The Dark Angel Chronicles -13-

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 09:33

"Exhale. Slowly, my love. Don't burn your lungs or cough." Serenithelessa,
Princess of the Moon Elves, smiled to me from behind large pearlescent
green eyes. Her purple hair fluttered behind her in the mountain breeze
and while she lounged next to me helping me with the pipe that ended
in a dragons mouth I breathed deep of the intoxicating herb. It burned
in my longs slightly and I exhaled the sweet smelling white smoke that
was quickly taken away on the breeze. For a moment I had no idea why
she had been so excited to do this with me. Nothing was happening as
I lay back in the grass and watched the clouds in the perfect sky.
The warm air in the mountains near the castle the next summer was invigorating.
It had been a horrible winter but it had yielded to breathtaking views
and the promise of life and tall grass in the mountains. The winter had
been a strange nightmare for me that was slowly ending. Siren had explained
to me that not only was there a cult of elves and other races that seek
to prevent the end of days but there was another that sought to seek
it out and help it along. She had found that other group deep in the
eastern mountains and the uncharted area. There would be many willing
to aid in the prophecy and with my ascent to power. There was nothing
we could do though at present, we had to stay hidden for three years
so that there would be no way of stopping us from joining them. I still
wasn't sure if I wanted to and had spent many lonely nights thinking
about what I was and why I was alive.
Siren had helped with that and we spent many days just talking with each
other about our lives. Even though she was royalty and I had grown up
a slave, there were so many similar emotions we shared and it wasn't
lost on either of us that we felt very similar. Caged by our own thoughts
and emotions. It was a cold night in Hammer that we shared ice wine and
ended the evening in each others arms. Months later we were still naive
little girls having fun while the rest of the world thought ominous things
and schemed away in their eternal pursuit of power. Soft sweet lips pressed
against mine even now and as she did I felt the slow warmth that spread
to the rest of my body and healed me of the winter aches that persisted.
I smiled even as she still kissed me the feeling was pure and strong
and I saw the world for what it really was without the filters of our
own experience and realized it had desires of its own.
It was that which created beings like myself. The destroyer of worlds
is the inevitable conclusion to the creation of them. Even in love there
was enough hatred in me to understand I could never be free. That armies
would come to take her from me and there could be no life for us beyond
fleeing from them. Not unless I was strong enough to fulfill the prophecy
that so many had believed was about me. The one my parents had died for
because they loved me. The one I was slowly realizing was my truth and
there was nothing I should or could do to prevent it from coming to pass.
I kissed her again and wrapped her in my mind as magic lifted us off
the ground and high above the mountains. With a word my wings became
visible and as I felt an intense feeling in the high from the herb I
let us drop. Hundreds of feet must have flown by us as the feeling shook
both of our worlds. We screamed in delight as I let my wings out, slowly
catching us and flying on the warm breeze. "I love you, " I whispered
to her and she hugged me close as we touched the ground.
Time would ruin everything. It always did. No matter how great something
is or how wonderful. Time must end it. It must end all things. From the
tallest mountains, to the deepest seas, to the heavens above and the
weave. There was nothing time would not destroy. Why would my love be
any different?

(To Be Continued)