June Build Changes

June has been a very productive month.

I want to extend a big THANK YOU to Finder

and Azuth for all the hard work they have put in

learning and building some long overdue updates.


Finder has been helping with the area expansion project.

*Sworddancer - Georn the Blacksmith

*Shadowdale - Tulba the Weaver


Both mobs have much better clues and new features.

Upgrade a Chromatic to a Prismatic!

Chance at AP for crafting.

These updates are live.


Azuth has completed a new hero run and eqbuyback!

*Deep Dungeon - new 2-4 man run

*EQ Buyback


New run is in the final stages of testing before

release. Everything is copied over and should

be ready soon.


Eqbuyback is available for Beta testing at X-Roads (10e from ms)

Any issues with updates eqbuyback or any other issues should be

reported as soon as possible. Please save a log if possible.


Lastly I have cleaned up some things too.

*Icewind Dale - run should now drop appropriate AP


There are more updates to runs and more updates

to crafting underway. Hardcore PK is progressing

and should be on time for WD Birthday.


If there are any building ideas you have for how things

can work better or something you want to see, please

let us know. Thank you again to the staff

for all the hard work and passion you share.