Belldandy - Plotting

Monday, March 16, 2015 - 21:58

Rowina looked across the desk solemnly at the small
blonde woman in the seat across from her. The lab
was hushed and the sorceress had wanted to meet with
the mercenary away from the Keeper clan hall. She
had a great deal of respect for the position the Keepers
had taken in regards to the wizardess Belldandy. Still
it was not in the sorceress' nature to leave someone
to suffer at Vectorian hands, and she had always found
the wizardess pleasent and friendly and extremely naive.

Anya sat watching the sorceress, noting the pale skin,
the tired eyes and narrowed her eyes at her on one of
the three people in the world she called friend and family.

You look worn Row, when will you tell the wizard?
He needs to take better care of you.

Rowina snapped out of her musing and looked at the merc
shaking her head and waving her hand dismissively.

The time will come, now is not it, there is more
important things to be done right now. I have a request,
it may put you at odds with some of the leaders of the

Anya leaned forward curiously, repeating the same dismissive
wave unconciously.

Like I give a rat's ass what any of the other leaders
think Row, you know I only joined because of you anyway.
If you have a task for me, you have only to ask.

Rowina smiled at the blonde mercenary, her eyes full of
indulgent love and patience. Anya's spirit and fight
were what had endeared the dirty, broken twelve year old
to the esper so many years ago. Row had never regretted
for a moment taking in the urchin, giving her safety to
heal and grow into the woman she was. Anya may be hard
and brutal and mean, but her soul was alive and fierce
and not broken and empty.

Rowina nodded and continued;
I need someone to approach Belldandy the Vectorian
wizardess and assess her intent. she is asking assistance
in leaving Vector and has called on the Keepers. At this
time the Keepers are not willing to oppose Vector and give
a hint they are succoring a deserter.

Anya leaned back catching on quickly;

So you want me to go behind the Keepers and intervene
in a matter you can't publically support.

Rowina smiled at the mercenary, she admired the thief's
quick wit and clever brain. As Anya had always said,
a dumb thief was a dead thief, and Anya was a survivor.

Indeed my dear, to be clear, the leaders are not opposed
to this privately, but publically we cannot support any
action that would cause dissent with Vector at this time.
And of course publically, if your actions become known
we will have to declare you a rogue, perhaps even remove
you from the clan.

Anya chuckled and shrugged, she had only minimal loyalty
to the Keepers, her fierce loyalty was to Row alone and as
long as the sorceress found worth with the group the merc
would follow her.

That matters little to me Row and you know it, if you
want this done I'll see it done.

Rowina nodded and looked again solemnly at the assassin'
You will take Startigress as backup, the strider can remain
hidden and she can pull you out if things look bad. I
am not a fool, this could be a trap so I demand caution from
you child, I will not lose you to a possible Vectorian spy.
Rowina's purple eyes turned hard and glittering as amethyst
gems, her voice becoming cold;
And should the wizardess be playing us, and if her games
bring either you or Star to harm, I will unleash hell on her.

Anya looked at the sorceress, a small shiver climbing down
her back. She had only seen the sorceress lose her calm and
composure once and the devastation had been...impressive.

I will leave for Vector in the morning, and meet up with
Star on the way. And don't worry, its not good for you to
worry so, tell the dumbass wizard.

Rowina chuckled and stood walking around the desk to lay a
gentle kiss on the assassin's forehead;

In due time love, in due time, it should be special.