Two Moons Cleric Hunt! - Update

Hello Everyone,

The tokens were collected today at 15:00 WDST and with a bit of suspense we
cranked the raffle drum and got our two winners!

There were 287 Selune Tokens & 100 Shar Tokens collected ! Great effort all.

The winner of the Selune draw was:


The winner of the Shar draw was:


Thank you everyone for the feedback on this years Two Moons Festival, without
all of you this would be a cold quiet place. I hope everyone had a chance to
participate in some way or another, be it enjoying the Double Xp, Immortal
Auction, IQ Bosses, Token Hunt & Raffle, or Pick-Up Auctions we hope you had
a good time.

There are more exciting events in the near future, with ever exciting changes
from the builder staff in the pipeline, stay tuned!

- Finder