Alsin Interview

  # Saturday, February 09, 2002::00:27:05 :: Now logging session to C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\alsin.txt The Visible Mortals and Immortals of Waterdeep. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. IMP M Saiyn War CoN [....N...] [AFK] Nisstyre [Anarchist] IMM M Human Mag [....N...] Krogenar Westbridge Post] IMM M Human Lic [....N...] Daed. [Student ] [B,M] [L|EDS] HRO M Gobln Mer ShdTf [.PMRR] Alsin Fairfax, fell off port 6660 and ended up here Players found: 4 Most on today: 4. Market Square. Before you stands one of the greatest points in the realms, Market. Square. Market Square is the center point for the city of Westbridge,. and more known to be the center point of the Western Great Realms. Before you stands a huge cobble stone square, crowned with a fountain. and statue in the middle. Park benches line the outter edges,. allowing people to rest. The center countain stands tall, a statue in. the middle of it of Nisstyre Bloodstoner, and water all around. Several streets lead off diffrent directions. Going east and west. from the square is Westbridge Way <R420>, a main route between the. major cities. To the west you will find the Bounty Hunters Office,. Bakery and other shops. To the east you will find The Quick-Mart and. General Store. Going North and South is Main Street of Westbridge. The Healing Wound Inn, and Questmasters Office is north, the Park and. Bank South. A large sign hangs in the corner of the square, pointing. out the diffrent shops.  [Exits: north east south west up] [Doors: down] [Secret: none]. A large marble fountain stands here flowing with water.. A white-painted wooden bench is standing here.. A plaque dedicated to people stands here.. A Statue Of Nisstyre Bloodstoner stands here.. A sign on the corner of the square reads [No Parking].. [..C.........] A black Jaguar paces defensively around its master.. Alsin Fairfax, fell off port 6660 and ended up here is here.. A cityguard of Westbridge stands here.. Jimmy The Newspaper Boy is here, tring to sell some papers.. You tip your hat to Alsin.. Alsin gallantly tips his hat to you.. Nothing.. This creature is a large black cat known as a Jaguar. Rumor has it. that the Shadow Thieves have a small pride of these beasts hidden. within their Lair where they are trained to protect their masters with. their lives.  A neck tag says 'I belong to Alsin'.. a black Jaguar is in excellent condition.. Alsin begins to pet a black Jaguar.. You say 'Thanks for meeting with me Alsin.'. Alsin says 'you like my cat?'. You nod.. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say 'Can you tell me who you are?'. You say 'Who is Alsin?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'I'm Alsin Fairfax, brother of Kyarn, Goblin Crimelord, Pyker Child, Waterdeep’s only Mortal Millionaire, and I'll leave it at that before I let my ego get the best of me'. You say 'What is a 'Pyker Child?''. Alsin says 'just a nickname given to me for some of not so nice ways'. You say 'Can you explain it?'. Alsin says 'I got the innocent look of child, yet I'm as tought an rought as a Pyker'. Hmmm you looked puzzled? Something wrong?. You say 'What's a 'Pyker?''. You say 'PK-er?'. Alsin says 'Hmm, I get asked that alot, it's not a PK-er'. You say 'What is it?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'so, for the record, a Pyker (correctly spelled Piker), is a gypsy who is know for his con artist ways and his unique fighting style, along with the fact that they are very passive aggressive'. Krogenar nods, grins.. Alsin says 'yeah, it all makes sense now doesn't it'. You say 'I also wanted to ask you about your millionaire status.... how did you amass so much money?'. You say 'I had heard that there was a bug long ago..'. You say '... that some people abused.'. Alsin says 'not so much that it was a bug'. Alsin says 'I earned it all in a legal way'. You say 'Explain how it happened? And how it was legal?'. Alsin says 'I just had the smarts to do it'. Alsin says 'what I did, is I set up a Behir bot'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Alsin says 'back then bots were legal, and the behir would carry about 750 - 1K platinum'. You say 'How long ago was this?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'So, basically, my bot would go kill him, loot the money, deposit the money then do it again in a tick'. Alsin says 'this was about 2 or 3 years ago'. You say 'Before we talk any more about your bank account, some people want to know what happened.'. You say 'Why did you delete... and is your money still there?'. You chuckle politely.. Alsin chuckles politely.. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'oh, you guys all want to know who inherited the cash?'. You say 'That, and why you deleted.'. Alsin says 'well, first off, I definately want to get it across to everyone that I did not delete because of Laisha, and she had nothing to do with it'. You say 'I was told it was for some OOC reason.'. Alsin says 'secondly, there are two primary reason I deleted'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Alsin says 'first off, for the last two years I've been harrassed by a group of other players, I won't mention names and I don't intend do'. You say 'Whoa, whoa, whoa.'. You say 'Why not?'. Alsin says 'and secondly, it extended in RL and when you mix that with my already bad RL problems'. Alsin says 'well, I decided it was too much'. Krogenar nods.. You say 'So, you won't be back to WD?'. Alsin says 'I'm passive aggressive, if I'm going to get revenge, I'll get it on my own terms'. Alsin says 'as for returning to WD, hmm'. Alsin says 'toughy'. Alsin says 'I would really like to return, but from my viewpoint, it's very doubtful'. Alsin says 'it was my escape from reality, and now my reality has followed me there'. Alsin says 'it doesn't mix'. You say 'So..'. Alsin says 'soooo?'. You say '... some real life friends of yours... who play on WD... you're having problems with them?'. You say 'And that's why you deleted?'. Alsin says 'I wouldn't call them friends'. You nod.. Alsin says 'and that is one reason'. You say 'People you know in RL, and who also play on WD>'. You say 'Were they friends in the past?'. Alsin says 'more like general acquaintances, I don't really consider too many people to be friends'. You tackle Alsin playfully.. You say 'Why would you say that?'. Alsin grins evilly.. You say 'Don't cry on me now!'. You poke him in the ribs.. Alsin says 'well, if you lived the life I have, you would be very very suspicious of everyone and have very little friends'. Alsin says 'cry? me'. You say 'Tell me what kind of life you've lived.'. Krogenar listens.. You say 'And why it would stop you from having friends.'. Alsin says 'it's a long story, but it all started when I was 9, and drugs entered my life'. You nod at Alsin.. Alsin says 'when I was 10 I was a jr. street Pharmacist'. You say '9-years old!?'. You boggle at the concept.. Alsin says 'yeah, fucked up don't you think?'. You shrug.. You nod.. Alsin says 'I got into my older brothers pot stash'. Alsin says 'so I blame it all on him'. Krogenar listens.. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Alsin says 'from them, I grew older, got deeper and deeper and now I'm sorta 10 feet deep and trying to get out'. Alsin says 'not only that, but people take shots at you when they want to take you place'. Alsin says 'especially when you are as young as me'. You say 'What do you do with drugs now? What are you into? Pot?'. Grobnak appears in a swirling mist.. Grobnak peers intently at The Paper Boy.. The Paper Boy peers intently at Grobnak.. Alsin says 'what am I into?'. Alsin says 'I'm trying to quit'. You say 'Nothing more than pot, I hope.'. Alsin says 'but I think I've done and tried anything and everything'. You say 'Are you just saying that? Or is it true? Anything and everything is a LOT.'. Krogenar blinks, and listens.. Alsin says 'well, maybe that is a bit broad, should I just list em?'. You nod.. Grobnak says ' This an interview?'. You nod.. Grobnak nods.. Grobnak waves happily.. Grobnak prays for transportation!. Grobnak disappears.. You wave.. You say 'Go ahead, if you want.'. Alsin says 'opium, weed, ruffs, exstacy, acid, coke, krak, shrooms, a variety of pill downers, and a variety of pill uppers, speed, drowsies, and drops should pretty much cover it all'. You nod.. Alsin says 'and mixed drugs, alcohol, and over the counters just for kicks'. You say 'Are you in some kind of program?'. You shrug.. You say 'Sorry... I'm not into that stuff, thankfully.'. You say 'I'm about as 'street' as Al Roker.'. Alsin says 'you at least tried it right?'. You shake your head.. You say 'Hell no!'. You say 'I'm not stupid!'. Alsin says 'damm dude, you don't know what you are missing'. Alsin says 'and no, I'm not in any program'. You boggle at the concept.. Alsin says 'I just know how to quit'. You say 'Wait... a moment ago you told me you were 10 feet deep in it...'. You say 'NOW you're proud of it?'. Alsin says 'well, all things have thier pros and cons'. You say 'What's the deal?'. Alsin says 'I'm proud because I gained some experience that I wouldn't have sober'. Alsin says 'but down cause I can't get out of loop'. You say 'Dude, you may think I'm a 'drug prude' - but I've seen what that shit does to you. Pretending to be proud of it is, well, in my opinion, just dumb.'. You say 'Anything that you can't stop doing... is a mistake.'. You shrug.. You say 'but - I was lucky - I didn't have an older brother who smoked weed.'. You say 'So you think drug use can be a good thing sometimes?'. Alsin says 'I think it can'. You nod.. Alsin says 'you know they are going to legalize pot for medical purposes'. You say 'Hey... we can differ on that. Weed doesn't seem so bad. Just not for me.'. You say 'Well, I for one think that all drugs should be legal to use.'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. Alsin says 'me too'. Alsin says 'and I also went to a lot of tribal rituals and drank some peyote'. Alsin says 'that was a good experience'. You say 'It shouldn't be up to the government to prevent people from being stupid.'. You say 'Its your life, not the government's.'. You wonder about how things could have been.. Alsin says 'drugs should be on the open market, let people smoke and dose up whatever they want'. You say 'Just as long as they can't whine, and blame society for their problems later.'. Alsin says 'anyway, that's some insight into my RL dilema'. You say 'Why is it a dilemma? You sound kinda proud of it.'. You say 'You're a the Indiana Jones of the drug world.'. You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to Alsin!. Alsin says 'somewhat, I guess you can say that'. You say 'Well... I hope you solve that dilemma.'. Alsin says 'I hope so too, or maybe it'll solve me'. You chuckle at his joke.. Alsin says 'the highlight in my life: I met Amado Carrillo Fuentes'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say '..........'. You say 'Who's that?'. Alsin says 'he just owns and runs the juarez drug cartel'. Alsin says 'he was my hero sometime along my life'. Alsin says 'not anymore though'. Alsin says 'when I think of it, I was, and still am a pretty fucked up kid'. You say 'But you still rank meeting him as the highlight of your life?'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. Alsin says 'there isn't much else to compare it to'. You comfort him.. Alsin says 'oh, well, I got into a top rate university'. You say 'Which one?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'Rice University in Houston TX'. You say 'Hey! That is an awesome university!'. You say 'I went to Penn State myself.'. Krogenar snaps his suspenders.. You say 'What's your degree?'. Alsin says 'got no degree'. Alsin says 'I got expelled from Rice 3 months in'. Krogenar looks sad.. You say 'Sorry to hear that.'. Alsin says 'don't be, I'm not'. Alsin says 'I did what I had to do, and I feel it was right'. You say 'Let me ask you more about Alsin's character.'. Alsin says 'sure sure'. You say 'How did you create him? Develop him?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'well, Alsin was the twin brother of Alson one of my older characters that got wiped and came into play about 2 and a half years ago I think'. You nod.. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'at first he was outcasted and shunned by his ole man, but sorta came to terms when Alson retired his positions as owner of an underground organization'. You nod.. Alsin says 'after that, I just worked on his RP and got the char going and sorta started anew'. You say 'How did you find WaterDeep?'. Krogenar waits, and listens.. Alsin says 'oh man'. You say 'As a mud.'. Alsin says 'I just sorta did'. Alsin says 'I got here about 1 month or two after it was made'. You say 'Did you know someone who played here first? Or did you find it on a mud site, etc?'. Alsin says 'I don't really know the details, I just sorta came upon it while looking for chat servers'. Alsin says 'to be honest, I didn't expect to log onto a MUD, I had a program that would log me onto random servers'. Alsin says 'this was the one exception that I didn't log onto a chat'. You say 'So you've been here a long time...'. You say 'If you had to give new players, or even old players, some advice - what would you tell them?'. Alsin says 'I was addicted from the second day on'. You say 'Advice on mudding?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'I would say just have fun, thank the imms every now and then, and give back here and there'. You nod.. Alsin says 'Also, the mud isn't completely about eq and money'. Alsin says 'so don't prize em that much'. You nod.. You say 'What do (or did) you prize more than EQ and Money on WD?'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'the respect between mortals and immortals, and how the place is always expanding and improving'. You nod.. Alsin says 'I would say the respect between mortals and other mortals, but we sorta lost that 3 years ago'. You say 'How would describe yourself, in three adjectives, personally.'. Alsin sits back and begins to think.. Alsin says 'just three?'. You chuckle politely.. You say 'use more if you like.'. Alsin says 'a charismatic egotistical pyker'. You nod.. You say 'How close is that to your RL personality?'. Alsin says 'on the dot'. Alsin says 'I just tend to be more open on the MUD that in RL'. Alsin says 'that is the only difference'. Alsin says 'in RL I got the same nicknames as well'. You say 'How would you like to be remembered by the community on WD? Now that you've left?'. Krogenar listens.. You say 'If you could be remembered any way you liked... how would it be?'. Alsin says 'that is not up to me to decide job was establish myself and make a name, I think I did that'. You say 'I realize its not up to you... but if it were... how would you like to be remembered?'. Alsin says 'it is to the MUD community to decide if I'm worthy to be rembered now'. Alsin says 'and for me, being remembered isn't all that important'. You nod at Alsin.. You say 'Do you think you will be remembered?'. Alsin says 'by a select few'. You say 'You said you think you made an impression... that you made a 'name' for Alsin.'. Alsin says 'nothing too big'. You say 'What is that 'name'? As a 'good' person? As a clever person?'. You say 'What is that memory going to be like?'. Alsin chuckles politely.. Alsin ruffles your hair playfully.. Alsin says 'you just keep rewording that question don't you'. You nod.. You say 'Until you answer it, yes.'. Alsin says 'I just better stop avoiding it then'. You say 'Will people say... 'Alsin was a jerk!''. You say 'Or... 'I'll miss him.''. You say 'Which one?'. Alsin says 'I hope those closest to me remember me as a friend, and the rest could say there went another oldschool player'. Alsin says 'I'm sure there are mixed reactions'. You nod.. You say 'Well... I'll say this: a few people asked me if I'd interviewed you.'. You say '.. so you must have made some impression, on someone.'. You smile at him.. Alsin says 'I could name a few I impressed, but not as much as I would have liked to'. You say 'Any humorous stories you could share, of WD?'. You say 'Are there any memories of WD, that will stay with you?'. Alsin says 'yeah, there are several'. Alsin says 'I'll never forget the great PK'. Krogenar listens.. Alsin says 'and the many "scams" I ran'. You say 'Name some 'scams'!'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Alsin says 'oh, I don't think the Immortals would be too happy to hear of them'. You shrug.. You say 'Well... you're gone now, right? Lets hear some!'. Krogenar raises his eyebrow skeptically.. You say 'If you have any, that is.'. You chuckle politely.. Alsin says 'well, I figured out how to remove Rot_death flags from equipment, how to make it so that you always get a shimmie'. Alsin says 'I would use my airship to do runs'. Alsin says 'duped eq, and platinum, and would con NPK's'. Alsin says 'conning NPK"s was the best'. You say 'I thought the platinum you earned was all legal?'. You chuckle politely.. Alsin says 'whatever wasn't'. Alsin says 'Niss made me sac'. You say 'Don't explain how you did these things... I'd only have to erase them.'. Alsin says 'I swear, I sacced a good 2 million'. Alsin says 'I know'. Alsin says 'but can I tell you my story, with [NPK character]'. Alsin says 'I think it was funniest shit'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Alsin says 'and I did it to several people'. Alsin says 'I would get hero NPK's to follow me, sometimes they would just follow me on their own'. Alsin says 'this one day, I was chillin at MS'. Alsin says 'well, that is everyday for me, but still'. Alsin says '[A NPK character] came in and decided he was going to follow me'. Alsin says 'so I says to him "do you got pass door?"'. Alsin says 'he nodded, and then we were off'. Alsin says 'the closest death trap from MS is only a few rooms away so it too fast for him to even react'. You say 'Cyric’s Church?'. Alsin says 'I got him to the FREE PK room and backstabbed and killed him'. Alsin says 'no no'. Alsin says '5 rooms away, I'll let you figure that one out'. Alsin says 'but I was nice enought to not full loot him'. You say 'HERO Shop?'. Alsin says 'that is more than 5 rooms and you can flee, it's not a death trap'. Alsin says 'NPK's are teh best to kill, I had alot of fun doing it'. Alsin says 'but [the NPK character] never ever followed me again after that'. You say 'Why are they the most fun to kill?'. Alsin says 'cause, the are so vulnerable and don't expect it'. You nod.. Alsin says 'I mean, how often would you expect to be led into a death trap after being asked to join a player on a run?'. You nod.. You say 'If you could ask any player, or any immortal, any question - what would it be?'. Alsin says 'I was ask Niss how he manages to keep the MUD so damm good and interesting after all these years'. Alsin says 'or, I could.....nevermind'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say 'ok...'. You say 'If you could have any skill or spell from WD, in RL - what would it be?'. Alsin says 'hmm'. Alsin sits back and begins to think.. Alsin says 'any skill or spell'. You nod.. Alsin thinks very long and hard. You say 'Any skill... or any spell.'. Alsin says 'including imm spells and skills?'. Alsin says 'I would so go crazy with slay in RL, but if I had to settle for a hero skill/spell, I'd go with Imp invis'. You nod.. You say 'You'd run about, slaying people?'. Alsin says 'yeah'. Alsin says 'pretty much'. Krogenar narrows his eyes, and edges away from Alsin.. You say 'How would you use your imp invis?'. Alsin says 'element of surprise'. Alsin says 'then slay, and a clean getaway'. Alsin says 'too bad it'll be a manual shanking'. You smirk.. You say 'Yeah, right.'. You clap at his performance.. You smile happily.. Alsin says 'for reals, I know a few people who deserve to die'. You nod.. Alsin grins evilly.. You say 'Do you have anything else to add? Something I didn't ask?'. Alsin wields A Spear Of Mass Destruction.. Alsin says 'I'm not sure sure people want to know that much about me'. Alsin boggles at the concept.. You say 'Do you have a question for me?'. Alsin says 'why didn't you ever go to MS and chill out with me there?' Alsin says 'I would have loved to, err, chatted with you'. You say 'I knew I couldn't trust you.'. Alsin says 'me? I'm all about trust'. You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.. You say 'Sure, Alsin.'. Alsin says 'I never once ripped anyone off in a legitamate deal that I made'. Alsin says 'except when I was in strife over 2.5 years ago'. Alsin says 'but I'm a reformed con artist'. You say 'After hearing all this from you...'. You say 'A 'reformed' con artist?'. You say 'Give me a break!'. You bow before him.. You say 'Thanks for the interview Alsin.'. You say 'How do you think it went?'. Alsin says 'it was perdy plain'. You chuckle politely.. Alsin says 'I thought we were going to get into some really interesting stuff'. You say 'Yeah? What would have jazzed it up?'. Alsin says 'more talk about beer, sex, drugz, and women?'. Alsin says 'like, for instance? do you like it when a girl screams your name out in bed?'. Alsin says 'I'm sure the people would all like to know'. Krogenar scratches his head.. You say 'I already know what its like.'. You shrug.. Alsin says 'so, is that a yes or a no?'. You say 'Why would I ask you?'. You poke him in the ribs.. You cackle gleefully.. Alsin chuckles politely.. You say 'No, I don't think people would want to hear about that crap.'. Alsin says 'anyway, how did your character come to be? how often do you have mud sex? do you RP getting drunk and getting laid?'. You say 'This is an interview, not a circle jerk.'. Alsin says 'ok ok'. Alsin says 'seriously then...just answer me how your char came to be, how long have you been on the MUD? and who is closest to krogers, IC and OOC?'. You say 'How did Krogenar come to be?'. You say 'I don't have mud sex.'. Alsin says 'sure sure...that's what they all say'. Alsin says 'I've seen how it takes you a while to reply some times...make me wonder if your hands are on the keyboard'. You say 'How I developed him? He's been a character of mine for over a decade.'. Alsin chuckles politely.. Alsin ruffles your hair playfully.. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. Alsin says 'a decade?'. You ruffle Alsin's hair playfully.. Alsin says 'WD hasn't been around that long'. You nod.. You say 'I used to RP when I was younger.'. Alsin says 'you aren't young anymore?'. You say 'And he was an NPC of mine, for gaming.'. Alsin says 'how is you?'. You say 'I'm 28.'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. Alsin says 'I see, I see'. You say 'He started as more of a barbarian type... but that was kind of cliche, so I made him into a strider.'. Alsin says 'why strider? and not gladiatory?'. The berserker has arrived.. You say 'I enjoy WaterDeep mostly for the socializing, and the RP opportunities.'. You shake your head.. Alsin says 'gladiators still too barberic?'. You say 'I like the RP for a strider.'. You nod at Alsin.. Alsin says 'socializing? RP?'. You say 'Krogenar isn't a wall of sinew and muscle. That, to me, is boring as all hell.'. Alsin says 'then why go PK? also for the RP?'. You say 'He gets his ass kicked in RP, every now and then.'. Alsin says 'yeah, by me...'. You say 'Which I think makes him more believable.'. Alsin snickers softly.. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say 'He's not infallible. That's stupid.'. You shrug.. Alsin says 'I know what you mean, gotta make your char nice and round'. You say 'I went PK for the challenge, and the thrill.'. Alsin says 'but you never enduldge yourself in it? why is that?'. You say 'I'm not very good, but I don't really try much.'. Alsin chuckles politely.. You say 'I'm better at organizing.'. Alsin says 'I'm good at both'. You smirk.. You say 'I think if I did devote myself to it, I'd be better.'. Alsin says 'that is why I was often picked to lead IMM quests'. You whistle innocently.. You say 'So you say.'. Alsin says 'yeah, there goes my ego again'. You chuckle politely.. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say 'But its too arcade-like for me. Equipment doesn't get my rocks off.'. Alsin says 'neither does it for me'. You say 'I figure, if I write something I'm proud of today, if WD evaporates tomorrow... its not wasted time for me.'. Alsin says 'why is that?'. You say 'I would still have the story, the writing.'. Alsin says 'I would say a good amount of people don't ever go near RP stories'. You shrug.. You say 'I do it for me.'. You say 'Not them.'. Alsin says 'ahh, so, you a creative writing major? you got any degree's?'. Alsin says 'how do you think I am?'. You say 'What does a bunch of 1's and 0's really mean anyway?'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. Alsin says 'on and off, o and 1'. You say 'I have a degree in journalism, minor in history.'. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say 'I run a small business in Manhattan.'. Alsin says 'nice, two crappy subject, but nice...I be they look good on a resume'. Alsin says 'cool, an entrepreneur just like me'. You chuckle politely.. You shake his hand.. Alsin nods at you in agreement.. You say 'Well, thanks for the interview!'. Alsin says 'again?'. You say 'You'll be back...'. Alsin says 'back? back where?'. You say 'WD.'. You nod.. You say 'You're an addict.'. Alsin says 'I own this place right here'. Alsin says 'no way I'll ever go back to that old WD'. Alsin says 'but I do miss the PK'. You say 'No one to hurt here?'. You chuckle politely.. You ruffle Alsin's hair playfully.. Alsin says 'I can fight the IMMs'. You say 'Well, you said it here! You won't be back...'. Krogenar mutters, 'You'll be back...'. You wave goodbye to Alsin.. Alsin says 'yeah'. You say 'Later Alsin.'. You feel a hand grab you, you begin to fly upwards!. You pass through the clouds and out of the world!. You have rejoined Reality!. For News, Roleplaying and Info, Visit our website! Http:// # Saturday, February 09, 2002::01:49:23 :: Log Closed.