The staff have been changed around over the years, some have come and gone, others
have stayed and others just pop in and use this place like a chat room.

We have made some changes, and I believe the staff here are stronger than we've ever
been. Maybe its just for the fact were all adults now :)

Allow me to introduce you to the staff and the roles they represent:

Waterdeep v3


Greetings Players of Waterdeep.

Id like to welcome you to what could be considered the new version of Waterdeep.
Id also like to give my thanks to all of you for continuing playing this game.
It takes a good balance between staff and players to make this game work, and
I believe we are there again.

the GA


The GA IS closed for refurbishment. Just because the mud crashes and it opens is not permission
to continue running it. When the area is ready, Kord will post a news regarding its status.

Considder this a rule, and disregarding it will be punished as such.

Thank you and have a nice day!



some of the runs have iq mobs on them.
it would he all..... but im too drunk :p
be nice, DO NOT be exclusionary or i will eat people.

have fun ^_^

Two Moons Festival


As has become tradition, the festival area is open along with it's
amenities. Double experience is on in all areas as of this news post.
If the mud crashes throughout the duration of the festival get in contact
with a level 108+ immortal to get double exp turned back on.

look forward to a slew of events throughout the weekend as we
celebrate yet another year of waterdeep's survival among its genre.


Clarification regarding IQ rewards


I want to clarify a misunderstanding regarding IQs and rewards.
The staff should only load eq that is normally obtainable in the game
for IQ prizes. AP vouchers will be awarded instead to allow players
to earn old Imm-created eq from the AP prize list for items not
normally obtainable within the game.
Our Lady of the Forests

Quest mobs and summoning


I dont know if this was lost in time, or never actually posted, but it has been known that
summoning quest mobs to random ass locations around the mud is illegal. I assure
you that it still is, and I WILL be punishing people that make it a habit to do so.
making points about who is and is not an asshole is NOT an excuse.