The Dark Angel Chronicles -12B-

Saturday, November 29, 2014 - 17:57

It was expected Lesa give herself to him today but she hadn't dreamed
that he'd be so blunt and forceful about it and for sure had not wished
it all to happen in front of Dakaran. He pulled Lesa to him, and pushed
her back on the bench and it was at this she had to protest. There was
no way she could do what he wanted right here. Not in front of him.
Not like this.
"A moment Prince Fineo, I must calm our lust just a bit. I can't do this
right in front of my guards and having just met you. Please for-" Lesa
tried pushing him off and he pushed her down again.
"I'm not going to wait to know if I should bring you back to my castle.
There are plenty of girls willing to do this and more waiting for me
there. You should consider yourself lucky." His words were cold and snide.
Ripping her dress slightly he pulled it up as she stared at Dakaran.
Hoping he would help her. The top of his lip quivered in rage but he
didn't move. Didn't even blink as he knew there would be no way to explain
himself if he protected the woman he loved. It was his duty to protect
her but not from this and not from a Prince whom she was betrothed. Lesa
squirmed under the prince and he held her down. The back of his hand
hit her cheek and she whimpered at the assault.
"My you're a feisty one." The prince laughed to himself and coughed before
tossing his cloak to the side and undoing his belt.
"Dak, please help me. I can't do this anymore." Her words cut through
his training. The prince looked up to make another snide remark and caught
Dakarans fist against his jaw which knocked him over the bench and against
the foliage. Lifting her up, he kneeled before her knowing what would
come next.
"GUARDS!!! I see what's going on here, you're in love with him. I don't
need some silly wench who can't keep her legs shut against every guard
that looks after her!" He spat as 4 of his own guards and 6 from their
own castle came running. They dragged Dakaran off as he looked completely
dejected. At least he stalled her misery just a little bit longer. The
rest escorted them all back to the throne room were Prince Fineo explained
what had happened and they didn't give Lesa even a chance to speak.
"Go to your chambers at once, rebuking the prince of our greatest ally?
Are you mad Lesanitesinia? I've raised you better than this and you will
do NO MORE to embarrass our Kingdom. Send Dakaranathon to the front lines.
Ensure he meets his maker there..." The King of Winter's words echo'd
in the great hall but not nearly as much as they did in her head. He
didn't even stop when tears fell from her eyes. Guards escorted her back
to her chambers and she heard the door lock from the outside. She was
alone again.
"I am sorry about Dakaran, he's a good man and he loves you. I know you
must feel something terrible but know your mother loves you and had much
the same problems when she was a younger princess like yourself. That's
all I can say Princess, good night." Kaylyn was a fierce warrior. She
had been fought in the blood wars and saved my mothers life a few times
during it but she had a soft side as well. Tears streamed down Lesa's
face as she tried to sleep.
(Continued in next Role)