Cat and Mouse 3

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 - 21:14

Evelia took a deep breath before turning the corner. In the alley
she felt safe from prying eyes, but she looked up at the apartment
building windows just to be sure. It was dark here, and only a sliver
of blue sky could be seen.

"We'll get to the truth," General Orshin stated matter-of-factly.
"Be assured of it."

He had smiled, his even, white teeth set perfectly on edge.

"I'm used to people trying to deceive me." The smile again. "They

He had nodded and moved paperwork from one side of his desk to the

Was he reassuring her or threatening her? His absolute confidence
was unnerving.

Evelia brushed the thought aside and rushed down Torregiano's Main
Street, her eyes watching for any clue that those she passed would see
her or try to stop her. She paused briefly in front of the towering
main gates glancing up to the guards stationed on top the walls before
hurrying through the gate and down the road leading away from town.
Putting some distance between her and the city she found cover in a
strand of trees off the main road. There she called to mind a picture
of Rowina's tower and drew upon her innate magical ability to take her
far away from the bustling capitol city. The sensation of thin silk
pulled across her face vanished as she exited The Weave, and the tower
of the Silver Sorceress rose before her.

The tower had seen better days. Some of the stonework was

Remembering that Tenchi had told her that Rowina was hurt in the
Vectorian attack on her estate, Evelia transported herself down the
road from the tower's main entrance and walked the rest of the
distance, blocking out the sounds of cleanup from around the estate.
Anxiously, the blue-robed figure considered the idea that the two
Keeper wizards might not have time for her, or that they might be
unwilling to conspire in such a large deception.

"How are you feeling, sorceress?" She asked solicitously upon
finding Rowina resting in a cloud, her husband standing nearby. The
raven-haired woman looked very tired, and a pained expression marred
her features. Nevertheless, she forced a smile for the benefit of the
young TriPower wizard. "It appears that I will survive," she answered
wryly as Tenchi wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Evelia
returned the smile, glad that the kindly esper woman's spirits were
good enough for small jokes.

"Uhm," Evelia stalled for time, debating whether to continue before
rushing ahead. "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have time to talk
about work? I need some advice," she hurried as she shifted her
weight from one foot to the other nervously.

"What's wrong?" Tenchi asked, his attention momentarily shifting
from his wife.