EQ Buyback

It was discussed recently that there will be a new eq-buyback program launching soon so that players can make use of older or less used items obtained in Runs. Below is the list from Jergal with the help of the builder team.


-----Crypt of the Undead----
(2)  the potion of an Angel
(2)  a Tattoo of the Undead
(2)  Fury of the Undead
(2)  a Dark Helm of Insomnia
(5)  a tattoo of the unholy symbol of Lloth
(5)  an Aura of Hatred
(5)  the Bloody Gauntlets of Morthazar
(10) the Lich's Crown of Madness
(10) *a pair of blood stained leather boots
------Crypt of Dispair----
(5)  === The Ring of Despair ==)
(5)  <> The shield of the Undead
(2)  The Chainmail Leggings of Despair
(10) A mask of stitched human flesh
(15) (=== The Anklet of Despair ==)
(15) *The Tattered Mantle of Despair
(2)  The Wings of the Faerie Dragon
(2)  the Wings of the Pixie Dragon
(2)  a Shadow Cape
(2)  A pair of spiked brigandine boots
(15) a Moonlight Cloak
(15) a Sash of the Chosen
(5)  a Bag of Holding
(5)  a Backpack of Holding
(10) Runed Armbands
(10) a Dark Crystal
(15) Runed Spaulders
(15) a Dragon's Eye
-------Icewind Dale----
(2)  a woven hemp ring
(5)  a cyan stud
(5)  Dragon's Bane
(15) DragonTooth Earrings
(25) an ice band
(25) bracers of strength
---------Kelvin's Cairn----
(5)  a Jade Spiral Luckstone
(10) The Scimitar: Frostbrand
(10) the force of Evil
(10) Mithril Greaves
(10) a Platinum Chain Anklet with a Malachite Pendant
(10) a Mithril Lapis-Lazuli Ring
(10) a Mithril Malachite Ring
(10) a Platinum Chain Anklet with a Lapis-Lazuli Pendant
(10) the mask of midnight
(10) shadow pants
(25) demon claws
(25) a bone nose spike
(25) -(ArchAngel Ring)-
(25) a sparkling onyx earring
(25) Sphere of Protection
(25) Laeral's Gem of Focus
(25) sun pants
--------Deep Dungeon------
(10) a pair of Genji Gauntlets
(10) a pair of Gengi Leggings
(10) a magical Genji Shield
(10) a cloak of the Genji Knight
(10) a Genji Helmet
(10) a Serpentarius Stone
-------Good and Evil--------
(15) Phoenix Feather Band
(25) A human skull helm
(25) The Robe of the Ancients
(25) Gauntlets Of The Ages
(2) a red diamond
(10) braided silk sleeves
(10) a crescent moon earring
(10) a runestick
(25) a claddagh crown
(25) the Favor of the Goddess
(25) the Torque of the Goddess