Valentines Day Auction Week

Hello Waterdeep,

For the second auction of February I wanted to do somthing special so
feast your eyes on the items below!

A T-Shirt of Divine +2+2 Weapon or Lance Enchant

A T-Shirt of Divine EQ Upgrade

The starting bid on these items will be 500,000 Platinum! or 5000 AP.
You will only be aloud to bid on one item at a time, similar to the
immortal platinum auction. The auction will run until next Saturday at
12:00 WDST so make sure to keep an eye out as i'm sure these will be
in hot demand!

Thank you for your feedback regarding this weeks past auction, I do
really enjoy our 1:1 talks about what we can do better, please send
a note to immortals if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you
very much, see you in game!


*Reminder that EQ Upgrade is random, it chooses one of 16 possibilities