About Waterdeep


The Setting:

   'Waterdeep' is a familiar 'Forgotten Realms' world that, early in its history, was visited by planar travelers from a world or worlds that one would recognize as the 'Final Fantasy' worlds. Thus, while much of the game world will be familiar to those who have visited the Realms before, there will be changes. In the distant past these portals closed leaving these visitors, invaders and researchers trapped.

Game Features:

  • 100% Free to Play
  • Optional Playerkilling (toggleable)
  • ASCII color / Automapping / Over 15,000 rooms to Explore!
  • Clan System
  • Extensive Hero-Level 'Runs'
  • Arena Systems - Battle Friends and Foes - Betting System
  • Quest System / Immortal Quest System
  • Detailed Character Customizations
  • Character Approval Unnecessary
  • PlayerHousing - design your own home!
  • Roleplaying Encouraged, But Not Required
  • Class Skills - use default, or customize
  • Skill & Level-Based Advancement
  • Equipment Restringing
  • 13 Classes to Experience
  • Character Traits (hair, eyes, etc.)
  • 24 Races (Drow, Thri-Kreen, Podrikev and more!)
  • Customizable Airships (travel, air-to-air combat, commerce)
  • Equipment Lockers - player inventory persists past logout
  • A dedicated community and staff since 1997

Recent History:

   The Empire of Vector has sent out MagiTek armors, powered by energies wrested from the bodies of their esper slaves, to dominate the cities of the Swordcoast. The various churches and acolytes of the Faerunian gods like Cyric, Mystra and Talos battled one another, vying for dominance until a new church arrived. It's been almost forty years since the Great Churches fell in what was called 'The Purge'.

   Black-cloaked assassins, each eerily similar to one another, surged over the faithful in a black tide that left their adherents either scattered or annihilated. This new church, this 'Black Church' worships an alien god that pulses and recreates itself with every heartbeart. It is called 'Jenova'. The Vectorians continue their vile research on espers, but are now opposed by an upstart nation which developed a new technology: airships. This new government, 'The TriPower' has used their technological prowess to connect the cities of the Realms into a network that makes their capital, Torregiano, the center of commerce. 

   Some still worship the old gods in hidden shrines and keep up the old ways. Others have given the Old Gods up for dead and pursued the new god of Technology.

   Still more silently hope that the Old Gods will one day return.