Breakfast for Tenchi...or not

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 12:04

Rowina woke and rubbed her eyes, stretching a little,
realizing quickly that she wasn't alone in the bed.
Peeking over she saw Tenchi's fully clothed figure
sound asleep next to her, obviously exhausted he was
sprawled out arm over his eyes snoring softly. Seeing
him reminded her of the emotional breakdown she had
gone through last night.

She remembered she had been thinking about how much
time had passed and still Vorcet hadn't come to say
goodbye. It was becoming obvious now that he had long
forgotten anything they had ever shared and she was
left behind. Feeling lost and heartbroken she had found
Tenchi reading in her Common Room with Sid perched on
his shoulder reading along. Seeing her emotional turmoil,
with brotherly affection, Tenchi had held her while she
cried until exhausted. He must have carried her up to
her room and stayed with her watching over her.

His gentle patience and consideration where a balm to her
pained soul. His fraternal protectiveness made her think
often of her long lost brother, killed by Vector. With
new resolve Row slipped from the bed and decided that
she would do something kind for the wizard and make him
breakfast. He deserved no less for his brotherly concern
and care.

Walking quietly down the stairs to the alien landscape
of her kitchen she looked at it with a look of challange
and determination. Surely if she could summon demons,
call lightning from the sky, and hurl flaming stones on
her enemy she could master the art of making a pancake.

Marching into battle Row pulled the basket of ingrediants
that Tenchi had left behind when he had shown her how to
make them. Lining up the variety of things from the basket
onto the table she examined them carefully. She hadn't
really paid much attention when he was explaining how much
of what and so forth but she assumed if it was all here,then
it all needed to go in the mix.

Pulling out a bowl she began dumping in each of the ingredients,
she wasn't EXACTLY sure why salt was needed in pancake mix,
nor something called baking powder but she assumed it had
some function. Humming along she dumped the dry ingredients in
one bowl and the wet ones in another just like Tenchi had
explained. Pouring them together she mixed the bowl while
starting the fire in the stove. Continuing to hum she stood in
front of the stove and poured the goopy mixture into the pan.

A few minutes later she attempted to flip the very large pancake
the small pancakes had seemed to become. The ensuing mess had
her muttering unladylike expletives under her breath, as she
dumped the failed attempted into a trash bin. Lola the living
dust bunny looked on with hateful contempt at her pitiful efforts.
Considering the project at hand, and understanding the principles
of trial and error Rowina decided on a new track to take.

Obviously it needed something slippery in the pan so it
wouldn't stick...and perhaps it hadn't been cooked enough and
needed more heat. Finding some oil and using a small cantrip
to turn the heat up on the stove she went about the process
of pouring the pancakes into the pan again. Glaring at Lola's
look of disbelief, getting the impression the little dustball
thought she was an idiot Rowina asked testily;

I made YOU, you little fuzzball I can do this.

Lola rolled her eyes and turned her back on the wizardess,
choosing to look out the other side of her jar rather than
continue to watch her idiocy. Row gave the jar another look
and turned to her pancakes, smoke was billowing enthusiastically
from the pancake now. Rowina was fairly certain that Tenchi's
attempts had not created this much smoke. In fact the concotion
in the pan was causing her to cough and choke a bit now and she
was forced to back away, just as tendrils of flames started
shooting from the pan.

Deciding retreat was the better part of valor she grabbed Lola's
jar and made a run for the door as the kitchen started filling
with a black choking smoke. The flames where starting to
become more enthusiastic and confidently she created a spring
spew water on the area. A moment later Rowina realized that
perhaps that had not been the wisest course of action, as it
appeared to cause a small explosion making the situation worse.

Watching the flames flicker around her kitchen all she could do
was scream for Tenchi and hold Lola close.