA program.

What is a MA you might ask? MA (or Mortal Administrators) are
mortals that are willing to help out mortals with issues not requiring imm
involvement and answering questions for fellow players (help mortadmin goes
into even further detail if your curious). So if you think you're the type
of person that likes WD, knows WD, wants to see us continue to grow and
want to help make that grow possible, apply today.



Crossroads is being stubburn and wants to stay FREEPK for a while

Gond and I wrestled it to the ground a few times but still it resists

You guys can play in there. NPKS etc.. but leave lowbies and levelers ALONE

OR I will personally strangle you with your own face.

Happy Halloween! See ya's in a few hours

Blind imm auction results


The Rift Pendant (20k)
The Shield Of Protection (23k)
A Black Diamond-studded Wristband (26k)
+ The Muddy Boots of the Undertaker + (28k)
a Jade Spiral Luckstone (29k)
a Mithril Lapis-Lazuli Ring (42k)
a big joint from Lorna's private stash (38k)
the Staff of the Arch-Magi (50k)
a silver, crimson-hilted katana (65k)
The Sword of Eternal Damnation (70k)

Imm Auction


I've decided to run it at 9pm WDST tonight, Saturday Oct. 29th.
If I don't have 15-20 heroes on, it's postponed until the 31st (since
I'll be busy Sunday night with my own halloween stuffs.)