Invasion of the little jerky people

all psycho hannibal torog radiantheart
Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 11:50

There was an energy in the air that evening. Something
about the spring air, its cold embrace, contrasted by the
budding of new life always caused strange energy.
The machines seemed to malfunction a little bit more
and the soldiers were a little slower to reach their feet.
But Psycho knew that with spring came change.

Then suddenly an alarm roared.
>>{This is a distress call: Torregiano has come under attack.
>>{Requesting immediate support, copy.

Psycho listened for the callback and tightened his boots.
>>oger that Torregiano.
>>e'll send them in hot.

The summon spell came quick and without prompt.
Psycho was pulled to Torregiano by means of the summon spell.
Psycho instantly saw there was a group of heroes surrounding a
sickly and jerking dwarf. His movement was uncontrolled yet even
odd and clunky the dwarf stood against more than a dozen heroes.

The dwarf did not stay for long. It retreated into the city calling
forth several other dwarven smiths to assist it attack.
Psycho had never seen dwarves move like this. Their
actions seemed forced and unnatural. They moved with the
grace of an orc baby that has had too much to drink.

'What happened why are these dwarves attacking us?' Psycho asked.

The Heroes were not in agreement about what was happening or why.
Never the less the crew cut through starving twitching dwarf invasion.