The Dark Angel Chronicles -18C-

Thursday, December 25, 2014 - 18:14

"Prolly best we make camp here tonight. We'll take turns keeping watch
over her." Gourry said to Zelgadis who nodded. Neither intended on sleeping
much that night anyway. As they gathered broken shields and carts and
wooden spear shafts Lina lit a fire of them that would burn deep blue
and give off less light than most flames in the darkness. All the same
it was when they both went to find more firewood that a large green halforc
came out of the darkness into the firelight. He wielded an axe larger
than Lina and his plate armor and chain mail was broken and beaten in
places where it was obvious he had lived and his enemy had not. The massive
halforc charged over the fire at Lina and in a blue of blue plate male
Zelgadis and Gourry tackled the halforc.
"Dumb Orc, she's not your enemy." Zel slapped the halforc who was still
struggling under their grips. It snarled at them and then realized something
and the blood berserker rage drained from his eyes and he nodded at Zel.
"Been fighting for miles. Didn't care anymore who was who. Just getting
out of this accursed hell hole. Who in their right mind would go to battle
against such witchcraft. It's not fair dammit, all I do is wield an
axe! They wield the power of the gods like it's a toy. Evil bitches"
The halforc grunted and spit in disgust. "You idiots weren't planning
on staying here were you?"
"Ha... Well... Yeah, why not?" Gourry said sheepishly with his hand behind
his head.
"Get up now, we'll make for the Way Inn. There are things in this darkness
you don't want finding you." The orc got up and picked Lina up almost
effortlessly and sat her on his plated shoulder. "And put that damn fire
out, you can see it for half a league."
Grabbing a shield from a dead soldier Zel threw it on the fire and it
died in a shower of sparks.
The Way Inn and the forest before it was a thousand tents and campfires
from survivors of the battle. There were so many no one knew what side
anyone had been on and at this point it didn't matter. No one was there
to fight anymore. They were there to go home. The Inn was full of people.
Lords had paid 10x the nights rate to spend a night in the beds and people
were already finding places to sleep on the floor. Outside on a patio
were a few dozen people paying for mead and beer and any other alcohol
they could find in the cellars. No one was celebrating though. There
had been no victory. There was no reason for song.
Lina conjured a table and food for them and Gourry found mugs. Lina sobbed
into her mead she'd nearly died a dozen times and casting simple food
spells hurt her sides and burned the tips of her fingers. Gourry and
Zel knocked mugs together and downed the entire contents of their mug.
The halforc not to be outdone had already found a keg of beer and was
drinking right from the spigot. A maid tried to stop him and he pushed
her off. Zel apologized and handed the woman a sack of coins and said
to just keep the drinks coming. None of them realized he gave her enough
for the whole bar to drink that night.
As the night carried on sleep overtook them and the four companions went
inside to the now empty bar. The bartender had long since gone to sleep.
He had made a fortune already and didn't care how much more booze left
his stock. Zel grabbed a bottle and poured shots and three high ranking
soldiers wearing silver armor with blue and red trim of the TriPower
sat down with them as did a monk woman who had been tending to her two
fellow monks the entire night. Gourry grabbed another bottle, knowing
they'd need it.

(Continued in next Role)