Keeper Quandary - Chapter 1

Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 11:26

**Follows Interrogations - Chapter 2

Rowina woke up on the floor of her private temple
to Kossuth with a cat chewing on her hair. Louie
looked at her with crystalline blue eyes curiously.
Disoriented she looked around trying to get her
bearings, the black marble floors and everburning flame
was an immediate clue. At least if she had to faint
anywhere this wasn't the worst place, it was warm
at least. Slowly pulling herself to a sitting
position Row pulled her knees up to her chest and
leaned back against the altar. Wearily she laid her
head on her knees as the cat curled up against her
hip and started purring like an airship engine.

She couldn't deny it any longer, there was something
wrong with her. Healing magic seemed to have no
effect and it was starting to twist her magic.
She felt as if she were being crushed in a Vectorian
machine squeezing out all of her magic goo. She
had no time for such weakness and dragged herself
to her feet ignoring her aching joints and the feeling
as it returned to her limbs. Black marble did not
make the most comfortable of sleep surfaces.

With effort Row managed to navigate to her bedroom,
sitting gratefully on the bed. The longer she was
awake the more energetic she felt but she knew it
was no where what it should be. In a cloud of sulphur
and smoke, Bizit the baatezu imp appeared before her.

Ok RowRow I did what you asked and found Anya, she
was humping up a pair of dock workers in Baldurs
Gate, Have I mentioned that lady has some awesome

Row glared at the imp her face leaving no question of
her current mood. Seeing death and pain in that glance
the imp cleared his throat and went on.

Right, yeah ok, so I told her to see if she could put
her ear to the ground and find out anything more about
Krogenar and Maya the nummnummie drow. She said she
would if you promised never to get rid of her fountain.
She also wanted me to pass along that there is something
wrong with the portals in the Keeper Hall. I guess
they dumped her in the Sea of Swords or something, I
lost track, she wasn't wearing a shirt and did I mention
what a fantastic set of tatas that woman has.

Rowina rolled her eyes before answering, she would
discipline him but how do you cause a demon more torture
than he would experience on a typical Saturday night
in the Nine Hells.

Thank you Bizit, go wash the toilets.

The baatezu gave her a goodbye finger and walked out
angrily mumbling something about slave labor and wages.
As was her habit she ignored him, she was well aware
that his loyalty lay with her. There was a very angry
pit fiend awaiting in Hell to entertain him should
she dismiss him from her service. Knowing his true
name helped a great deal as well.

Giving herself a few more minutes to rest and regenerate
some energy Rowina closed her eyes and considered
the state of the mystery surrounding Krogenar. She
truly did not feel he had anything to do with the childs
death, however what interest did the drow priestess
have in the strider. Unless Star could find some clues
at the site of the murder, or someone else found a piece
of the puzzle, Rowina felt she had come to a wall on
discovering the answer to this.

Feeling better finally Rowina stood up, there was no
more she could do to find the killer of the girl at this
time so she might as well go take a look at the clan
portals and see what Anya was talking about.

(To be continued)