Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 20:21

Rowina looked down at the open drawer in front of her
quickly sorting through the various pieces of clothing
tossing them quickly into a pile on her bed. Breathing
a bit quickly the events of the night continued to batter
through her brain.

The god who was and was not her Vorcet had been kind, he
had tried very had to bring her some peace. She knew know
that the man who had been her husband was gone lost in this
new power that had risen. The god had offered her some
solace in telling her that her beloved's last thought had
been of her, and his love had endured until the end. When
Vorcet the god had left, her heart had still mourned but
the bitterness she had felt collecting in her soul was

Moving to her closet she yanked it open looking through the
gear she had stored in there. Grabbing and tossing a sturdy
leather pack behind her quickly a variety of objects followed
suit. Tears began to pool in her eyes again as the memories
continued to follow her mercilessly.

Tenchi had found her crawling on the floor searching for
her discarded ring. She accepted that Vorcet was lost to
her but she would keep it none the less as a token and
reminder of her beloved, for whatever path she took now she
would not forget him.
'Rowina, are you ok?

Rowina gave him a distracted glance as she went from searching
under the couch to rifling under the table. Starting to
panic a little Row looked up at Tenchi, tears starting to
pool in her eyes.
I can't find my ring, I lost it!

Tenchi gave her a nervous look that caught her attention, slowly
he pulled something from his pouch holding it tightly in
his fist. Reluctantly he opened his hand and a circle of gold
twinkled in his palm. Standing, she grabbed the ring from his
hand and rolled it a few times between her fingers reading the
inscription. Setting it on her worktable gently she quickly
pulled a chain from her neck, on which a chunk of rough hewn
amethyst was hung. Holding the pendant in her hand she looked
at it wistfully, remembering her dearest friend growing up.
Stroking a loving finger over it she quickly slid the ring onto
the chain, sliding it down until it rested against the amethyst.

Skirting the edge of her pile of gear, she pulled at the strings
of her silver robe, shrugging it off and letting it drop behind her
as she walked back towards the bed. Stopping next to the bed
she divested herself of her garters and stockings, swapping the
silken gear with sturdy leather breeches and a soft cotton shirt
over her tightly bound chest. Turning back to the pile on the
floor she began to stuff the pack with her gear her movements a
bit desperate.

Sitting on her worktable she had watched Tenchi walk from her lab
remembering the personal things she had found in the pages of his
journal that had found there way to her office. She recalled the
words of the god who carried all that remained of her beloved, urging
her to appreciate those who cared for her. Blinking a little she
looked up in suprise as Tenchi walked back in grabbing the ripped
book that had fallen in thier conversation. Clearing his throat he
apologized saying
Sorry, I forgot this.

Row nodded her head getting ready to offer words of comfort when she
saw a shift of purpose in the esper wizards face. Lifting his eyes
from the pages of parchment to hers he began to walk with a determined
stride towards. Tossing the broken journal to the side he stated
with firm purpose

"Those are only things I've thought of doing"
"And this is what i'm actually going to do "

A moment before he gathered her close, pulling her up to her tip toes
giving her a long warm kiss filled with barely restrained passion. Slowly
he pulled away stroking her cheek gently saying firmly:
"I will wait! Take what time you need.

His last words echoed in her brain as she finished packing and pulling
on her soft leather boots. Lastly grabbing her heavy leather coat and
head gear she snatched up her pack and walked down the stairs. Stopping
outside Anya's room she banged her fist into the wood loudly. After a
moment of thumping and shuffling Anya appeared in the portal wearing
little more than a loose shirt. Rowina chose to ignore the artfully
trussed man in the room behind her and stepped back. Anya had long ago
agreed never to bring an unwilling partner to the tower and Rowina trusted