An Intriguing Study (Part 2)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 03:46

As Azeroth continues watching the line of Hordies entering the tent where
moans and mumbles can be heard, one of the Horde members stood out because
of the uncanny size of his asshole, that can be seen from a distance.

"Let's call this one Ass..." said Azeroth to himself.

Ass was naked, body glistening in sweat under the hot summer sun. It was his turn
as he enter the Leader of the Horde's tent. Sounds of groans can be heard, follow
by loud screams and moans of pleasure.

Exits Ass from the tent, suddenly decked out in gear...his lips sore, driping with
white fluid and saliva.

"What the fuck?" thought Azeroth to himself as he packs his shit and heads back to
MagiTek Fortress to report his findings...