My Present


In a place often passed,
Is a thing often wanted.

(Don't go out of your way to hunt too hard, it's a very very simple
present that a curious adventurer would find.)

THM 2015

First of all, thank you Aeris for setting this up.

Id like to put in a few summaries of what Id like to get discussed.

1. Gladiators
2. Saves
3. PK


Since the stats change, gladiators are now really overpowered. Every gladiator now has 25 dex and str.
This makes them hard to land a dirt kick on them, which is a vital skill for beating them.
This makes dirt kick kind off useless, because it misses alot in PK.

THM Topics

Some ideas:

1. The state of UnderMountain.

2. UnderMountain Wish List Item Discussion
(for a list of wishes already logged:

3. The state of the Global RP Campaign.

4. "How're We Doing?!" - Q&A Session with the Immortal Staff.

I think there should be an IQ rolled into the THM that will
take place both before and after the THM concludes.

Torog, The King Who Crawls

Town Hall Meeting

I haven't received any forums concerning the Town Hall Meeting. This
either means you are all hard at work thinking of what to write, or that
the game is perfect and you can't think of anything. :)

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can generate enough responses to put
together a good THM, so please send those notes in! Here is a reference
to my original post in case you've forgotten:

[5 ] Aeris : Town Hall Meeting (2015)

Thank you!


Lost Eq


If you lost eq from idling out, please send me a note. I found a
big pile of eq on the ground and I am holding it for for whomever lost
it. If you can tell me what some of the items are, I will return it
all to you, along with the money you dropped.
Mielikki, Our Lady of the Forests