Criminals (Krogenar: Part One)

Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 16:29

The wails of magical alarms sounded in his small chamber. Reports of the top
priority criminals in the area. If Hannibal was to be trapped in this gods-
forsaken Citadel of "Good" .. he'd better make the most of it.
Rising, his ethereal chains were soundless, but weighed just the same as iron.
Stretching briefly, he left the doorless prison cell of the dungeons and
headed to the listing of prime subjects.
The wall scrolls were being replaced by the acolytes, listings of names and
and areas, many names that he had seen before came to mind. Scanning through
the lists, he saw similar faces, similar crimes, many criminals who were still
at large and in hiding.. however..
The acolytes pulled out a larger scroll, with a single portrait upon it.
A face hinting at orcish blood slid out forth, his features in deep detail:
greying hair, slight deformations of brow and chin, a nose that had been
broken in the past..
Hannibal had never seen this man before, memorizing the features.. There
was to name listed. There was no crime listed. He did not care.
Returning to his chambers, his prison.. He fetched his large mace, emblazoned
with runes of power, and the symbols of the Zhentarim, and strode towards the
portals.. his soundless manacles swaying as he walked..
Even as a prisoner of the Radiant Heart.. He could still take some..
pleasure in his work.