Friday, October 2, 2015 - 15:28

Nydia yawned and pulled her arm from underneath her to stretch
out wide. She felt the rough scratch along her body as she
slipped from the tree limb she had been precariously perched
on. George, ever faithful floating cockroach that he was gave a
little cockroach scream that caused Nydia to open her eyes.
That and possibly the rushing of cold air that hit her cheeks,
or the leaves and branches that stung as they smacked her face.
At the last minute, Nydia unfurled her wings with a loud
WOOOOOSH sound and pulled up violently. Her feet skidded
painfully along the ground as she jerked up, but so absorbed
was she with the pulling up, she never lost awareness of her
surroundings and smacked into a huge tree trunk, causing her to
lose balance and fumble to the ground in an ungraceful heap.
The fall was much shorter than it would have been from her
night's perch, causing only minor scrapes to her face and arms,
and more than a few bent feathers. Nydia stared straight ahead,
blinking a few times to chase away the remaining sleep from her

Looking over at George, Nydia gave him a knowing look. 'Yes, I
KNOW you warned me. But where else were we going to sleep?'
Frustrated with George's lack of compassion, Nydia grabbed him
up and checked him over a bit roughly for damage, ignoring his
cockroachey protests. 'You know, we should get you some pretty
armor. You would look good in glitter too!' Nydia's eyes
sparkled at the prospect of bedazzling George, but the grumpy
Cockroach simply floated in mid-air, giving her an uninterested

Heaving a hefty sigh, Nydia smoothed out her wings and came to
her feet. She stomped and clawed at the ground a bit, shaking
off excess dirt and looked around, trying to remember where she
was. That damned crazy woman in red was evil. Even if the rest
of them didn't see it, Nydia knew! Sure, Aneh was crazy too,
but that red witch... Nydia could sense it, could almost see
the web of lies she spun, encasing the woman in a red cocoon of
evilness. She wasn't good for TriPower and if things didn't
change, Nydia KNEW TriPower was in danger. She knew... What did
she know?

((To be continued))