The Exchange PT 1

torog nydia
Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 18:16

Gerald adjusted his belt and took a look in the mirror. He looked
like an average Joe except for his bulky build, but that couldn't be
helped. Turning to the right and the left, the big man scowled a bit
at his image. Primping like a female, what would his mates say?
Grabbing his dark cloak he headed out into the hallway. Heavy
boots sounded the approach of his partner, who would be assisting him
in this clandestine adventure. One more key component and they could
leave and get this strange business done. He was dying to know what
their intended target could tell them about the happenings of late,
but he'd never let that show. No, stone-faced was the life he led,
and he wouldn't budge from that in the line of his duty. He stood a
bit taller at the thought, causing a similar reaction in his fellow.
They fell into perfect step with each other as they headed down the
hall to a secret exit.
Gerald opened the door and looked around, frowning a bit when he didn't
see her right away. He stepped out into the light rain and darkness,
followed by his partner Khadar. They both looked around and Gerald almost
started when he finally spotted her, all but in front of his eyes.
Sneaky wizards ... the females. They were always the best with it. He
cleared his throat a bit in hopes of not giving himself away.
"My lady, we'll take these mounts. They have no markings, so we won't be
guessed, especially by night," said Gerald, motioning the wizardess to
a brown non-descript mount with a worn but sturdy saddle and reins. "Do
you need assistance?" he asked, always the gentleman.
"No, thank you," she shook her head and levitated a few feet to sit
comfortably in the saddle. Gerald stared, unable to help but feel a
bit of admiration for a woman wizard who didn't act superior to
everyone else in the group. He quickly realized both the woman and
Khadar were staring at him, the last to mount. He took to the
business quickly, ignoring the amused smirk Khadar shot him, and the
trio set off for Westbridge.
Far from the city but within sights of the light, Gerald fell back
a bit and spoke to his female companion, "We'll hide your mount here
and pick it up on the way out. Stay hidden unless there is trouble
until we get out, agreed?" "Yes," she answered. "If I detect any
magical tricks, I will signal to you. I can bend the weave enough to
allow you to see me."
Tying her mount up and feeding him a carrot conjured from air, the
woman cloaked herself in magics, disappearing into the fabric of time
and space. Gerald turned his mount towards the gates again. They
approached at a lazy walk, seemingly in no hurry. His eyes were sharp
as he glanced around, but he kept his head steady forward. He gave a
friendly nod to the guards he passed, but didn't stop to chat or draw
excessive attention.
They reached the back street without incident, and spotted their
contact. Gerald nodded his head imperceptibly at the wave from the
hidden wizardess signaling all clear. He dipped into the alley near
the jail. The tradeoff was quick, and so smooth Gerald thought it
must be a trap. The prisoner slumped down, and the large man wondered
if they had knocked him out. A worried crease moved across Gerald's
forehead as he hefted the prisoner on one side. Khadar lifted the
other side, and they made their way towards their mounts with a
seemingly drunk friend. Gerald spotted a couple passing down the side
street and made sure to give a good show of weaving and laughing,
slapping his partner on the back. When the couple had passed, they
mounted up, securing the prisoner as best they could in Gerald's
saddle. Gerald mounted behind the prisoner and took up reins, headed
out of town.