Zanatose IQ Event

Recently Duerra held an IQ event...


[ 70] Duerra: Zanatose at the top of the tower  
Sat Jun  2 11:32:56 2018
To: all

The Necromaner Zanatose has climbed the tower in FoD.
His power is nearly ubeatable and his magic destructive.
Would you dare climb the tower and take his head?

Free Pk has been turned off in FoD for the weekend.
Take anyone that wants to come and anyone that significantly
participates, Should have a fare shot at the loot.
If you join the IQ chat to immortal with your participating characters.
All players deemed to have helped in the tower will have a shot
at The Archimedes of the Huddled Masses, which I will lotto after the event.

Have a great weekend...
      have fun storming the tower.

Take anyone that wants to come.
But Each person is responsible for submitting their own participation
chat.  If you fail to submit a chat you will not
be considered for the lotto.



The winners of the event are below, Congrats!


[  0] Duerra: Zanatoes results:  
Mon Jun  4 10:45:29 2018
To: all

Thank you for those that took part in FoD.
The Results of the Lotto are
1.    Dietadsj: the palantir of darkness
2.    Goldbull: a Necrotic Brand
3.    Rahvin:   Archimedes of the Huddled Masses
4.    Dobu:the Magefire Staff of the Elvenkind

Please see me for your prize.
Please join us again for another IQ