Getting Fat & Making Plans

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 01:35

Everything everything everything always had to be done
yesterday. Aneh looked up to her assistant who sloshed her tea
on to the desk. She gave the girl a withering look before
grabbing a handful of tissues and sopping up the orange colored
liquid. Immediately feeling bad about her snappish look, Aneh
gave a quick sigh and sent the girl out of the room with a wave.
She was getting good with her hand. With just one crook of her
finger or flick of her wrist she could summon, dismiss, greet,
and even in a pinch insult. Aneh wasn't sure if she should be
proud or disgusted by that fact.

She shook her head and put her mind back on track, turning to
the person across her desk. 'Take any herbalist research
assistant, or recruit you need. I want as many supplies gathered
and stored as possible by the end of this week.' The man looked
at Aneh with a deep frown but wrote down his instructions. She
could almost hear the thoughts in his head. 'Another attack
would be disastrous to the people, and with whatever is being
done by the death dwarves, I fear next time won't be such a
small scale. I want more bandages than we would need for our
entire city in a year and then keep stocking if possible.
Potions are on tight ration with production booming until I say
otherwise... All alchemists and herbalists are to work overtime.
We need to forage in the forests for extra supplies. Our gardens
arent going to supply enough and I dont want to strip them

Aneh made a few marks on her clipboard and looked to the older
gentleman. She sighed at the look on his face and laid her hands
flat on the desk. 'Do you know how much I hate that look? Speak
your mind, lets get it out in the open.' She braced herself
mentally for him to tell her she was overreacting. She hadn't
told him about Zariel's warnings and she didn't know if she was
quite ready for that. She'd reveal it if and when the time came.
She needed much more proof. For now the preparing for the
obviously imminent danger of the dwarves was much easier to
explain and if they felt she was being overly cautious she was
willing to accept that.

'I just worry that you're over working yourself,' the old man
said, shifting his own reports on his lap. He refused to quite
meet Aneh's eyes, afraid of the fight that might light there.
'You need to consider-' Aneh smacked her hand on the desk,
cutting his sentence off.

'Don't. This isn't the time and I don't have the luxury right
now. That topic need not come up again. Understood?' There it
was. The fire. Aneh's eyes were alight with it, such anger. She
knew they all thought she couldn't handle it. She felt that at
times too. But she would, because that was the hand she was
dealt and people depended on her, and damned if she would let
someone even suggest that she couldn't do it. 'Do you have any
questions about your orders, Jeck?'

'No Ma'am,' the man said, his eyes falling away from hers, his
manner easing. He had overstepped his position and he knew it.
'We were depleted a bit by that attack but we've been placing
orders to refill supplies. I'll see if we can double time some
shipments and push it faster.' Rising to his feet, Jeck affixed
his spectacles on the bridge of his nose a bit better.

Aneh watched him walk to the door quietly and as a last minute
thought she called out to him. 'Jeck?' When he turned, one hand
on the knob Aneh's features were set in a quite different look.
'Triple time it.'

((Continued in Next Role))