THM 2015

First of all, thank you Aeris for setting this up.

Id like to put in a few summaries of what Id like to get discussed.

1. Gladiators
2. Saves
3. PK


Since the stats change, gladiators are now really overpowered. Every gladiator now has 25 dex and str.
This makes them hard to land a dirt kick on them, which is a vital skill for beating them.
This makes dirt kick kind off useless, because it misses alot in PK.

And now a very important subject, dispelling weapons.
Gladiators have 9-8 attacks, if they wield a cursing or dispelling weapon, it tries to dispel/curse 3 times a round averaged.
This is very overpowered. A spellcaster just has one cast per round.

Last thing about Glads, getting bashes by 3 glads makes it impossible to flee from them.
This could maybe be maintained as they are downgraded with the dispelling/cursing weapons would disappear.
If not, this could be looked upon.


Saves should be rescaled and -110 saves should not be the cap, since -250 saves is easily obtainable.


I know I posted an idea about PK before, but here is the idea again.
Have a two-months ranking system just as Pk legend works, but then just the two months.
Every month starts with a clean sheet, so it doesnt matter what happened the two months earlier.
So every two months ther is a new ranking, a new winner.
The top (2 or 3) will get an AP reward.
Abuse of this system should be severely punished with a long corner penalty and AP reducement.


ps: Monks could be nerfed abit, but its also very intense to play this class, mercs can just spam circle, monks need to time their attacks.