Changes: Jergal: 2.30.4 slaughter-for-snow

Change Update from Jergal on March 30th

This should be the last of the slaughter-for-snow builds.

  • wrinkle - there is a new spell called wrinkle which is an offensive teleport.
  • airships - the bug with airship lights should be fixed.
  • who - Invis immortals will no longer count for the number of people connected.
  • teleport - teleport for mobs has reverted to how it was before.
  • iq flag - iq flag will no longer protect from pk, and a player can not gain xp with the IQ flag.
  • switch - switch is now available for mercenaries, striders, and gladiators at level 101.

Also included in this change were a few updates about other areas:

  • Ruins of SIN is closed temporarily.
  • Shadow Thieves Clan Hall has had the entrance altered.
  • Sands of Sorrow had a reduction in value from the platinum gained.
  • Summon was changed tow rok more similarily to before.
  • Skeletons in the Zozo Graveyard had a small damage boost.