How to Identify an Esper:

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Monday, April 13, 2015 - 13:26

*Handed out and posted up in all public markets*
To The People of the Empire of Vector,
Long has your government tirelessly battled the scourge that is the
Esper race. Have no fear of Esper mischief as we continue to quell their
evil deeds as we always have. The effectiveness of our method has caused
some Esper to flee the quarantine zones in disguise. All necessary precautions
are taking place to ensure the recapture and assimilate them back into
their quarantine zones in a manner that is safest for all Citizens of
the Empire of Vector.
To ensure that all of our Citizens are properly protected and that the
few unreasonable Espers that are discontent with out lavish gift of
entire zones for them to inhabit are captured without any harm to our
Citizens we will list our how to identify these creatures and inform
the proper authorities. Be warned they are highly magical creatures
and will use their abilities to persuade you into feeling sympathy for
them. Do not be fooled by this trickery. Their lies and deception has
long been studied by our most powerful wizards and researchers. These
are all well catalogued in the book "The Many Evils of the Common Esper".
If you are ever in immediate danger from an Esper attack call for Magitek
Guards immediately and your government will come protect you.

How to spot an Esper:

1 - Espers are beings of magical energy. Those who practice the arcane
arts should easily recognize them by their magical auras.
2 - Espers will lie about anything they can to gain your trust. Ask them
questions about things you are very familiar with and you will notice
their lies.
3 - Espers have escaped to the TriPower and easily coerced their simple
government into believing they are not evil! Do not be fooled by this
utter nonsense. Even outside of the boarders of our empire, Espers
are still very dangerous and sitings should be reported.
4 - Espers eat very little. Their energy is maintained by magic. Lack of
appetite, sleep, knowledge of food and drink, lavatory use and avoiding
alcohol are often signs that you are dealing with an Esper. Their
"eating" times may also be erratic and their diet odd. Most Espers need
to eat their "elemental" magical component to survive. Earth energies
are difficult to spot for they eat salads, but a water Esper will likely drink
large quantities and be more noticeable.
5 - Deception is a common trait among the Esper. Many have the ability
to hide within their magic and present themselves as tall humanoids.
a) Question them on their life and history of their "race". They will have
a hard time answering even simple questions.
b) When under stress, an Esper will have severe difficulty maintaining
their disguises. Often a glow will radiate around them based on the sort
of Magical Energy they possess. Red for fire, blue for water, etc.
*Stressing an Esper is the ONLY sure way to know if they are an Esper.
Your government is highly skilled in this regard and will aid anyone who
reports Espers to us.

If there is ever a doubt, fear not, we are happy to assist you with dealing with
the common Esper at any time or location. You are never alone in dealing with
this menace.

Look forward to our next publication "Better know a Kenku".



The Department of Magical Research
Empire of Vector
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