Call of the Shadow - Pt. 2

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 21:50

It had been almost two weeks, the forgers had the papers done
some time ago, but he needed to bring something else back with
him, and needed that first before he returned to the estate.
Picking up the papers he smirked, this plan went like clockwork,
the forgers did their job and now all that was left was to
return the papers to their safe.

Slipping back into the estate he made his way quickly to the
study and before replacing the papers, he ensured that little
slip of paper he left on the interior edge of the safe was still
there. He smiled, contract complete smiling, Jurai headed for
the small temple, smile on his unseen face. Quickly he entered
the temple and made his way to the dais that held the gauntlet.
He extracted a replacement from his bag, checking for any wards
he shook his head, "So predictable, they expect their 'true god'
to keep watch over them." Removing the gauntlet and placing it
in his pouch, he removed the replacement from the bag and placed
it on the dias.

Stepping back he laughed a silent laugh at the replacement, an
almost identical gauntlet in its place, this one rusted beyond
all reason, some fingers fallen off and laying at the base of the
gauntlet. "Lets see how the lord of this estate enjoys his god's
'Favor' now" smile wide on his face, his eyes glittered slightly
and he slipped out of the estate again.

Finding refuge in his own hideout he removed the gauntlet or Torm
from his bag and began dismantling it, pounding it with a hammer
and removing all aspects that it was ever a gauntlet. The thief
didn't want to bring the symbol whole into the guild, it would be
sacrificed in the shrine, and Jurai knew that Mask would appreciate
the devotion he showed.


Many of the shadow recruits and adepts made sacrifices to Mask,
hoping for some small favor on their next contract or excursion.
Jurai waited patiently in the shadows waiting for a slow time in
the guild, when many of the members were either off on their own
tasks or sleeping. Patient and calm Jurai waited, and when he felt
the time was right he started the ceremony. Sacrificing the mangled
holy symbol of Torm he watched it fade and melt, disappearing he
closed his eyes to give a silent prayer to Mask.

His vision filled with darkness, and a form appeared in it.