February Week 1 Auction

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Sat Feb  2 18:34:55 2019
To: all

Hello Waterdeep,

We will be hosting regular weekly auctions for the month of February to test a
system we want to impliment full time which would include player posted items!

Weapon type is sword
Damage is 12d22 (average 138)
Damage noun is divine power.
Weapons flags: sharp vorpal phasing
Affects hit roll by 15, level 101.
Affects damage roll by 15, level 101.
Affects hp by 100, level 101.

The starting bid is 10,000 platinum, 1 AP is 100 platinum. When you win an item you
have 1 week to supply payment or the item is forfit to the previous bidder.

Tell ubtao auction help, for available commands.

You're feedback is very important to us, please sent a note to immortals if you
have questions or comments.

Thank You!