Epsilon Interview

# Saturday, October 20, 2001::23:52:30 :: Now logging session to C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\epsil.txt Epsilon has created a reclining chair!. Epsilon says 'Have a seat.'. Krogenar eyes the chair.. Krogenar hops about on his crutches.. You sit down in a reclining chair.. Epsilon looks at you.. Krogenar tucks his crutches under his chair.. You nod at Epsilon.. You say 'Thank you.'. Epsilon Moonshade's Office. You pass through the portal to find yourself in a small area on. the moon, which Mystra has created for Epsilon, allowing for quiet. contemplation. It appears that Epsilon takes a slightly more active. hand in mortal affairs than his goddess. The proud and lonely silence. of Mare Imbrium surrounds you, as you gaze upon the sterile splendor. of the moon. All around is the velvet curtain of night, studded with. a thousand gleaming jewels. Below you hangs the beautiful fields of. Earth, looking fragile and far away, but full of hope. A sense of. wistful regret touches you, as you think about what might have been,. and what will be. . . [Exits: none] [Doors: none]. A reclining chair sits here in a crater.. A desk sits here, near a corner of the crater, made from the finest cherrywood.. Epsilon is resting at a cherrywood desk.. An old, elven man stands here before you. His long face, evidence of his elven ancestry, is topped with a gray mat of hair, and his ice blue eyes shimmer slightly, as if imbued with the power of magic itself. He is  clothed in purple robes, and outfitted in full blue steel plate armor, looking every bit the warrior... and the mage.. Epsilon is in excellent condition.. Epsilon is using:. <head> [....GH.] a blue steel helm. <neck> [....G..] a blue steel pendant, embedded with a ruby. <neck> [....G..] a blue steel pendant, embedded with a emerald. <rel. symbol> A Symbol with Nine Stars and Red Mist. <torso> [....GH.] a suit of blue steel chainmail. <body> [....GH.] a purple cloak, embroidered with gold trimmings. <arms> a pair of blue steel armplates. <hands> [.....H.] a pair of blue steel gauntlets. <waist> [....GH.] a black leather sword belt, with a gold buckle. <legs> a set of blue steel legplates. <feet> a pair of blue steel-plated boots. <pri. weapon> Epsilon's ceremonial blue steel tachi. Epsilon says 'Ahh... sorry about that. I'd have made you something a bit more comfortable if I'd noticed.'. Epsilon chuckles politely.. You say 'We're on the moon, I see...'. Epsilon nods.. You say 'Why the moon?'. You say 'And... how did you become a servant of Mystra?'. Epsilon says 'I bothered Mystra a while back to help me keep some air in this area. I love it up here.'. Epsilon says 'Well, for one, it fits my name. But besides that, it's beautiful up here.'. Epsilon says 'The shield keeps the sun dim enough when it's light out, so it's quite comfortable. And when it's dark, the stars are beautiful.'. Epsilon smiles happily.. Epsilon says 'Okay, what was the question? How'd I come to serve Mystra?'. You nod at Epsilon.. Epsilon sits down and thinks deeply.. Epsilon says 'Well, it was a good long time ago... I ran into Morus, while I was wandering around. Now, mind you, this was a while back.'. You say 'How long ago?'. Epsilon says 'He was spoutin' the gospel, and I liked it.'. Epsilon says 'Oh... hmm...'. Epsilon sits down and thinks deeply.. Krogenar nods, listens.. Epsilon says 'Too long.'. Epsilon grins evilly.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I'm not sure how IRL time converts to MUD time on here. It's rather hazy, AFAIK. =p'. You say 'Can you explain, to others, what The Church of Mysteries is all about?'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Epsilon leans back and closes his eyes. "Well, the gist of it is that we protect and help to spread the knowledge of magic.". Krogenar nods, listens.. Epsilon says 'It's hard to do, and there's often a fine line.'. You sit back and listen to the gears in your head turn.. You say 'All forms of magic?'. Epsilon says 'Like, a spell that could destroy the weave. Theoretically, since it seems to me that the Weave is a self...'. Epsilon thinks for a moment.. Epsilon says 'How do I put it... self... self-regulating, that's it.'. Epsilon says 'The weave seems to be a self-regulating system. It'd take some force other than weave-based magic to destroy it.'. You say 'Even evil magic? Necromancy, and other black arts?'. Epsilon says 'Necromancy is fun, if exercised correctly. I've dabbled in it in the past.'. Krogenar pages back in his notebook.. Epsilon says 'Magic in and of itself isn't evil, you know.'. You nod.. Epsilon says 'It's how it's used.'. Epsilon says 'I've resurrected a corpse, only to have the zombie be a good friend for a while.'. Epsilon shrugs helplessly.. You say 'You were commenting on the nature of The Weave... can you explain what it is first?'. Epsilon says 'It's... well, it's...'. Epsilon blinks innocently.. Epsilon moves his hands in vague motions.. Epsilon says 'It's a rather difficult concept.'. Epsilon says 'Anyone's views of it will be different.'. You say 'What is your view of it?'. Epsilon says 'Myself, I think of it as a spider web encompassing me, all around - all I need to do is pluck the right strand to affect the whole system.'. You nod.. Epsilon says 'By the same token, if I open myself up to it, I can detect a spell being cast damned near anywhere.'. Epsilon says 'But, that's one of those skills that takes time.'. Epsilon says 'Other takes I've heard include seeing it as a guitar string, and a rope to be knotted.'. You say 'So, it's like a rug? or a fabric? Pulling on one thread can affect a part of the fabric very far away...'. Epsilon shrugs helplessly.. Epsilon says 'It all depends on how you trained as a youth.'. Epsilon says 'For instance, how do you track?'. Epsilon says 'I mean, you, personally. Isn't there many different ways?'. You say 'Depends on my target... sometimes by smell, visuals... sound.'. You say 'Whatever I can detect.'. You say 'Or even an informant on the street, a witness.'. You say 'Why do you ask?'. Epsilon nods.. You say 'What is your role here, within The Church?'. Epsilon says 'I wandered the realms for a while, and learned a bit of woodsmanship.'. Epsilon chuckles politely.. Epsilon says 'Myself, I'm Mystra's bitch.'. Epsilon grins evilly.. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You chuckle politely.. Epsilon says 'I know it sounds funny to say, but it's pretty true.'. You say 'Does She smack you around?'. Epsilon says 'Only if I make a smartass comment.'. Epsilon falls down laughing.. You say 'Make you wear French Maid outfits?'. You shake your head.. You say 'Give you a featherduster?'. Epsilon says 'She'd find herself folded in half if she tried dressing me up.'. Epsilon grins evilly.. Epsilon says 'It'd be a nice friendly spar.'. Epsilon says 'Sure, I'd get my ass kicked, but I wouldn't be wearing the outfit.'. You say 'Your corpse would, though, right?'. You smile happily.. Epsilon says 'Well hell, by then, I wouldn't care, would I?'. Epsilon winks suggestively.. Epsilon says 'I'm her right-hand man, actually. I protect The Weave in her stead, when she's busy elsewhere.' You say 'Tell me your story Epsilon... how did you come to The Realms?'. Krogenar settles back in his chair, pulls a little lever on the side of the chair.... Epsilon says 'Well, I was kinda... spawned, as it were, in the Elemental Canyon.'. Krogenar watches his feet shoot out in front of him!. You bat your eyelashes.. Krogenar settles down to listen.. Epsilon says 'I froliced and played among the flames, enjoyed myself, dodged the dust clouds, swam in the Water Ruler's ocean...'. Epsilon says 'And flew. I found that I enjoyed that the most.'. Epsilon says 'I love the view from up above. Another reason I'm here.'. Epsilon smiles happily.. Krogenar nods, listens.. Epsilon says 'Anyway, around 15 or 16 years, I skipped out of the Canyon, having learned what I could, and being nurtured by the Elements.'. Epsilon says 'I found myself attuned to the air the most, and, having learned quite a bit from the eddies there in the canyon, I started my career as a bit of a rogue.'. You say 'But you didn't end as a rogue?'. You poke him in the ribs.. Epsilon chuckles politely.. Epsilon says 'Far from it. Let me continue.'. You say 'I'm sorry... continue.'. Epsilon winks suggestively.. Epsilon says 'Anyway, being of somewhat... abnormal creation, I found that I could occasionally choose my shape.'. Epsilon says 'I'm not a shapeshifter, mind you, but if I really feel like doing so, every now and then, I can take on a new form.'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Epsilon says 'After a while, I realized that it usually happened when I felt at my peak power, you know?'. Epsilon says 'The feeling you get when you feel like you can take on the whole world.'. You nod at Epsilon.. Epsilon says 'Anyway, I chose the form of a Thri'kreen. What a creature. Legs and arms... armor plates...'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. You say 'Very well suited to their environment...'. Epsilon makes a little claw with both his hands, around his mouth, "And teeth like this!". Epsilon blinks innocently.. Epsilon says 'Anyway.'. You clap at his performance.. Epsilon grins evilly.. Epsilon says 'About the time when I was peaking as a Thief, I met Morus. Like I said, he walked the walk, and he talked the talk.'. You nod at Epsilon.. Epsilon says 'Little did I know where I'd end up, but back then, I thought it was a good concept. I was looking to branch out, and look into other pursuits.' You say 'What were Strifers like at that time?'. Epsilon says 'Ahh... Strife... little bastards.'. Epsilon chuckles politely.. Epsilon says 'About as bad as they are now.'. You say 'Have they changed at all?'. You nod.. Epsilon says 'Of course, some of them had Honor back then.'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Epsilon says 'I can say that for few of them nowadays.'. Epsilon says 'One I can recall, quite well, was Mikey.'. You nod.. You say 'I have see him, in the past.'. Epsilon says 'We almost became sparring partners, before he actually converted from Cyricism, to following the teachings of Mystra.'. You say 'Mikey was a Mystran!?'. Epsilon nods.. Epsilon says 'We were the kind of friends who would beat the hell out of each other, then go out for a few beers.' Epsilon says 'So to speak, of course.'. Epsilon says 'He was a hell of a fighter. He'd dabbled in Necromancy, at a time which coincided with my own pursuits into the art.'. You nod.. Epsilon says 'Later on, we were talking, and he was just damn tired of the whole "strife" thing.'. Epsilon shrugs helplessly.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'For the OOC record, I have NFC why it happened, but it did! ^_^'. You nod.. You smile happily.. Epsilon stretches luxuriously. Kinda makes you want to doesn't it?. Epsilon says 'Want something to drink?'. You nod.. You say 'Please!'. Epsilon says 'What's your preference.'. Epsilon says [OOC] '?'. You say 'Something natural.'. Epsilon hmms in thought. . Epsilon says 'I'll see what I can do.'. You say 'No alcohol... not good for my legs.'. Epsilon closes his eyes and looks thoughtful.. You say 'Blood and milk would do nicely.'. You say 'Or tea.'. Epsilon opens his eyes. "What was that?". You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say 'Blood mixed with milk.... ?'. Bob the Ogre appears in a swirling mist.. Epsilon nods at Bob the Ogre.. Bob the Ogre nods at Epsilon.. You raise your eyebrow at Bob the Ogre.. Bob the Ogre raises an eyebrow at you.. You see nothing special about bob ogre. Bob the Ogre is in excellent condition.. Bob the Ogre is surrounded by an icy shield.. Bob the Ogre is surrounded by a fiery shield.. Bob the Ogre is surrounded by a crackling shield.. Epsilon says 'How go things, Bob?'. Krogenar reaches for his crutch.. Bob the Ogre says 'Pretty well. Here's your drinks.'. Bob the Ogre grins evilly.. Krogenar wonders how hard the crutch is.. Epsilon says 'Bob the Ogre - Fighter, and Errand Boy Extraordinare.'. Krogenar smiles uneasily at Bob.. Bob the Ogre gives a bottle of coke to Epsilon.. You say 'Hello Bob.'. You nod at Bob the Ogre.. Bob the Ogre gives you a bottle of cranberry juice.. Bob the Ogre gives Epsilon the bird.. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Epsilon snickers softly.. You drink cranberry juice from a bottle of cranberry juice.. Bob the Ogre says 'Nothing much. I'm doin' well.'. You say 'Kill anyone lately?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Did I do that? Lemme rephrase.'. You nod.. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Bob the Ogre says 'Hey, Krogenar. What up?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Sorry, reading into the whole thing too much. =p'. You say 'I've heard of you Bob? How did you come to serve Epsilon'. Bob the Ogre chuckles politely.. Bob the Ogre looks at his blade, and wipes a little speck of blood from it.. Bob the Ogre says 'Set up for a long story...'. You say 'I've heard tell you laying waste to many a proud hero...'. Bob the Ogre chuckles politely.. Bob the Ogre says 'All in good fun.'. You nod at Bob the Ogre.. Bob the Ogre looks at his blade, and wipes a little speck of blood from it.. Bob the Ogre says 'I "murdered" the chieftain's son, in a fair battle mind you, but the chief didn't like his little boy gettin' his ass handed to him, y'know?'. You nod.. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. You say '"Murder" is a loaded word, really...'. Bob the Ogre says 'So they punished me - a geas was set upon me to serve the first elf I see for ten years.'. Bob the Ogre says 'No shit.'. Bob the Ogre grins evilly.. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. Bob the Ogre says 'Anyway, the first elf I see is nuckfut here.'. You say 'How much of your sentence has been lived out?'. Krogenar looks at Epsilon.... Krogenar looks back at Bob.. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Bob the Ogre gestures to Epsilon, who gives a mischevious little grin.. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Bob the Ogre says 'I've actually served out my sentence. It's been that way for...'. You raise your eyebrow at Bob the Ogre.. Bob the Ogre thinks for a bit. "Thirteen years, I think. And a few months, but who's counting?". You say 'Really? Why do you stay on with Epsilon?'. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Bob the Ogre says 'He's good fun. I beat on him, he beats on me. Plus, he taught me everything I know about magic.'. Bob the Ogre says 'I had absolutely no talent. I was a grunting, drooling wretch when I first tagged on with him. You should have seen his face when I walked out of the woods and kneeled before him.'. Bob the Ogre laughs heartily.. Epsilon sticks his tongue out. Nyah! . Bob the Ogre snickers softly.. Bob the Ogre says [OOC] 'By the way, it's -really- hard to converse with Eppy and Bob at the same time, which is why Eppy's being nice an' quiet right now.'. Bob the Ogre says [OOC] 'If the conversation was being dominated by him, I could order Bob to talk, but as it is, I'm switched in. :p'. Epsilon leans back in his chair, and watches the show.. You say [OOC] 'How do you use Bob?'. You say [OOC] 'As an imm quest?'. Bob the Ogre says [OOC] 'OOCly or ICly?'. You say [OOC] 'OOC.'. Epsilon says [OOC] '*switches back*'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'OOCly, he's just a fun tool to get to the morts with.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Imm quest? Yeah, sometimes, but it takes too much regulation.'. You say [OOC] ''get to the morts'?'. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Bob's probably responsible for more nosave crashes than any other single mob. ^_^'. You say [OOC] 'What does he do? Walk about?'. You say [OOC] 'Really? Why?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Nah, he just kinda chills there.'. You say [OOC] 'You mentioned regulation...'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Mobprogs in general tend to fuck things up when they kill a mob using a lethal damage prog. At least, in my experience.'. You say [OOC] 'What kind of mobprogs does Bob have?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'When I run Bob as an immquest, like the "kill Bob" types, I've gotta make sure nobody's bringing mobs into the room.'. Epsilon says 'equip!'. Bob the Ogre snaps his fingers, and is immediately equipped!. Bob the Ogre wears [+] The Gauntlets of the Guardian Knight [+] on his hands.. Bob the Ogre wears Bandit Boots on his feet.. Bob the Ogre wears Runed Armbands on his arms.. Bob the Ogre wields Bob's ceremonial black steel tachi.. Bob the Ogre wears Leather Breeches on his legs.. Bob the Ogre wears the Flickering Dragonscale Helm on his head.. Bob the Ogre wears A Suit of Cromatic Dragon Scalemail on his torso.. Bob the Ogre wears A black leather belt inset with blue bolsters about his waist.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'That's one...'. Dark clouds move across the sky.. Krogenar drools.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'His EQ gets purged when he dies...'. Eureka! You snap your fingers. . Epsilon says [OOC] 'He's got a chance to do the healing gestures you've seen him doing...'. You nod.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'He's also got a chance to do "Bob the Ogre looks at his blade, and wipes a little speck of blood from it.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'That's pretty small, though.'. You say [OOC] 'So he 'oloads' and heals, and echos to the room...'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And, of course, his infamous fight mobprogs.'. You say [OOC] 'What are they?'. You say [OOC] 'I've never fought him, so, I wouldn't know.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'He whups some ass if you blind him, can do a sucker-punch with a free hand, lightning breaths, and his (also infamous) autokill.'. You say [OOC] 'Autokill! ack.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Well, not -auto-, but it takes your average lifeforced player to -100k or so on mana if it hits. ;)'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'It's 500k-500k damage, so it's damned near it.'. Bob the Ogre makes a gesture, and his wounds heal slightly.. Krogenar peers at Bob warily.. Bob the Ogre says 'Yo, Ep, you need me anymore? I wanna go planehopping, but I don't want to leave you hanging.'. You say [OOC] 'And why fight him at all? What's the reward, typically?'. Epsilon says 'Yeah, get outta here, bastard.'. Bob the Ogre grins evilly.. Bob the Ogre says 'Yeah, fuck you too. Later.'. Bob the Ogre winks suggestively.. Bob the Ogre leaves in a swirling mist.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'The three times I did it, it was my katanas I offered up as rewards.'. You nod.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I've got three nice weapons that I offer up as arena prizes.'. You nod.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Lessee... one's 85d2, one's 95d2, and one's 105d2.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'They're two-handed, but negating, so they tend to be relegated to a collector's item, although, they're quite nice.'. You say [OOC] 'So, ok... let's switch to OOC for a bit...'. You say [OOC] 'Heh! I want one!'. You say [OOC] 'I'll keep an eye out for Bob..'. Epsilon has created a mithril, ebony-hilted katana!. Epsilon gives you a mithril, ebony-hilted katana.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'That's my favorite, design-wise.'. You say [OOC] 'Now, my readers may want to know more about who YOU are, on the other side of the screen...'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Keep it. Souvenir of the interview or some dumb shit like that.'. Krogenar examines the tang, grip and pommel of the weapon.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'God help them. =p'. Krogenar looks down along its edge... impressed.. Object 'mithril katana arena' is type weapon, extra flags none.. Weight is 0, value is 0, level is 101.. Weapon type is sword.. Damage is 95d2 (average 142).. Weapons flags: sharp two-handed negating. Affects damage roll by 30.. Affects hit roll by 30.. Affects hp by 200.. Affects mana by 200.. Krogenar nods appreciatively.... You shake your head.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Anyway, the Eppy behind the Eppy?'. You say 'No... I can't.'. You give a mithril, ebony-hilted katana to Epsilon.. Epsilon says 'Bah, there's more where that came from.'. Epsilon shrugs helplessly.. You say 'Actually!'. You realize your mistake and slap yourself in the head and yell DOH!. Epsilon raises an eyebrow.. You say 'I must be stupid to turn away a gift...'. Epsilon gives you a mithril, ebony-hilted katana.. Epsilon chuckles politely.. You cackle gleefully.. Krogenar hugs the katana.. You sigh.. You say [OOC] 'There goes my integrity.'. Epsilon says [OOC] '*laugh*'. You cackle gleefully.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'You'll live.'. You say [OOC] 'So.... tell me why you're so great.'. You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.. Epsilon says [OOC] ''cause I'm cool like that. *nod self*'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Not sure what you mean, though.'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... back to YOU - a lot of people are interested in who people are IRL...'. You say [OOC] 'Give me a rundown.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Well, my name's Aaron, I'm originally from Maryland, but am currently in 29 Palms, California, going to communications-electronics school out here.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And holy mother, it's one big fucking sandbox out here! I hate it. >_<'. Krogenar nods, listens.. You say [OOC] 'Too hot?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Anyway, I'm a Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps.'. You stand up.. You raise your hand and salute Epsilon.. You say [OOC] 'Booyah!'. You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to Epsilon!. You sit down in a reclining chair.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Don't salute me, I work for a living.'. Epsilon says [OOC] '*wink*'. Krogenar looks about for snipers.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'People ask me what my whostring means - it's my MOS, Rank, and Service.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'MOS being my job, which is multichannel equipment repair. I'm gonna be Ma Bell for the Marine Corps.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And yes, it's entirely too hot out here.'. You smile happily.. . Epsilon says [OOC] 'I rigged up my AC unit to blow out 50 degree air, though, so I'm cool.'. You say [OOC] 'So that syncs well with what you're studying too...'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Literally and figuratively *beam*'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'Age?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Well, I'm in school for my job.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I'm 19.'. You say [OOC] 'Physical description?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'If I touched most of this shit out here, I'd probably blow it up without touching it. ;p'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'If you'd like, I can send a picture to post on the website. =p'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Sure!'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I'm 6 feet, 210 pounds, a little overweight... I've been working out lately, so hopefully the fat weight will turn into muscle.'. You say [OOC] 'An RP picture is good too, if you have one.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Wear glasses, etc.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Don't have a RP picture.'. You nod.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I keep the image of Eppy in my mind rather amorphous. I visualize a cranky old elf, not frail, but not buff and decked-out, either.'. You say [OOC] 'What do you do, when you're not mudding, or working for the Marines?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'There's other things?'. Epsilon says [OOC] '*blink*'. You grin evilly.. You say [OOC] 'I mean.. .what are you other interests? Books? Movies?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I mean, I doubt you want to know about my wanking habits. *shrug*'. You say [OOC] 'You would be correct in that assumtion.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... moving right along...'. Epsilon says 'I don't have much time for anything else, honestly.'. You say [OOC] 'How long have you been a mudder?'. You say [OOC] 'And how did you start to mud?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I get home for lunch, BS a bit, come home after school's out, MUD a while, press out my cammies, clean the room up a bit, and pass the fuck out.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I've been MUDding since I was... *thinks* I'd say like, 9th grade or so, so I'd have been 15? 4 years or so, then.'. You say [OOC] 'How did it start?'. You say [OOC] 'Did it start here, on WD?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I honestly don't remember how I started - I have a vague memory of going to a MUD called Aardwolf, getting myself spam-killed on Hassan, and telling off the immortal that came to tell me to stop. ^_^'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Hassan is the equivalent of Hogan, but he's a little bit more badass.  You nod.. You say [OOC] 'How did you find WD?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I started in 8th grade, actually... it couldn't have been 9th. *frown* Blah.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I had a co-worker who played Kenny on here... now, mind you, this is a Kenny from long, long ago - he hasn't played around here for a while, but he introduced me to this place, and I took to the codebase.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'RoT tends to be easier to level in, I've noticed, and it's a lot more fun.'. Hmmm you looked puzzled? Something wrong?. You say [OOC] 'Ah! you liked the world here.'. You say [OOC] 'The mud server code, as opposed to other kinds... *nods*'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Yup.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'The appreciation of the game world came with awareness.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I started out the way most players here seem to - level, sleep, eat, quaff, level, sleep, eat, quaff, etc.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Little to no game-world awareness.'. You say [OOC] 'How did you become an immortal?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Actually... and it's funny, I was talking to Selune.'. You nod at Epsilon.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Bullshitting, as usual - this was about the time she became an IMP - I said, "Congratulations on being IMPed! So, you're gonna make me an imm now, right? *duck*"'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I didn't expect the reply of "Yeah, you were on my list of people to get."'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'It was rather surprising. ^_^'. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'how long ago was that?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Blahh... like, october of last year, mebbe?'. You say [OOC] 'Only a year?'. You say [OOC] 'I thought you'd been an immortal longer?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Roughly.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Nah, I've just been active here for almost 3 years.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Maybe more.'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... so you were a hero for a while, then became an imm?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I was a hero, and a hero, and a hero, and a hero, and a hero... (x another 7 or so) -then- an imm. ^_^'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'So whats it like being an immortal here on WD? Do you have any official duties to the mud?'. ___________________________________________________________________________. /\_\ \_\. |/\\_\ Gods and Rulers Of Waterdeep \_\. \_/_|_| |_|. |_| Implementors [110] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Flaern Yuna Nisstyre |_|. |_| Cyric Teron Talos |_|. |_| |_|. |_| Creators [109] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Kossuth Tempus Hanali |_|. |_| |_|. |_| Supremacies [108] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Erevan Moradin Tyr |_|. |_| Mystra |_|. |_| |_|. |_| Deities [107] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Balfien Goldoth Malar |_|. |_| Epsilon |_|. |_| |_|. |_| Gods [106] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Helm |_|. |_| |_|. |_| DemiGods [104] |_|. |_| ****************** |_|. |_| Jade |_|. |_| |_|. ___|_| |_|. / \ |_| |_|. |\//_/ /_/. \/_/______________________________________________________________________/_/. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I've heroed in Sage, Vampire, Lich, Thief, Wizard, Priest, and Strider. Some multiple times.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'My duty is general player administration. I'm the one who handles all the bitchy whiny "so and so cancelled me!" prays. ^_^'. You say [OOC] 'And what is that like? Easy, difficult?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And notes, although, a lot of the time, I don't do anything about 'em since I can't check logs or anything.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Easy in some ways, difficult in others.'. You say [OOC] 'Can you explain?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Sometimes, I wanna grab a mortal's head and pop it like a ripe grape.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'On the other hand, sometimes, the mortals are good fun.'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say [OOC] 'Ever miss being a mortal?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Sometimes I find it hard to do my duties - do I take the word of fucknut A, who says he was cancelled illegally, or fucknut B, who says that he was in combat when it happened. Like, duh. =p'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Yes! I miss the old Eppy! ^_^'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'But I wouldn't want to give up my imm position, either.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I'm levelling Ipsilon up now, so I have a hero to play around with again.' You say [OOC] 'What tools do you have, to settle disputes?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'My mind. *grin*'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'At least, that's what I tend to use, whenever possible.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I've got freeze, corner, same old shit.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I can't wipe or deny, and I can't do the fun kamehameha waves and shit.'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Any tools to determine the truth?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Nope.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'That's one of the stumbling blocks I've got - I can't check any logs.'. You say [OOC] 'kamehe-what?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And detect doesn't work for remote lies. =p'. Hmmm you looked puzzled? Something wrong?. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Immortal gets pissed. Make big boom on you. You go flying. Little bits of you go flying elsewhere. Lots of elsewheres. ^_^'. You say [OOC] 'Is that a special way of killing a mortal?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'There. Fresh picture taken. ^_^'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Pretty much, although it does a finite amount of damage, as opposed to the raw_kill that a slay does.'. You say [OOC] 'Survivable?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'In theory, yes.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Hold on, I'll check.'. Epsilon stands up.. Epsilon utters the words, 'gaiqhjabral'.. Epsilon is surrounded by a white aura.. Epsilon utters the words, 'parl uizatz'.. The essence of the Gods themslves come down to protect Epsilon.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'That's the kill part. ^_^'. You drink cranberry juice from a bottle of cranberry juice.. Epsilon is blown out of the room, followed by the trail of a kamehameha wave!. The air before you shimmers slightly, and bends inwards. The shimmering becomes a pucker in the time-space continuum, and suddenly, Epsilon steps from it.. Epsilon says 'I have 3295/10119 hp 9069/9429 mana 2329/2329 mv 96300 xp.'. Epsilon says 'Yeah, survivable if you've got holy invoke, sanct, and lots of hps.'. Epsilon sits down at a cherrywood desk and rests.. You say [OOC] 'So an imm could just do it twice....'. Krogenar grins.. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Yup.'. To the east the gold crest of the sun begins to show.. You say [OOC] 'What do you think is the best thing that WD has going for it?'. You say [OOC] 'That's a question I always ask..'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Okay, wrap it up, I'm getting enlisted by my roommate to record drunken antics.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I'd say the immortal staff and the players.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'I can continue later tonight, if you'd like.'. You say [OOC] 'do you see any areas that could be improved?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'This is an opportunity too good to miss, though.'. You say [OOC] 'No... I have to go to...'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Lots of them. I'd like to see more weapons and shit for the 40-70 range.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'And more variety.'. You stand up.. You bow before him.. You thank Epsilon heartily.. You say [OOC] 'I agree.'. Epsilon gallantly tips his hat.. You say [OOC] 'Variety where?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Same for the PC spells, of course.'. Epsilon says [OOC] '*shrug*'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Variety as in, damage done, damage types, whatever.'. You say [OOC] 'Do you have a question for me?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Nah, I'll bother you later about it. ;)'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Wanna continue at a later time, or is this good?'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'We'll continue! I hope...'. You say [OOC] 'Did you enjoy this?'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Cool.'. Epsilon says [OOC] 'Yup. It was fun. ^_6'. You bow before him.. Epsilon says [OOC] '^_^ rather'. Epsilon stands up.. Epsilon gallantly tips his hat to you.. You say 'So did I.... thank you for your time.'. You tip your hat gallantly.. You wave goodbye to Epsilon.. Epsilon says 'Not a problem.'. The Isle of Mystra's Dance. As you suddenly appear upon the isle of Mystra's dance you kiss the. sandy earth as you are finally glad to be away from the ocean, that had. flooded your ship. You wonder how you suddenly got here from where you. sank... you had been miles from any land... Well, anyways, you see miles. of palm trees waving the wind and beautiful shells adorning the beach.... though the shell are all in the shape of what seem to be nine stars.... . [Exits: east] [Doors: none]. An magical water purifier is here filled with distilled sea water.. A marble altar with granite cat legs imbedded in the sand.. [.....IFL..S.] Grandal Doesn't Have Shielding Group! is here.. A cave bear appears in the room.. # Sunday, October 21, 2001::01:19:31 :: Log Closed.