February Ubtao Auctions - Week 3

Hello Waterdeep

I wanted to appoligize for my absence this week, work and family
pulled me away. I see that you were able to bid on the auctions,
they are now closed, thank you for your participation. There will
be new items posted tonight between 20:00 and 22:00 WDST, more
diversity and lower minimums.

Please send me a tell when you are ready for payment, I accept the
use of moneytransfer or aptransfer to Finder. 1 AP =  100 Platinum
in our current state, there has been a lot of discussion on if this
is fair, some believe it should be 1 AP for 200 Platinum, and others
think 1 AP should be 10 Platinum. I will be posting a poll about this
that will run the month of March, I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you again, happy bidding!

RED bid values - you bid, but lost. GREEN means you're winning.
YELLOW means transaction complete. WHITE / BLACK indicates bidding open.
    'ID   ' | ITEM DESCRIPTION                     | WINNER       |    WINNING BID
id:'8b30e' | Lance of Fred the Bringer +3+3       | Chezo        |        507,000
id:'269ae' | the Epic Armor of Myth               | Brayden      |        500,000
id:'87b1f' | Mirror Tinted Glasses                | Severyn      |        251,000