New Logo and Discord

waterdeep logo

We are in the process of designing a new logo for Waterdeep & would love input from the community!
Anyone that submits artwork will receive 200 DUMA which is a new social currency that we will use to reward people for playing and contributing to Waterdeep!

The First contest is a the Logo Contest:

1. You must submit only work that you created and does not violate another's intellectual property.
2. Art may be submitted for 2 weeks and the winner will be decided by August 2nd.
3. All accepted artwork will receive 200 DUMA.
4. You may have to create an account on roll to claim tokens.
5. Submit Artwork to this channel.
6. All accepted artwork will receive a verified checkmark by Waterdeep Staff to indicate artwork meets requirements and is a valid entry.
7. Votes will be done with thumbs up reactions on this channel.

1. Please Clearly Write the Name Waterdeep as part of the image.
2. High resolution images may be submitted.  Please make high rest submissions a square image of at least 1200px x 1200px. (svg, png, jpg)
3. Pixel art may be submitted by the link to the digital token created through PixelChain (

1st Place: 1000AP, 10 perfect Learning potions, 2 EQ Upgrade Vouchers and 500 DUMA
2nd Place: 500AP , 5 perfect Learning potions, 1 EQ Upgrade, 300 DUMA
3rd Place: 100AP, 1 perfect Learning potion, and 100 DUMA
All Entries will also get 200 DUMA!!

Visit the link below to submit your artwork! Good luck and I am excited to see what people come up with!!

Submit through the form

Or on Discord