A Crowded Bar

Wednesday, January 21, 2015 - 20:21

Aeris, feeling like she hasn't spent as much time mingling with the denizens
of the realm, finds herself meandering through a busy street near the
middle of Waterdeep, the aptly named "City of Splendors". Experiencing
such a fantastic creation, crafted incredibly by the hands of mortals,
makes her wonder how she hasn't spent more time exploring the various
other cities of the realms.

Perhaps too intrigued for her own good, Aeris enters the next Pub she
encounters, fancying herself a beverage. Nothing to strong, of course,
it's not often alcohol passes her lips; who knows how quickly it could
get to her! Wearing a simple pink dress and a pair of worn, brown boots
(so as not to draw much attention to herself), she weaves her way through
the throng of patrons crowding the haphazard tables on her way to the
bar. In a stroke of luck as she arrives at her destination a stool is
open right in the middle inviting her to sit down. Obliging the open
stool, she sits and begins to view the selection of beers lining the
wall in front of her.

As Aeris is contemplating which flavor of brew she would like, a hefty,
gruff-looking yet pleasant bartender greets her, rag in hand. "Heya miss,
what'll it be for you today? "

Not knowing at all which selection would suit her best she decides asking
about the variety is her best course of asking. But just as she is about
to open her mouth.....