Cat and Mouse 6.1

Thursday, November 5, 2015 - 19:51

"I hope this works," Evelia added softly. "I know it's wrong to
lie. But if I told General Orshin the truth, then it might put Aneh
in danger. And even though she's been mad at me, I don't want
anything bad to happen to her." The thin girl pushed her sliding
glasses up the bridge of her nose.

"You did what you did for a good purpose, Evelia." Rowina patted
her shoulder comfortingly. "And If Aneh wants peace, she deserves
it." Tenchi nodded his agreement. "I hope they do find peace. And
safety," he added as an after-thought.

"I've never seen her run away from anyone before. She told me
TriPower doesn't run," Evelia tried to process recent events aloud.

Rowina lowered herself gingerly into a chair made of cloud bits.
"People will do strange things for their children."

"I suppose so. I just hope Asher is safe," Evelia responded
wearily. "I know Aneh loves him very much and tried to keep him safe.
That's why I wasn't allowed to say anything about him. Maybe I should
have just told her the truth when she asked about my home," she added
quietly. "But I didn't know back then. I couldn't be sure."

"Most of our kind don't admit the truth. We have to be careful."
Rowina assuaged the teen's guilt. "We will help Aneh and her child as
much as we safely can," she continued. "In the meantime, you need to
get this body out into the forests, to the battlefield." Rowina
beckoned to a passing servant, calling the spirit over to her.

"Please ask Startigress to come here," she instructed as the servant
bowed wordlessly and rushed away to do her bidding. "Star is an
expert woodswoman. She'll be able to help you cover tracks and make
everything look convincing," Rowina explained to Evelia. "But now, I
must rest. Stay here as long as you like. You are always welcome
here." She smiled at the young wizard as Tenchi offered a supportive
arm to assist the injured sorceress to her chambers.

"Thank you," Evelia answered as a lean auburn-haired woman arrived.
"Star, would you please assist Evelia in hiding this body? We need it
to look like she died in the Vectorian attack," the midnight-haired
woman explained succinctly.

Sure!" Startigress agreed readily. The strider's eyes still
smouldered with anger over the Vectorian attack on Rowina's estate.

Evelia followed the athletic strider to the site of the main
battle, dragging the corpse behind her on a floating disk of energy.
The pair picked about for a suitable location to dispose of the
transformed corpse -- a place easily overlooked by an inexperienced
observer, but certain to be found by a trained search crew.

"Stand over there," Startigress clipped at Evelia after they
arranged the body just so at the base of a damaged tree. Evelia
watched for some time as the strider woman went over and over the
scene, breaking twigs and branches at certain intervals, repeating
footsteps, covering other tracks, creating paths leading in all
directions. She even climbed high into some of the trees to duplicate
the damage caused by Aneh's huge elemental. By the time Startigress
came to stand next to her, the body was covered almost completely by
debris, and the scene looked every bit like the aftermath of a heated

"Thank you." Evelia turned back to the pretty human. "I wouldn't
have known how to make it all look so real." Startigress gave her an
easy smile. "I'm glad to help in anything that Rowina thinks is
important. Now, be very careful in leaving here. Don't brush against
anything. You can fly, right? That means no footprints to cover.
I'll follow a bit behind to make sure that our trail can't be

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