GRP IQ Event: Saturday, August 29th @ 9 PM EST


[ The following was found carved into the back of a corpse
found in Market Square. The rest of the body had been stripped
of all skin. ]

Just a reminder to everyone, the next GRP IQ is this coming
Saturday. To see my original post on it, check the news thread
or here:

Why the second post? I wanted to announce the reward schedule.

Baby Guesses


I haven't forgot about this, I just can't read a calendar now that I'm old and senile.
I meant to have the guess go until NEXT Tuesday!
So if you're coming in late, feel free to still post something.

Sune the Senile

The Bloodline Continues!


Yes, Sune's procreation has procreated herself (make the wrong joke about this and die horribly).

Here's something to have a little fun with the fact that Sune is now a grandpap!

Guess the weight and length of the bouncing baby boy, in Imperial units (none of that metric crap here).
Closest person to each will get some sort of AP prize determined by my joviality and mirth at the moment.
Maybe some extra bonus if anyone guesses either on the nose, and extra extra if someone gets both exactly right!

Best of Class Tournament


2015 Best of Class tournament


When signups for each class are called I will take names for 5-10 minutes.

If you enter you will be transferred to the holding area. I will take all names
and enter them into to determine the order of fights. I will post the
results of the order in the form of a sign. After Order is determined you request
the arena. I will restore the room before the fight and spell up fighters upon request.

The order will be: Priest, Sage, Wizard, Strider, Mercenary, Gladiator, Lich, Mon

A sign of change.


Also to get us started on the Birthday celebration I have set up
a sign quest. Enjoy the hunt and good luck. Let's get the party
started and get ready for another great year!

If you figure out all the clues you will find my location.
If you find my location say the secret word that the signs reveal.
I will announce when I have been found. The first person to each
location will find some ap. On your marks, get set, go...

Good Luck -Jergal

Introducing: Jergal


Greetings to all players of Waterdeep.
I have evaluated the rate of death in this world and found
that fewer and fewer of you are dying. I welcome your end.
I value your deaths. It brings me great pain to see less
of you meeting your end. So in an attempt to cause death
I will entertain and you in the best way that I know how.