Home again for the first time

Monday, May 18, 2015 - 20:40

Vorcet called on his divine power to take him to his house in Toregianno. A column of light
shot down from above and consumed him. When it cleared he found himself in someplace
he remembered but was yet unfamiliar. A shining city rose up on all sides of him. Spires of
glowing material grew up around him. His memory screamed that he was home but other
parts of him could not recognize where he was. People walked the streets, but Vorcet
instinctually knew that they were dead. Creatures he knew to be angelic beings, though he
wasn't sure why he knew that, walked the streets carrying out tasks. Completion of the
merger between his two halves couldn't happen soon enough for Vorcet.

Surrendering to his impulses, Vorcet made his way through the city. He could see the weave
in everything around him. Stopping at the base of an ornate structure that was quite large
and had several rounded tower like structures surrounding a central dome, he opened
the door to reveal a vast hall. He knew it as home, but it was unfamiliar at the same
time. He walked to a door on the back wall of the reception hall and stepped through
into a beautiful garden, meticulously cared for and laid out in a soothing pattern of colors.
Vorcet let the tranquility of the place sink into his being. This was his home. The Tranquil
Grounds sprawled out before him, servants going about their tasks and faithful continuing
the practice of their arts, both physical and mental, occupied spaces within the gardens.
Several angelic beings began to watch as Vorcet walked through the gardens taking in
his home for the first and millionth time. They inclined their heads in a sign of deference
as they continued about their duties.

Vorcet stepped up to a circle of stone with a man sitting in the middle legs crossed in front
of him in a meditative pose with his eyes closed. The mans eyes opened and took in
Vorcet for a minute before asking, "I sense that ye be Auppenser, yet you do not share
his appearance as I have known it." "I am Auppenser, and I am more than I was also.
I am called Vorcet now." Vorcet responded. "Your long sleep is over then?" the man
asked. "Yes, monastic training once again flourishes in the world, and with it my number
of worshippers. I have the power to remain active once again." Vorcet stated flatly. "This
is good news indeed." the man said. "It has been quiet here with no new souls to train
with." Vorcet smirked slightly at that before responding, "Lets not wish death upon the
living quite yet now Radosh." Vorcet hesitated for a minute realizing he had used the
monks name, and realized he knew everything about the man. "Auppenser telling a
joke. More than you were indeed." Radosh said through a smile.

Metallic footsteps sounded from behind him and he turned to see a humanoid construct
standing about seven feet tall and made out of a glistening ebony metal. It came to a
halt a few paces from Vorcet and in a grating metallic voice said, "Lord Vorcet, The lady
of Mysteries requests your presence immediately." Startled by the invitation, Vorcet
nodded his head and turned back to Radosh, who had already settled back into his
meditative position. "Mustnt keep the lady waiting." He said. Vorcet nodded slightly
as he turned to follow the construct back toward Mystras city.