February Ubtao Auction House - Week 4

Hello Waterdeep,

We have something different and exciting for this week, I present to
you "Whats in the pack?" suprise auction. Of course I want to give you
some sense of items, not like the loot crates of other games! but it
will be great for everyone.

[...MG..] A Bag of Holding Practice Potions - 15, 30, 90 points?!
Minimum bid: 25,000 Platinum

[...MG..] a Backpack of Holding Realms - All the items to craft, 1-5 times!
Minimum bid: 100,000 Platinum

[...MG..] a survival pack of Blackstaff - Khelben's private stash of loot!
Minimum bid: 50,000 Platinum

[...MG..] a Backpack of Holding New Hero - 8 essential starting items!
Minimum bid: 10,000 Platinum

This auction will run 3 weeks and end on March 17th at 12:00 WDST, my
goal is to also add items that you the players would like sell. I will
limit it to one item per player, and it can be a pack of things if you
would like, it will end at the same time as the items i've posted above.

Please note me the name, description, & minimum bid and find me in game
because nothing will be posted unless I have it in my inventory. WD
auction house fee is 5% upon sale confirmation, if your item does not
sell you can keep it active or have it returned at no charge.

Thank you for your feedback, if you have any questions or concerns
please don't hesitate to contact the immortals.