Cat and Mouse 5.1

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 17:04

Evelia slipped through the ephemeral portal just as Tenchi returned
with a suitable body for their task. He placed the corpse gently on
the ground so as to avoid additional damage. Standing straight, he
winked at Rowina and offered an encouraging smile to Evelia before
settling back to keep a close eye on his injured wife.

"Okay, Evelia," Rowina instructed, "since the subject is dead, it
will not be able to resist you. But if you were battling another
wizard, you can bet that he wouldn't take kindly to you trying to
morph him into a rat." Evelia laughed a bit at the image, but focused
quickly as the Silver Sorceress continued. "So just take it slowly
and concentrate." She handed the spell book to the younger wizard.
"Read through it a few times to make sure you don't mispronounce
anything. We don't want you opening a rift in dimensions."

Solemnly the young TriPower recruit accepted the ancient tome,
pouring over each word of the incantation. "How do you pronounce this
word?" Her long finger tapped a word midway through the spell as
Rowina came to stand next to her. "Ahhh. That one is tricky," she
allowed. "The L's are silent." Evelia nodded her understanding.
"Oh, I see it now."

As Evelia continued reading the arcane words over and over,
allowing them to become familiar friends, Rowina continued with
instructions. "You will have to chant the words in rhythm. And you
must see the body both as it is and as it will be." The raven-haired
woman's voice wrapped around her like a blanket. "Use your magic to
help the body through that transformation."

"Okay. I think I'm ready now," the neophyte announced, looking to
the elder sorceress for permission to continue. Rowina nodded, and
stepped back to give the young woman plenty of room to work.

Focusing all of her attention on the body, Evelia summoned the
energy within herself. From somewhere deep in memory, a soft melody
surfaced, her mother's sweet voice ringing in her ears. Taking a deep
breath, the novice called to mind an image of Aneh and arranged the
gems along the brows of the dead Vectorian to match the pattern of the
TriPower leader's jewelry.

A slow and melodic chant poured from the young spellweaver's lips.
Gently, her hands shaped the skin of the defeated enemy around the
gems to give the appearance of being embedded in the brows. "This has
to be right," she urged herself. "It has to fool them." One by one,
Evelia added studs down the sides of the neck, continuing the neat
rows of studs to disappear just below the collar of the corpse's
uniform jacket.

Increasing her chants, Evelia poured more energy into the spell and
felt herself fade a bit with the effort. "Stretch," she willed the
corpse, concerned that it did not appear to match Aneh's height.
Pinching the cheeks, she nudged the cheekbones higher and gave them
more definition. For more than an hour the teen manipulated and
molded the body that lay before her to match as closely as possible
the physical image of Aneh.

Finally, the young agent turned her attention to the uniform.
Concentrating carefully on the mental image of Aneh as she looked at
the TriPower offices, Evelia touched the fabric of the dead soldier's
clothing, pulling the red out of the fabric and leaving it a crisp,
deep royal blue. This uniform didn't have the cord trim that Aneh's
jacket had, but Evelia pinched the fabric of the shoulders and cuffs
to force them into thin cords of a bright red trim. She buffed the
silver buttons until they shone.

"No! It would be dirty!"

(Continued in next role)