Town Hall Meeting (2015)

Hello everyone!

We (the immstaff) have decided that another Town Hall Meeting is in order.
After the substantial success of the previous one getting the MUD back
on track with hiring new immortals, MAs, builders, coders, etc... We
are ready to hold another one with where to go from here. Many changes
have been made since the previous THM, however this will be more of a
collective gathering of knowledge to determine the state of the MUD and
where we want it to be.

LiveRP Event: Saturday, April 25, 9 PM EST


As per the end of the last IQ (Torregiano Battle), Cahera,
a member of the Gold Dwarf group that has arrived has agreed
to allow an audience with the Keepers of Balance and their leader.

The LiveRP Event will occur at 9 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Whether it will be followed by an IQ remains to be seen.

Torog, The King Who Crawls

Factions v3.0


As you can see, we have brought back the faction system.
Its a bit of a mix from the old old version, and the recent one.

So with that, everyone who is in an old faction should be removed
unless someone or people wish to make one or ressurect one.

This is mostly governed by RP, not by membership requirements.
If you would like to start creating a faction, you can start RPing
and we will take notice.

More to follow


Got one with 11 going at it! (I'd be number 11 because I creeped after this)

Temple Square [LAW] [NOLOOT]
Here is the middle of the Temple Square. To the north, huge marble
steps lead up to the temple gate. The entrance to a large cathedral
is to the west and The Healing Wound Inn is just east of here. A few
large cracks in the ground can be seen.

Old Schoool Pk

[.....IFL..S.] Mizake is here, fighting Kasey.
[...T.IFL..S.] Kasey is here, fighting Shandelzare.
[...T.IFL..S.][BOUNTY] Shandelzare is here, fighting Zhakar.
[...T.IFL..S.] Cringe is here, fighting Mizake.
[..........S.] a cave bear is here, fighting Mizake.
[..C.........] An elemental formed of the very waves is here.
[.....IFL..S.] Arenthil is here, fighting Mizake.
[...T......S.] Crovax is here, fighting Mizake.
[.....IFL..S.] Zeratul is here, fighting Mizake.
[..CT......S.] a Fire Elemental is here, fighting YOU.

Dark Origins IQ Event - 8 PM Eastern Standard Time


Well, folks, I'm finally off my dead ass and ready to launch
some more action-oriented aspects of the Global RP: Dark Origins.

I won't say what the event will be all about - it's a surprise. There will
be opportunities for LiveRP beforehand, that will segue into an IQ for the
more action-oriented among us.

Saturday morning we'll be putting on Double XP, and for good reason.

This event will REQUIRE the assistance of newbies in the level 50 range.

NPK, Voodoo, and Freepk


As the question was asked (And its a good one) I will provide some clarification
on The relationship between NPK characters, Voodoo, and freepk areas.

It is NOT illegal for you to make a voodoo doll of a character that you killed
in freepk regardless of PK status. This means that if an NPK kills a PK in freepk, they may
also make a voodoo of the PKer

UnderMountain Wish List


Kelemvor has asked me to maintain a list of 'wished for'
capabilities for Undermountain. I've given our
working list of possible code features a space on
the WD website. Each item on the list has a thread dedicated
to it for commenting, and improvements.
And registered users can also vote for how important
the 'wish' would be -- so that we can gauge interest.

The wishlist is here: