Flaern Interview

# Friday, January 25, 2002::19:28:57 :: Now logging session to C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\flaern.txt You say [OOC] 'OK... here we go.'. To the east the gold crest of the sun begins to show.. You say [OOC] 'Let me ask you, do you have an RP persona? Or are you the same IC and OOC?'. Above the Great Mountains. [ North:20 | NAV | West:22 ]. [Exits: north east south west] [Doors: none]. If something can go wrong, it will.. If something can't go wrong, it already has.. Flaern is in excellent condition.. Flaern is surrounded by an icy shield.. Flaern is surrounded by a fiery shield.. Flaern is surrounded by a crackling shield.. Flaern is using:. <head> a bed of black roses. <face> a Twinkie. <feet> a magical spring. <pri. weapon> [....GH.] The Shimmering Sword of the Dragonkind. <lance weapon>[....GH.] a hero's lance. You say [OOC] '*'. You say [OOC] '* <----- means I'm done speaking.'. Flaern sits back and begins to think.. Flaern says [OOC] 'there is no RP for this char...something I don't want to get involved in, or deal with'. You nod. You say [OOC] ''sayooc *' so I know you're done. :)'. * You chuckle politely.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... can you explain to me (and readers) who you are, and what you do around here?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'who I am?'. You nod.. * You say [OOC] 'Your function around here... do you sweep up? Fetch Niss his slippers? What?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and how detailed would you like that to be'. You smile happily.. Flaern snickers softly.. You poke him in the ribs.. You say [OOC] 'As detailed as you'd care to be.'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'Nisstyre posted an ad on mudconnect.com back in May or June sometime which I happened to read'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I'd been playing here for a while before that (went inactive during the whole hemelia thing), but, well...how could I resist'. Flaern chuckles politely.. Krogenar nods, listens.. * You say [OOC] 'Is that * going to the whole mud?'. Flaern shakes his head.. Flaern says [OOC] 'just anyone in this area'. You nod.. * Flaern says [OOC] 'that one went to everyone'. Flaern flexes his muscles...what a stud!?!. You say [OOC] 'You said you played here before... as what character?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'Flaern was one of my characters'. You say [OOC] 'A mortal character?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern nods.. Flaern says [OOC] 'used to be a priest'. * You say [OOC] 'You said that you couldn't resist... why is that?'. You say [OOC] '*'. You raise your eyebrow at Flaern.. You say [OOC] 'And I have a hard time picturing you as a priest!'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'well, that ad was about the airship system, something I'd never even heard of in a mud before...factor in the little detail of having an actual player base'. * global> Stream of Life (Thanks to Kineada) is in effect.. Pestilence (Flaern is immune) is in effect.. You say [OOC] 'You find WD's playerbase attractive?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I had coded for several muds before, none of which had a player base over 5 (and half of those were probably other imms)'. You nod.. * Krogenar listens.. You say [OOC] 'So... for the record - you are WaterDeep's Coder?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'one of them, sure'. Flaern says [OOC] '*'. You say [OOC] 'Who are the others?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'Yuna, Nisstyre, I believe Teron does a little once in a while'. ******************************************************************************* You nod.. You are surrounded by a white aura.. Spell ReCasting Enabled.. Flaern utters the words, 'qaiqzrrahuai'.. You feel less righteous.. You feel less aware of your surroundings.. You no longer see invisible objects.. You slowly float to the ground.. Your rage ebbs.. You feel weaker.. You feel yourself slow down.. You feel less protected.. Your force shield shimmers then fades away.. Your awareness improves.. Your eyes tingle.. You are filled with holy wrath!. Your muscles surge with heightened power!. (.... spam of spellups deleted. - Krog) Flaern snickers softly.. Spell ReCasting Disabled.. Flaern rests in a corner and mutters 'spam' quietly to himself.. You shake your head.. You say [OOC] 'YOU caused the Spam...'. Flaern gasps in astonishment.. Flaern says [OOC] 'I didn't turn your triggers on'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I just abused them'. Flaern hops around like a little kid.. You say [OOC] 'Anyway... how did you become a mud coder? Tell me about your experience.'. You say [OOC] '*'. Krogenar listens.. Flaern says [OOC] 'first time I did anything for a mud was august '99'. Flaern says [OOC] 'that lasted all of a week or 2'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Flaern says [OOC] 'before that, I had worked up a (almost working) mud from scratch, but quit doing anything with it'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I've been just bouncing around different muds since'. ************** **** ********. You say [OOC] 'Think you'll stay here on WD for a while?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I've already been here longer than any other place'. * You say [OOC] 'But do you see youself staying on, for the long haul?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern shrugs helplessly.. Flaern says [OOC] 'that's something that I can't and won't promise'. * You say [OOC] 'How did you become a coder? How did you learn to program?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'trial and error?'. Flaern grins evilly.. * You say [OOC] 'Why do you program/code? Why not play, instead?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I still have several characters here...one I've recently started playing again'. You nod.. Flaern says [OOC] 'it's just not the same as it used to be'. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say [OOC] 'What isn't the same?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I can't stand to sit here and spam "order bear kill guard"'. Flaern says [OOC] '"back guard"'. Flaern says [OOC] '"cast light"'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and not get totally bored out of my mind anymore'. You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Flaern.. * You say [OOC] 'So you prefer to program, etc. - why do you enjoy coding? What do you get out of it?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I get to tell everyone who whines about it to piss the hell off'. Flaern nods quietly to himself. What a wacko.. * You say [OOC] 'Whines about what?'. Hmmm you looked puzzled? Something wrong?. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'thing's either not working right, or working but not how they would like it to'. Flaern says [OOC] 'just this morning someone was complaining about having a "You failed." message on the curse spell'. Flaern boggles at the concept.. * Flaern says [OOC] 'this is why I have most channels turned off most of the time'. You say [OOC] 'But... so - you enjoy being a coder, so you can rebuff people's complaints?'. You shake your head.. Flaern says [OOC] 'no, that's about all I get out of it '. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'Ok.' Flaern says [OOC] 'I enjoy making impossible stuff work'. Flaern snickers softly.. You say [OOC] 'Explain that statement... making impossible stuff work.' Krogenar listens.. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'the airship stuff has alot of evil stuff that was either extremely nasty to get working right, or RoT was not meant to be used with'. Flaern says [OOC] 'oh, and this one...'. Tezza (fgossips) 'greetings paxians!'. Krogenar listens eagerly.. STFU (Compliments of Flaern) is in effect.. No talking!. Flaern likes that one. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. * You say [OOC] 'I have a question about that... in a moment.'. You say [OOC] 'So, you like the problem solving aspect of coding?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern shrugs helplessly.. Flaern says [OOC] 'I suppose'. You say [OOC] 'What can you tell me about yourself, in real life? How old are you? Where do you live/work? What do you do?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] '21, going to school...would rather not say where'. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'What are you studying?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'computer engineering'. Flaern begins to make a really sick gagging noise.. You chuckle politely.. You say [OOC] 'I was in CE for about 1 semester.'. Flaern is too far in to get out now. You chuckle at his joke.. You say [OOC] 'What would you like to do after you graduate?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'rake in the cash'. Flaern dances wildly before you!. You smile happily.. You say [OOC] 'If you had any job you could, after graduating, what would it be?' You say [OOC] '*' Flaern says [OOC] 'any job eh'. Flaern says [OOC] 'king of the world'. * You say [OOC] 'Just hoping to BE employed, eh?'. You smile happily.. Flaern agrees absolutely.. You say [OOC] 'OK... this is an important question.'. You say [OOC] 'Several people wanted me to ask you this...'. Flaern shudders at the horror and represses tears. . You say [OOC] 'Whats up with all the Pestilence (Thanks to Flaern) all the time?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'why not?'. You say [OOC] 'Seems abusive sometimes, no?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'nah'. Flaern says [OOC] 'besides, I never got a chance to cast it with a mortal...making up for lost time and all'. Flaern throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!. You nod.. You say [OOC] 'If you could use only three adjectives to describe yourself, what would they be?'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern chuckles politely.. Flaern says [OOC] 'well, I know 3 that wouldn't be on the list'. Flaern chuckles politely.. You say [OOC] 'Ok... what three WOULD NOT be on the list.'. You say [OOC] '*'. Flaern says [OOC] 'tall, dark, and handsome =P'. Flaern says [OOC] 'as to what would be on the list...'. Flaern sits down and thinks deeply.. Flaern says [OOC] 'no idea'. Flaern says [OOC] 'pass'. You say [OOC] 'Are you 'short, white and ugly'?'. You feel as if you are being watched.. Flaern says [OOC] 'sure, that'll work'. You chuckle politely.. You say [OOC] 'You pass? C'mon man...'. You poke him in the ribs.. You say [OOC] 'Three words.'. Krogenar holds up three fingers.. Flaern holds up one. Someone has arrived.. Someone leaves north.. Someone has arrived.. You are affected by the following spells:. Spell: sanctuary : modifies none by 0 for 7 hours. Spell: farsight : modifies none by 0 for 12 hours. Spell: frenzy : modifies armor class by 80 for 24 hours. : modifies damage roll by 16 for 24 hours. : modifies hit roll by 16 for 24 hours. Spell: giant strength : modifies strength by 4 for 92 hours. Spell: detect invis : modifies none by 0 for 92 hours. Spell: detect hidden : modifies none by 0 for 92 hours. Spell: shield : modifies armor class by -20 for 100 hours. Someone disappears in a mushroom cloud.. You say [OOC] 'Who was that?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'akihiro'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... try to answer the question.'. You smile at him.. You cheer Flaern on and wish him good luck!. Flaern says [OOC] 'you'll have to find someone else to come up with 3 words (preferably 4 letter ones) to describe me'. You shrug.. You say [OOC] 'Whats your favorite music? Any groups you like?'. Flaern chuckles politely.. Flaern says [OOC] 'favorite music is kinda hard to define'. Krogenar nods, listens.. Flaern says [OOC] 'I've got a nice mix of alot of stuff (excluding such boy bands as backstreet boys)'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and rap'. Flaern begins to make a really sick gagging noise.. You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to Flaern!. You say [OOC] 'The 'c' in 'rap' is silent.'. Flaern agrees absolutely.. Krogenar turns his baseball cap sideways.. Krogenar lets his boxers show.. Flaern gasps in astonishment.. You say [OOC] 'Yo?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'you can pull your pants up now'. Flaern bonks you on the head for being so foolish.. You say [OOC] 'So what kind of music?! Ska, country, techno? ... GWAR?'. Krogenar tidies himself up.. Flaern says [OOC] 'no country either'. Flaern says [OOC] 'late 70s, 80s rock is good stuff'. Krogenar puts his list of 'Garth Brooks Questions' away.... You say [OOC] 'I can see you as a big Duran Duran fan, huh?'. You chuckle politely.. Flaern chuckles politely.. You say [OOC] 'Another question...'. You say [OOC] 'Seems you could be in whatever clan you like.. why The Church of Mysteries?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'because they're not primarily concerned with pk at all, there's usually a couple members on, most times, the people are decent'. Krogenar clears his throat.. You say [OOC] ''decent'?'. You say [OOC] 'I think we rock... but I may be biased.'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and flaern (and an unmentioned alt) have interacted with Grandal...back in the day'. Flaern grins evilly.. You say [OOC] 'Who is the other alt?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I can't be giving that away'. Flaern bonks you on the head for being so foolish.. You say [OOC] 'Do you still use that alt, now?'. Flaern nods.. You say [OOC] 'What code changes have you made, so far, to WD?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'well, I broke it good a couple weeks ago'. Flaern flexes his muscles...what a stud!?!. You raise an eyebrow at the notion.. You say [OOC] 'Broke it good? What do you mean?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'we went from an average uptime of 4 or 5 days, to a "I hope we stay up long enough for tchazzer to be finished" '. Flaern says [OOC] 'which I'm sure made plenty of people happy'. You say [OOC] 'How did you manage to do that? What happened?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'plugging leaks'. Flaern says [OOC] 'plugged too many'. Flaern sighs.. You say [OOC] 'What’s a leak?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'memory leak'. You say [OOC] '? Could you explain what it is?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'memory that's allocated, discarded and never freed'. You say [OOC] 'How do these leaks effect the mud?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'it adds up after a while...wd was using over half the server's memory at one point'. You say [OOC] 'Does it slow down the mud? Cause it to crash?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'they have the potential to slow things down, and eventually crash'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and, well, they're just bad'. You say [OOC] 'Ok... well, tell me about some coding you did that WORKED. :)'. You say [OOC] 'Like airships...'. You say [OOC] 'You said that they were difficult...'. Flaern says [OOC] 'well, there's the airships'. You say [OOC] 'Nearly impossible.'. Flaern snickers softly.. You say [OOC] 'What was so hard about them?'. Krogenar waves his hand, and makes an airship. See. Easy.. You shrug.. Krogenar listens.. Flaern says [OOC] 'for starters, when you buy one, it has to load an area into the mud...those rooms don't come from thin air (or maybe they do?) you know'. Flaern says [OOC] 'and people saving crap in 'em...another headache'. Krogenar nods, listening.. Flaern says [OOC] 'thankfully someone else is around to handle people's annoying little problems with them'. You say [OOC] 'Are you satisfied with airships as they are now?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'they work, that's good enough for me'. Flaern says [OOC] 'there's not really much else I can see to do with them'. You say [OOC] 'How about making them boardable?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'they are boardable last time I checked'. You say [OOC] 'Or set them on fire? And have people put out fires, etc?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'no, absolutely not'. Flaern bonks you on the head for being so foolish.. Flaern shudders at the horror and represses tears. . You say [OOC] 'What?! Why not? Then people would have to fight 'fire' mobs, or the ship crashes, etc.'. You say [OOC] 'What about making people die when they crash?'. You say [OOC] 'eh?'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Flaern begins to make a really sick gagging noise.. Flaern says [OOC] 'the combat system wasn't something I even wanted to do'. Flaern snickers softly.. Flaern says [OOC] 'it was mostly slapped together in a weekend'. You say [OOC] 'Slapped together?'. Flaern agrees absolutely.. Krogenar looks at an airship, watches a wing fall off.. You shrug.. Flaern says [OOC] 'all I did was make the cannons, allow them to shoot airships and across rooms, and kill another ship'. Flaern says [OOC] 'the rest was Nisstyre's'. You say [OOC] 'Do you have any other coding plans?'. You say [OOC] 'For the future?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'I have a bunch of leftover stuff on the to-do list'. You nod at Flaern.. You say [OOC] 'Such as?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'or, I *would*, if I had bothered writing up the to-do list'. You say [OOC] 'Any news on when the race changes will take place?'. Flaern says [OOC] 'race changes aren't my project'. Flaern says [OOC] 'factions are incomplete, these evil crashes have to stop'. You nod at Flaern.. Krogenar listens.. You say [OOC] 'What else can we expect, in terms of factions?'. Flaern shrugs helplessly.. Flaern says [OOC] 'I don't even remember whats left to do with 'em' Eron's backstab misses you. -=0=-. Your counterattack >-> DESTROYS <-< Eron! -=368=-. Eron is barely breaking a sweat. [96%]. Eron's counterattack >>> ANNIHILATES <<< you! -=108=-. Eron's counterattack >>> ANNIHILATES <<< you! -=110=-. Eron is barely breaking a sweat. [96%]. Eron disappears in a mushroom cloud.. You aren't fighting anyone.. You chuckle politely.. Flaern mutters something quietly to himself.. You say [OOC] 'Asshole.'. You say [OOC] 'I actually helped that guy once. Never again.'. Grrrrrrrrrr.... Flaern agrees absolutely.. Flaern says [OOC] 'he's in room 4 now'. Flaern throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!. Flaern says [OOC] 'freezer'. You say [OOC] 'Room 4?'. You say [OOC] 'Is that a corner?'. Flaern has transferred you.. Freezer. You stand in a deep dark freezer. You try to move, but yet...you. can't. You feel nothing, all there is your mind. You see. other mortals in here, standing in place. You have been frozen. and placed in the Mortal Freezer. Have Fun.. . [Exits: none] [Doors: none]. [.....IFL..S.] Eron The Relentless is here.. . Death has forsaken you.. Eron says 'wtf'. Flaern has transferred you.. Above the Great Mountains. [ North:20 | NAV | West:22 ]. [Exits: north east south west] [Doors: none]. a magical spring flows from the ground here.. You cackle gleefully.. You shake your head.. You say [OOC] 'You're merciless Flaern.'. You dazzle Flaern with your smile.. You say [OOC] 'Do you have anything you'd like to add to the interview?'. Zaknafein (fgossips) 'Eron at ms'. You say [OOC] 'A question I FAILED to ask?'. Flaern sits back and begins to think.. You (fgossip) 'Kill him! *beam*'. Zaknafein (fgossips) 'i say We put the attack on'. You say [OOC] 'Or a question for me?'. You (fgossip) 'He attacked me during my interview with Flaern! Hurt him!'. Flaern says [OOC] 'why are you askingme these things!'. You ponder the question.. You say [OOC] 'People are generally interested in the people who mud with them.'. You say [OOC] 'The imms, the 'notable' players, etc.'. You say [OOC] 'Thats why I interview people. And it keeps my website with new content.'. You say [OOC] 'And gives people a reason to come back.'. You shrug.. You say [OOC] 'Thats why.'. Flaern says [OOC] 'eron thinks that by me sending him away, he missed a kill'. Flaern snickers softly.. You say [OOC] 'Oh... can I tell Eron that I used my 'special magic' to imprison him?'. Flaern shrugs helplessly.. You say [OOC] 'Damn... guess he saw you.'. Flaern says [OOC] 'he's whining'. You say [OOC] 'My counterattack DESTROYED him.'. You shrug.. Flaern appears in a blinding flash!. You say [OOC] 'So I'm a guaranteed PKill?'. You shrug.. You say [OOC] 'Let him think that.'. You chuckle politely.. Flaern agrees absolutely.. You say [OOC] 'Thank you Flaern, for the interview.'. You say [OOC] 'I really appreciate it, and so will others.'. You thank Flaern heartily.. You shake his hand.. You say [OOC] 'How do you think it went?'. Zaknafein (fgossips) 'Adrian At ms'. Zaknafein (fgossips) 'request back up!'. You bow before him.. You say [OOC] 'My faction needs me!'. Zaknafein (fgossips) 'never you mind, he left the market'. You beam delightedly at nothing in particular.. Flaern snickers softly.. You raise your eyebrow at Flaern.. Flaern says [OOC] 'too many distractions'. You say [OOC] 'Pax Rules!'. Flaern shakes his head.. You say [OOC] 'Thanks again Flaern..'. You tip your hat to Flaern.. Flaern can't figure out the whole faction thing. Flaern waves happily.. You smile happily.. # Friday, January 25, 2002::20:31:15 :: Log Closed.