It is time

all Keepers Torog
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 05:48

A storm was forming.
The light had suddenly grown dim and the clouds thick and grey.
The dry air quickly turned moist and heavy, bearing the weight of
an ocean in every gasp. The composure of the climate severed by a
sharp and stabbing chill to the very bone. The sounds of the
surrounds silenced, slithering into thorough deafness.
Yet only momentarily... 'til the first bolt of lightning split the
night. Swiftly trailed by the rolling and hurling waves of thunder
that all but rocked the earth... the roars that cracked the very
sky, unleashing a fervent stream of tears from the heavens.
Before long, a squall overtook the steady breeze and began to howl
in discontent, thrusting against the trees with avid, relentless
force. The light had wholly died out, giving way to the damp and
solid dark; but for the erratic luminous cracks in the sky.
The wind continued to grow stronger, almost ripping the ancient
trees from their roots. The rain poured in endless rivers flooding
the ground, as the unrelenting cold threatened to freeze the very
core of everything in existence. Until, with the last incandescent
blade in the sky and the last ensuing roar from the heavens the
storm suddenly subsided.
All what remained was the still and solid darkness... A black that
lasted for months, years, even a lifetime...
And then finally, a spark...
The flicker of a candle...
And to it Jessiah awoke from his meditative reverie, uttering the
words "It is time to return".