Two Moons Changes

[275] Jergal: platinum auction changes  
Thu Apr 19 13:49:19 2018
To: all
Platinum Auction Changes.
============2.30.4 (slaughter-for-snow)==============================
*xp - double xp should now show the correct xp
*cause light - a minor version of kick.
*cause serious - a magic version of kick.
*cause critical - an upgraded magic kick.
*drag - you should now be able to drag items you could pickup as well.
*harm - magic attack for 2% of target HP (wo sanc) as long as target is above 90%.
*bash - if a bash is missed while mounted you will need to get back up.
*trample - if bash is used while mounted, mount will trample target.
*aptransfer - you can now transfer ap to people like platinum at a bank.
*slash - gladiator/warrior skill, upgraded kick slash damage type.
*hack - gladiator/warrior skill, hit an enemy and up to 3 mobs in the room.
*player creation - player creation has had a major update
    the order of creation has been adjusted and the workflow
    adjusted to minimalize the effort a person new to waterdeep
    has to make.  That mens if you select you are a new player.
    You will pick your name, password, gender, and your class.
    All other choices will be made for you.
    New players gain the class default, sword skill, and are human.