Father's Day Iq

[ 24] Duerra: Fathers Day Tree Climb  
Sun Jun 17 12:01:32 2018
To: all
Happy Father's Day to everyone at Waterdeep.
If you are a Dad, Love your Dad or didnt have one...
It is Hard growing up in this world, thank you to
all of the people that help shape the minds of tomorrow.

If you have some time of your hands I propose an poem...

'The Biggest Badest Dad went and climbed a tree'
'Hidding in a forest made for you and me'
'Kids in trees and squirrels with nuts'
'He's to you Dads... don't spank our butts'
'If you should come make sure you see'
'The special tree dad climbed for thee'

Crafting in the area has also increased chance of success
for this weekend!

Make sure you take anyone that wants to come.
If you participate make sure you are part of the note for AP.

The Vouchers the mob carries are redeemable for the event items.
Any and all AP will be awarded based on participents.