Defenders Rise - Pt 4.4

Sunday, May 31, 2015 - 16:51

She could hear both the unicorns scream when the realized the child was gone
and Anya picked up her pace putting some distance between her and the angry
equines. Anya stashed the sleeping boy in a tree hollow and returned to the
Vector soldiers, disposing the body of the strangled soldier in a nearby ravine
frequented by a mother wolverine and her cubs. Going back to the other soldier
she considered her options, dragging the deadweight of the soldier would be noisy,
time consuming and leave a trail so she pulled her bag of holding from her belt
and opened the top of the bag and began feeding the soldier into it feet first.
Using her foot to shove the soldiers head into the bag she then shut the top
and lifted it with ease, reattaching it to her belt hook. Looking around she
artfully left a few clues to turn any search for the boy towards Vector and
proceeded to spray the area down with dragon piss to throw off any dogs.

Climbing into the tree she moved gracefully from limb to limb back to the boy.
Retrieving him she considered the bag, but he was light enough and tossed him
over her shoulder heading towards the cave beneath the waterfall. The water
would throw off any scent and the magical gems and spells Rowina had laid over
the cave would throw off any magical scrying anyone did in an attempt to find him.
Anya sincerely hoped the boy was worth all the fuss he appeared to be causing.