Friday, April 24, 2015 - 23:38

Long have my associates and I searched for a proper place to
call home. Our varying personalities and strange looks have
made us ill at ease in most places. Until now we have simply
done our deeds and moved on, trying hard not to over stay our
welcome. We've made our living by adventuring of various
sorts. Seeking out evil and dispatching it, restoring towns
after disasters struck and sometimes even just simple labor
trade for places to stay and a hot meal.
Through all of this what we've desired most is a place we can
feel at home. Where we don't feel a desire to watch our backs
for the whispers that would plauge us an inevitably lead to
requests for us to exit towns based on looks and race alone.
We seeks... Acceptance. We feel that Tripower can offer that
to us.
In return for your acceptance, we offer out services and
abilities as varied as they are. I come first with our
credentials, in hopes that you will review and agree to meet
with each of us in turn so that we may gain citizenship and
acquire work within your territories.
My name is Axsie Indigo. My mixed heritage has led me down a
strange and hard road, due to appearance and prejudice. Most
people seek to posses me or destroy me. I know no magic, but
come directly from magic descent. Dragons blood runs through
my veins as does that of the pixie folk. I offer my cunning on
the battle field to Tripower in exchange for citizenship and a
place to call home.
I will await a response at the inn just out of town.