Waterdeep Birthday HPK Changes!

Happy 21st Birthday Waterdeep.

This year we have some big changes!

Waterdeep [Version 2.31.0 (harder-than-killer)] [Aug 19 2018 10:50:48]

* Default group gain should remove included groups
* Grand Arena should no longer have negative time
* Pets can now enter owned rooms
* Config summon should prevent summoning again
* Metor Swarm curve adjusted in favor of more rocks

* Hardcore player killing is in!
To join you have to reroll with "reroll hardcore"

* Hardcore questing generates AP!
* Hardcore characters can not gain practices
* Reroll now requires you to be in a safe room
* Deeper Dungeon Run added to claim list
* Mprogs can now add or remove platinum for a target
* Warn player if they try and sac a corpse with eq in it
* Deeper Dungeon area offically open.