Krogenar Interview

The Blue Moon Tavern     There are a flight of stairs leading down right here, into what looks like to be a bar.  North large glass windows look out into the street.  From here you can see Market Square and the Festival Square.  You see the great fountain flow with the waters of the river.     [Exits: south west down]   [Doors: none]        A large round table with a candle sits in the middle of the room. [..C.......S.] A cave bear sits here awating its masters command. [...T......S.] Krogenar is here.   Standing about 5'3" in height, this figure is draped in a plain grey cloak, patched and stained from years of use and repair. Leanly muscled forearms, deeply tanned, hang loosely at his sides. Leather armor, with bits of salvaged metal sewn into critical areas, covers his chest and legs.   The leather strapped handle of a refurbished blunderbuss rifle is visible just above and behind his right shoulder. A scratched, dull sword pommel peeks out over his left shoulder, and the outline of what might be a pack is visible under the cloak. Dust caked leather boots cover and protect his upper calves, and two belts criss-cross over his waist, a loop of rope and other implements hanging from them. An old, dirty ball of continual light floats above his right shoulder.. A slightly deformed face, hazy with greying stubble, speaks of orcish blood.   Krogenar is in excellent condition.   Krogenar is using: <head>   a Glassteel Helm <l. ear> [....G..] a Sparkling Emerald Earring <r. ear> [....G..] a Sparkling Emerald Earring <face>   greying stubble <neck>   Greenstone Amulet   <neck>   The Amulet of Destiny <rel. symbol> [....G..] a Holy Symbol of Mystra <tattoo> ()()The Pax Faerunis()()   <torso>  [....GH.] A Suit of Cromatic Dragon Scalemail <body>   [....GH.] The cloak of the Elvenkind <arms>   [....G..] Runed Armbands <l. wrist>    A Gigas Armlet <r. wrist>    A Gigas Armlet <hands>  thick, old callouses <r. finger>   [V...GH.] @@ The Scaly Ring of Spiritual Evil @@ <l. finger>   [V...GH.] @@ The Scaly Ring of Spiritual Evil @@ <waist>  [....GH.] A black leather belt inset with blue bolsters <legs>   The Chainmail Leggings of Despair <feet>   A pair of spiked brigandine boots <surrounding> scents of the forest   <light>  [V...G..] Flame of Mysteries <floating>    [....GH.] the power of the Realms <pri. weapon> [....GH.] Ultima Weapon <shield> <> The shield of the Undead <sec. weapon> Venus Gospel <lance weapon>[....GH.] a hero's lance   Krogenar sits down at a large round table.   Celestia smiles brightly, sitting on the table.   Krogenar pulls out his notepad... then puts it back quickly.   You say 'Thank you so much for this opportunity, Krogenar!'   Krogenar smiles at you.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Force of habit!'   Krogenar thanks you heartily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Thank you for the interview.'   Celestia snaps her fingers and Krogenar's notepad appears in her hand, shrunk to pixie-size.   Krogenar makes a motion at the notepad with his hand, but then stops.   Krogenar fidgets.   Krogenar smiles happily.   You say [OOC] 'I'll follow your general lead...start IC and...ahem...TRY to get the *'s going properly.'   Krogenar nods.   Celestia pulls away, fluttering off the table and sitting on the back of a chair.   Krogenar looks at you.   You say 'Tut tut, dear, it's my turn now.'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly at you.   Krogenar nods slowly at you.   You say 'Don't be too nervous.'   Celestia grins.   Krogenar says 'I'll do my best.'   Celestia nods.   You say 'I know you will, dear. Why don't you start just by telling us who you are?'   You say [OOC] '*'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says 'Well, my name is Krogenar...'   Krogenar says '... I'm a member of the Mystran Tribunal, and the Supreme Strider for Mystra's Church.'   You raise an eyebrow at the notion.   You say 'Supreme Strider?'   Krogenar says 'As you can see, I'm a half-orc.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Celestia nods, scribbling that down and motioning for Krogenar to continue.   Krogenar says 'Well, um, let me explain.'   Krogenar says 'The Church of Mysteries has several orders.'   Krogenar says 'My 'Order' is called 'The Order of the Shooting Stars' - only the rangers and striders are members.'   Krogenar says 'It's my job to make sure their skills are up to snuff, and to lead them on their walkabouts.'   Krogenar says 'And I'm also one of the leaders of The Pax Faerunis faction.'   Krogenar says 'Does that answer the question?'   Krogenar looks at you.   Krogenar thinks, 'Supreme Strider... a bit overdone maybe...?'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly.   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Celestia nods, saying, 'In part. You weren't always a part of your church and the Pax, though, were you? - what was your childhood like?'   Krogenar smiles widely, his canines showing.   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says 'I had a wonderful childhood!'   Celestia smiles, the air sparkling around her.     Krogenar says 'I was raised by my Father, a long ways to the North.'   Krogenar says 'Beyond Heifong.'   Krogenar says 'It's a bit north of The Waste as well.'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Celestia flutters her wings idly, listening.   Krogenar says 'I was found by my Father was I was very young, and he raised me naturally.'   Krogenar says 'My tutors and companions were the common animals of the area.'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says 'Probably the strangest thing about my childhood, was speech.'   Krogenar says 'My Father and I never spoke.'   Celestia cocks an eyebrow quizzically.   Krogenar says 'It wasn't until I left our home, that I started to learn languages.'   Krogenar says 'I didn't even have a proper name, until I was.... not sure how old I was, or am now, even.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say 'I have to ask. Why didn't you speak?'   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   You say 'I can't imagine not most who know me can probably guess...'   You giggle.   Krogenar says 'We just did not speak. We communicated, mind you - with our hands, our expressions, and other ways.'   Celestia nods, thinking about that for a moment.   Krogenar says 'My Father may have taken a vow of silence.'   Krogenar says 'I picked up the common tongue quickly enough - well, not as quickly as I would have liked. The outside world was a bit of a shock to me, at first.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You nod.   Krogenar thinks about his Father for a moment, and smiles.   Krogenar says 'He was my first Teacher.'   Celestia smiles.   Krogenar raps the table with his knuckles.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say 'I'm sure he was, and is I hope, a very fine man.'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   Krogenar says 'He was.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say 'Where did you do after that? What was your first taste of the "outside world"?'   Krogenar snorts derisively.     Krogenar says 'Vector.'   You say [OOC] '* me to death, why doncha '   Krogenar says 'Vector is a vile city.'   Krogenar says 'I did not know it at the time. When I first saw it, it was new...'   Krogenar says '- and to someone who's young - new is good.'   Krogenar says 'I joined The MagiTek Army, as a scout.'   Krogenar frowns.   Krogenar spits on the floor.   Celestia frowns in dismay.   Krogenar says 'Thugs.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say 'Hmmm...'   Celestia hesitates a moment, dismissing the questions that form in her eyes.   Krogenar says 'It's alright. Ask away if you like.'   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says 'I'm done with Magitek, many times over with them.'   You say 'Well, you left there, obviously...?'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says 'I was very, very naive.'   Celestia smiles warmly.   Krogenar says 'They wouldn't let me stay in the regular barracks, with the other soldiers.'   Krogenar smirks.   Krogenar says 'Stuffy places anyway.'   Krogenar says 'I tracked for them. I tracked down escaped Espers.'   Krogenar looks down at the floor and frowns.   Krogenar says 'I thought I was helping them find lost travelers.'   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar says 'That's not what they needed Espers for.'   Krogenar leans back in his chair.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Celestia gives another warm smile, her tone gentle.   Krogenar thinks of Espers being ground up like so much raw meat.   Krogenar winces in agony.   You say 'Dear, everyone makes mistakes. It's over now.'   Krogenar says 'So, I left MagiTek.'   Krogenar nods.   You nod.   You say 'How did you get here? What brought you to Westbridge and your church?'   You say [OOC] '*'   Krogenar says 'I was a loner for a bit after that, staying on the move.'   Krogenar says 'One day, I was approached by a drow female.'   Krogenar says 'She asked me a few pointed questions. About what my life was about.'   Krogenar says 'And I discovered that I was a Mystran, all my life.'   Krogenar says 'It wasn't until that moment, that I realized it.'   Krogenar says 'That was Laisha. She invited me into The Church of Mysteries, and I accepted.'   Krogenar beams broadly at nothing in particular.   Krogenar says 'And since then, I've served Mystra's Church as fully as I'm able.'   You smile at him.   Krogenar says 'Nowadays, I focus on The Pax Faerunis faction.'   Krogenar says 'And governing Westbrige.'   Krogenar says 'The Rok is my chief concern right now.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say 'You're a leader of both your church and the Pax. How do the two fit together?'   You say [OOC] '*'   Krogenar smoothes his hands out over the wood table, and smiles.   Krogenar says 'They don't, really fit together.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says 'Not as well as I would like, at times.'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly at you..   You chuckle politely.   You say 'How so?'   Krogenar says 'Generally speaking, I don't care about politics.'   Krogenar says 'It has nothing to do with magic. It couldn't be farther from it.'   Krogenar says 'It has no mystery, no special appeal to us.'   Krogenar says 'Magic is all that truly matters.'   Krogenar says 'But if tyrants rule... magic suffers.'   Krogenar says 'That's our only interest, really.'   Krogenar says 'And The Rok threatens us all - we don't really know what affect it would have on The Weave.'   Krogenar says 'And so, we've decided to participate in The Pax Faerunis.'   Krogenar says 'So much knowledge would be lost, if it were to strike The Realms.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Not all Mystrans share my belief that this is the correct course.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'that should be IC.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] '*no*'   You say [OOC] '*nod*, even'   You say 'You must feel split then, at times.'   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar says 'No, I feel very directed.'   Krogenar says 'The Rok threaten m- The Realms... so it has to be dealt with, somehow.'   Krogenar says 'Some Mystrans would prefer to not think about it, or don't see it as a threat.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Celestia smiles.   Krogenar smiles at you.   You say 'I know how that goes.'   Celestia chuckles.   You say 'You sound quite dedicated to both the Pax and your Church - very commendable!'   You say 'I'm curious...have you ever thought of leaving either? And why?'   You say [OOC] '*'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says 'I have thought about leaving, sometimes.'   Krogenar says 'Well, once in a while.'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly at you..   Krogenar says 'We all have our bad days.'   You giggle.   Krogenar says 'As for why?'   Krogenar says 'Well, I'm sometimes too ... what's the word for a sick animal?'   Krogenar searches for the right word.   You say 'Poor, pitiful darling, but I doubt that's what you want.'   Krogenar says 'It frothes at the mouth, and is consumed by madness?'   Krogenar says 'Rabid.'’   You bat your eyelashes.   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says 'I'm a rabid Mystran.'   Krogenar smirks.   Krogenar says 'And proud of it.'   Celestia tilts her head to one side, studying Krogenar for signs of froth.   Krogenar wipes at his mouth, and smiles at you.   Celestia giggles, flutters her wings playfully.   Krogenar says 'I push too hard, I think.'   Krogenar says 'And I sometimes expect too much.'   Krogenar nods slowly.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Krogenar thinks, 'Tough question, that one.'   Krogenar grins evilly at you.  Hmmm.  Better keep your distance.   You smile happily.   Krogenar stands up.   Celestia giggles to herself, watching Krogenar.   Krogenar utters the words, 'qcandusahz yaae'. A carrot suddenly appears.   Krogenar chews on a carrot.   Krogenar raises an eyebrow at you.   You say 'Such healthy food, again!'   You say 'Tsk. Chocolate, dear. Chocolate!'   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar says 'Maybe an immortal can fill their body with garbage...'   Krogenar says '... I'm not immortal.'   You say 'Garbage?!'   You gasp in astonishment.   Krogenar says 'I have to be careful.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says 'Garbage!'   You say 'Hmm...'   Krogenar says 'Look at me.'   Celestia looks at Krogenar.   Krogenar says 'I'm ... probably close to a century old.'   Krogenar flexes a single, lean bicep.   Krogenar says 'Still strong.'   Krogenar kicks his feet up on the table, smiles lopsidedly, and chews on his carrot.   You chuckle politely.   You say 'Ah, well, I suppose it leaves more for me, than!'   You giggle.   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says 'Keep it all...'   You say 'So, any plans for the future? For your church, the Pax, or even yourself?'   Krogenar thinks, 'Can she read my mind? I wonder.'   Celestia flutters her wings and asks, 'You do know I'm a marriage goddess; if you ever have need, dear, I would be more than happy...' She grins.   You say [OOC] '*'   Krogenar says 'My plans are to continue to fight against The Rok, and keep Mystra's Church strong.'   Krogenar says 'Myself? Eh...'   Krogenar says 'I would like...'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says 'Women... well, I could never find any track on a woman's heart.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Celestia laughs quietly.   Krogenar says 'Besides, most women expect a husband to stay in one place.'   Krogenar shakes his head slowly.   Krogenar says 'Not me.'   Krogenar says 'I'll die on the trail, thanks.'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You giggle.   You say 'Such a shame. Such a shame...'   Celestia shakes her head and smiles.   Krogenar raises an eyebrow at you.   Krogenar says 'When I find a woman who can follow my tracks, then I'll reconsider.'   Krogenar grins evilly.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Celestia grins. 'Sounds like a challenge!'   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   Celestia hops off the chair, settling herself on the table beside Krogenar's legs.   Krogenar looks down at you.   Krogenar raises an eyebrow.   Krogenar says 'What are you doing down there?'   You dazzle Krogenar with your smile.   You say 'Sitting.'   Krogenar slides over to make room.   You giggle.   You say [OOC] 'I think that's a fair grasp of the IC. Shall we hit the OOC now? ^_^'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Sure!'   Krogenar listens.   You say [OOC] 'I know I asked you this last time, but just to get the ball rolling - your name? age? location?'   Krogenar smiles at you.   Krogenar nods.   You say [OOC] '(hrm...I sound like one of those crazy chatrooms...)'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'm 28, my real name is CJ - stands for Carl Joseph.'   Krogenar groans loudly.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And I live in NY.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Anything else?'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] '*laughs* I think we won't go into the name again. '   You say [OOC] 'What do you do for a living?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'There's a picture of me on Zaria's site, I think.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I work with my father. Our company makes custom fabric displays.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'We make banners, and flags.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'We also sell flags of all countries, U.S. flags, etc.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Most people react as though I just told them I sell paperclips.'   Krogenar smiles happily.   You say [OOC] '*lol* I dunno, I think it's neat.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's a fun job - every banner is unique, and our company has a great reputation.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I spend time in production, actually making the banners, and I also sell them.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I hope to take over the company when my father retires - IF he ever retires.'   Krogenar smiles happily.   You chuckle politely.   You say [OOC] 'The most important thing about a job will always be that you enjoy it, so you sound on top of things!'   You say [OOC] 'Oh, and for the record...'   local> <--- Krog!! ^_^   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Oh... you're cruel.'   Oh NO, Krogenar grabs you, throws you in a head lock and NOOGIES you!   You say [OOC] 'Ack!'   You say [OOC] 'Come on, YOU brought up the site...'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I guess I brought on myself.'   You say [OOC] 'And now that the ladies have seen you...are you married? *g*'   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Nope!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But it's looming.'   Krogenar looks over his shoulder.   Krogenar looks over his other shoulder.   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   Celestia peeks and tries to see.   You say [OOC] 'I could be evil and ask what you mean...'   You whistle innocently.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'm not engaged yet, but my current girlfriend and I have been together almost three years now.'   Krogenar scratches his head.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Having second thoughts at the moment, to be honest.'   Krogenar frowns.   You wince in agony.   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   You hug him.   Krogenar hugs you.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You say [OOC] 'Oh, yeah...stars...'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You say [OOC] 'But anyway! How'd you get into mudding?'   You say [OOC] '*************'   local> *   You say [OOC] '(there, I'm caught up now)'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Well, I started in college, and it nearly screwed up my grades, so I quit cold turkey.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'That was, oh, 6 to 7 years ago.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Then I decided to give it another try.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I always liked Forgotten Realms, back when I was a pen-and-paper player.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'So, I went to - a searched for the largest FR-themed mud I could find.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And here I am.'   Celestia grins.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'I, for one, am glad for it. How long have you been around WD?'   Krogenar utters the words, 'qcandusahz gsfuio'. A magical spring flows from the ground.   Krogenar drinks water from a magical spring.   Krogenar wipes his mouth on his sleeve.   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Oh geez...'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Time just seems to, to _smear_ at WaterDeep.'   You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Krogenar.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would say 2 years maybe, maybe a little less?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Feels like a long time to me.'   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But I'm not 'old school'...'   Krogenar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!   You jump in the air and give a BIG high five to Krogenar!   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You say [OOC] 'You and me both. '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Not like everyone else, eh? "I was here the SECOND DAY the server was up!"'   Krogenar smirks.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'I love to come into those conversations with an "oh YEAH? Well, I was here the third YEAR it was up!" (fourth?)'   You snicker softly.   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I don't even know some of these people.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Were they in the pvault for 3.5 years?!'   You shrug.   You say [OOC] 'Always seems to be the alt of the alt of the alt of ...'   You say [OOC] 'Speaking of - got any? That you don't mind sharing, that is '   Krogenar nods.   You say [OOC] 'If you don't want to say, that's cool too.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Really, Krog is my prime character.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I do have an alt.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I won't say who, but he's there so I can learn runs.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I rarely play him though,'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Well, sometimes, if I want a break from Krogenar.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I prefer to focus on one character.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'That's a good way to do it, I think. But that's just me.'   You chuckle politely.   You say [OOC] 'You write, I know that.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I love to write.'   You say [OOC] 'How'd you start?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I've always been a reader.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'When I was a child, I was a bit strange.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'My mother tells me when I was 1 or 2, I would have a picture book.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And I would turn each page, after studying it for a minute.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would turn each page very, very carefully.'   Krogenar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!   Celestia wonders, 'Hrm...does that make me strange too?'   Celestia chuckles with a grin.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'My younger sister would flip through it fast, and toss it over her shoulder.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Yes, you're strange too.'   Krogenar smiles at you.   You say [OOC] 'Thanks!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I was always reading as a child.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'My mother would come in to my bedroom at night, and tell me to turn off the light.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'd beg 'one more chapter please!' - weird huh?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'She'd come in, and I'd have a flashlight under the blanket.'   Krogenar falls to the ground and rolls around laughing hysterically.   Celestia laughs, her voice sounding like hundreds of tiny chimes.     You say [OOC] 'It is so nice to know I wasn't the only one...'   You snicker softly.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'So, I guess writing really started with reading. I still read as much as I can.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Actually, it's sort of non-social of me.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would bring a book to a family gathering.'   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I sort of 'zone out' with a good book.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'The house can burn down around me, and I'd look up from the book and say: 'Holy crap!''   Krogenar snickers softly.   You roll on the floor, laughing hysterically.   You say [OOC] 'Sooooooo... Got any good 'zone out' books for me?'   You say [OOC] 'Or anyone?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I love Lovecraft. Horror is big with me.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I find horror fascinating.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's requires more writing skill (I think) to horrify someone, than in any other type of writing.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'H.P. Lovecraft is a personal favorite.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'For fantasy buffs, I highly recommend Fritz Leiber.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '(runs to his book shelf)'   You say [OOC] '*runs for paper and a pen* '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Lean Times in Lankhmar.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's heroic fantasy, but with a 'realistic' sort of theme.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's about two friends, 'The Grey Mouser' and 'Fafhrd'.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's classic fantasy.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I also like Stephen King, and Frank Herbert.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Every fantasy buff should read 'Dune' - and yes, the movie sucked.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Thought I'd head you off at the pass, there.'   Krogenar smiles at you.   You say [OOC] 'I refuse to even watch the movie til I've read the book.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'The book is so incredibly detailed.'   You say [OOC] 'So I wouldn't know if it sucked or not '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'You would have to (and I have) read it several times to really get the most from it.'   You nod.   You say [OOC] 'That's true of a lot of books, I've found.'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I don't mind re-reading old favorites.'   Krogenar smiles happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You smile happily.   You say [OOC] 'This is one I've wondered, personally, for quite a while - what do you write, outside of the stories posted on the mud?'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Well, not much. My job keeps me very busy.'   Krogenar frowns.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I have a degree in Journalism, but I never pursued the career.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Not much money in it.'   You sigh.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And I prefer the 'what-ifs' to the 'what-is'.'   Krogenar smiles wolfishly at you.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And my father's company is a much better, more fun alternative.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Had I been smarter, I'd have taken business classes!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Which I'm planning on taking soon anyway.'   Krogenar nods.   You nod.   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'So, what little time I have, I dedicate to writing fantasy.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I was a good reporter in college, I think, though.'   Krogenar smiles happily.   You say [OOC] 'When it doubt - do both!'   Celestia smiles brightly.   You say [OOC] 'You should try writing a novel sometime. It would be fabulous, I think.'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   Krogenar blinks, and smiles.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'That would be a dream come true.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'If I published a book, and made a single penny from it, I'd frame it.'   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'The penny, I mean.'   Celestia nods in very enthusiastic agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would love to make writing my career - but that's very difficult. I need to eat in the meantime.'   Krogenar smiles happily. local> A voice whispers out of nowhere, 'do it...DO IT!!!'   Krogenar looks around.   You say [OOC] 'I know, sadly. I'm the same way, so I just write in my spare time and keep thinking, maybe...'   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I've heard that the key is to write every day.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Sometimes I think I could just write about my family, and it would make a great story.'   Krogenar gacks with dismay! Celestia grins.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But who knows. Maybe I should keep a diary.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '(Mud Time Allotted) - (Diary Writing Time) = (Less Mud Time)'   Krogenar frowns.   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You chuckle politely.   You say [OOC] 'It's worth it.'   You ruffle Krogenar's hair playfully.   You say [OOC] 'To me.'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   You say [OOC] 'All write. Away from the writing subjects...'   You bat your eyelashes.   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You say [OOC] 'Er... *chuckle* OK, now that was good.'   Celestia pulls out her eraser.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Nice segue.'   You say [OOC] 'All right then. '   A bright ball of Fire strikes the earth before you, when the smoke clears, Kossuth stands before you.   Krogenar bows before Kossuth.   Celestia looks up, blinking at Kossuth.   You say [OOC] 'Hi you '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Hey Koss!'   Kossuth says [OOC] 'ok, I know you're giving an interview but I thought I should tell you it's 1-0 detorit after 2 periods'   Kossuth smiles happily.   You say [OOC] 'NO!'   You say [OOC] 'Evil Detroit >_<'   Kossuth chuckles politely.   Kossuth says [OOC] 'no way!'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   You say [OOC] 'Yes way!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Oh... is this about hockey?'   Krogenar peers at Kossuth's hair.   Kossuth says [OOC] 'anywho, I'll let you get back to your interview, heh'   You say [OOC] 'I know, I know, evil Carolina...but Detroit's been evil longer.'   You say [OOC] 'Yes, hockey, Krog. Sorry '   You say [OOC] 'Thanks for the update, Koss!'   Kossuth says [OOC] 'no prob *Smile*'   Kossuth waves happily.   Kossuth raises his hands toward the sky and combusts into flames, disappearing     You wave.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Is Detroit going to harm Canada?'   You snicker softly.   You say [OOC] 'Detroit is a huge market team with lots of money that's been near the top of the league for a while.'   You shrug.   You say [OOC] 'I'll always root for the underdog '   Krogenar remembers 'The Kentucky Fried Movie'.   You raise an eyebrow at the notion.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Evil Warlord: "Send them... to DETROIT!"'   You say [OOC] '*rofl*'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'American Prisoners: "Nooo!!!!"'   You say [OOC] 'Nice '   You say [OOC] 'Anywho. We've had our hockey moment now - odd that it came in your interview and not mine...'   You say [OOC] 'I'm going to open it up to OOC fairly soon, but I have a few questions that came in first. '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Yes, the hideous shadow of hockey has now passed over us.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Shoot!'   local> He shoots, he SCORES!   You say [OOC] 'So, the masses want to know, why do you interview people?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Well, it started when I was looking for ways to promote the CoM website.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I needed new content on a regular basis.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I figured I'd put in the basic, useful information: directions, skills, etc - but then I needed something more interesting.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'To me, the most interesting thing about this mud, or any other mud for that matter, is the people.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'We have people from all over the globe here.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I like to get to know people, and interviewing seemed a good way to do it.'   Krogenar smiles.   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And get some new content.'   You say [OOC] 'I've enjoyed all the interviews so far, and hope you keep them coming. '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Also, you find out things about people.'   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'll keep trying.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'Ever gotten annoyed with any of your'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Um... no, not really.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'There are a few interviews I would like to have done better.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I think the burden is really on me, to help the person open up.'   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But not everyone wants to open up. And some of them... when they open up - it ain't pretty.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It's not real journalism, to be honest.'   Krogenar slams his fist on the table.   Krogenar says 'I want THE TRUTH!'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Celestia winces, getting jarred off the edge of the table.   Krogenar catches you in the palm of his hand.   Krogenar places you back on the table edge.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Lets say for example, that someone really opens up about something unpleasant.'   Celestia chuckles, swinging her feet up and moving toward the middle of the table.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'You have to be sensitive... and not everyone who reads the interview, will be that way.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I think my worst interview was Sargonist.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '(no offense to Sargonist)'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'He went on a rant about Saint (the player).'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'It was pretty bad - talking about beating him up, etc.'   You wince in agony.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'After reviewing it, I had to remove it from the interview.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And it was pretty raunchy too - but that I kept.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'No names had been changed, since no one was innocent.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You nod.   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And it DID illustrate his rather unique personality.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Also, the interviews are a nice record of the times of WD - which I like!'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] '*smiles*'   You say [OOC] 'How do you choose who you interview?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I started with notoriety.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I asked Cyric (my first interview), and I was ready to rescind the offer, when he transed me to his chamber.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Very creepy, no backing out now!'   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But he was a perfect interview.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'People hated, Hated, HATED him.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And some people loved him.'   You say [OOC] 'heh.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But who had the nerve to ask him? Especially if he had no qualms about wiping people?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But there are other reasons for interviewing.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'After a while, I started interviewing people that might not be so well known.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'So that 'veterans' from WD could read them, and learn about someone new.'   Celestia nods, listening.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Basically, I'd like to get a nice cross-section of WD. The Samaritans, the assholes, the funny people, the mean people. Everyone.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Also, I've interviewed people because of their RP.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Like Viwrathe. I'd never really met the fellow, but he's the leader of a notable clan, The ShadowThieves.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'So, by reading the interview, you could also learn about the different clans.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'Cool stuff. Any hints to who's next? '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'd like to focus on more NPK roleplayers.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Again - people we don't (or maybe just I don't) know much about.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Clausius was asked. (He declined.)'   Krogenar snaps his fingers.   You say [OOC] 'That's too bad. '   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I was interested in him because I had heard he fits the 'Explorer' mold pretty closely.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And he's a collector.'   You nod.   You say [OOC] 'Frankly, he's a great guy. But that's just my opinion.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And he's got a great airship. Very detailed.'   Krogenar nods in enthusiastic agreement with you.   You nod in enthusiastic agreement with Krogenar.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Well, people do have the right to decline.'   You say [OOC] 'Yup '   You say [OOC] 'I might have a few suggestions for you...but those can go off the record. '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I was thinking Dieppe (Guardians), or maybe Dorian (Apostles of Sune) - or someone from Enlightened Combine.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'But I also like to interview people that aren't very well-known.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'There are immortals that I'd like to interview as well.'   You say [OOC] 'There are imms I'd like to make you interview...'   You snicker softly.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Tempus would be nice to interview.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] ''   You say [OOC] 'Some "easier" questions, then - what's your favorite color?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'GREEN.'   You say [OOC] 'Ooo, vibrant Shoe size?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I love green. I'm half-Irish.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Eh... I'm a size 9... extra wide.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Flat feet, really.'   You say [OOC] 'Oh, the pain of extra wide...'   You chuckle politely.   You say [OOC] 'Boxers or briefs?'   Celestia blushes slightly, wondering if she just asked that.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I sleep in boxers. Every other time is briefs. Tightie-whities.'   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   You say [OOC] 'And do you have your name on your underwear?'   You say [OOC] '^_^'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'No banana-slings.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'My NAME?!'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'No, not really. Not too many chances for a mix up.' You say [OOC] 'Waterdeep apparently wants to know...'   You snicker softly.   Krogenar starts listening to the OOC chan.   You say [OOC] '*chuckle* Was just going to say, I'm headed to OOC now.' Krogenar chuckles politely. OOC channel is now ON. [*OOC*]Krogenar '(pulls at his collar nervously)' You OOC 'Hey, world!' You OOC 'Guess who's being interviewed? *cackle*' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'hahaha' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'Hi, Celly' [*OOC*]Marot 'Huh?' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'Krogy' You OOC 'Hi Kossy.' [*OOC*]Tycho '*rofl*' [*OOC*]Krogenar 'Hey Lat. ' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'Hey no fair you having OOC on!' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'no, i was saying who is getting interviewed' You OOC 'Yeah Krog, turn ooc off!' [*OOC*]Krogenar 'Its not? Ok, ok.' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'haha, busted' [*OOC*]Tycho 'Krogenar' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'you growled at me for it ' [*OOC*]Krogenar 'Going to quiet mode.' You OOC 'Good Krog. ' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'Ask him who he is gonna interview next *smile*' [*OOC*]Tycho 'meh! *runs*'’ You OOC 'Asked that already ' Krogenar waits for the next question.   Krogenar pokes you in the ribs.   You poke him in the ribs.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'They can be hard ones.' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'Ask him when he is gonna hold his next RP class' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'what is his favorite cheese............' Krogenar says [OOC] 'If people have rude questions, it's alright.'   Krogenar grins evilly.   You say [OOC] 'What is your favorite cheese?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Sharp Cheddar.'   You say [OOC] 'Good choice!' Krogenar says [OOC] 'Not a tremendous cheese fan.' 2-0 Detroit! Krogenar says [OOC] 'thinly sliced, on crackers.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'A little wine doesn't hurt either.'   You say [OOC] 'Yum.'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*' [*OOC*]Delanzen 'who his least favourite person is on the mud' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'and his favorite'’ [*OOC*]Wendy 'who's his favorite immy? *grins*' [*OOC*]Lateralus 'haha, good one' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'tha'ts a good one' You say [OOC] 'Who're some of your favorite people on WD?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Ok... um... (not in any particular order, ok!)'   You say [OOC] 'ok!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Laisha, Sharp, Wendy, (basically most Mystrans)'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Menhara, Lateralus, Zaknafein, Crosis...'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Geez... I like most people.'   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Everyone is fun, at some time or another.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'but those are the people that immediately come to mind... though I'm sure I've forgotten someone important.' [*OOC*]Tycho 'Perhaps...when the hell is Krogenar getting married (if he isn'it, in that case, who's his wife)' [*OOC*]Dieppe 'Wife. Don't need no stinkin' wife.' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'ask him who's interview on his site gets read the most *smile*' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'ask him if he likes eattin orange peels' You OOC '*laughs*'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'That's it for now, I guess.'   You say [OOC] 'Favorite imm?'   Krogenar gacks with dismay!   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Helm was my favorite. Though he is no more.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I didn't even talk to him much, maybe twice.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'You of course, are also a favorite immortal of mine.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Goldoth impressed me a few times too.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Helm stood out to me because he seemed very fair.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'He laid down the law, but without screaming or yelling, etc.'   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Also, he was very respectful - and immortals are under no compulsion to do so.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Goldoth wrote a note a while back, about basic courtesy.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And that stood out in my mind.'   Krogenar clutches you tightly in an overwhelming bearhug!   Krogenar says [OOC] 'You rock too Cel!' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'ask him how much wood a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood' [*OOC*]Wendy 'how many sea shells has Shelly sold down by the seashore?' [*OOC*]Kossuth '*chuckle*' [*OOC*]Delanzen 'What is Krogers opinion on President bush Improving Friendships with Russia, while at the same time Screwing Relations with canada.' [*OOC*]Wendy 'what's his view on domestic beer vs. imported beer? er, which one he prefers' You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And Yuna is also very cool, she's got a big job on her hands.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Celestia nods vigorously.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And of course, big cheers to Niss, for keeping the circus in motion.'   You say [OOC] 'Amen to that.'   Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   You say [OOC] 'k, next up... Do you like eating orange peels?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'No.'   Celestia shifts her eyes from side to side, then chuckles.   You nod.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Oranges yes. Peels, no. Orange zest is a useful ingredient - but not for general eating.'   You say [OOC] 'OK.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Although thinly sliced, maybe they could be tasty.'   You say [OOC] 'I can't eat oranges, so I'll take your word for it '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'On the other hand...'   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'     Krogenar beams broadly at nothing in particular.   Celestia smiles and takes a deep breath.   You say [OOC] 'How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?'   You say [OOC] 'Aaaaaaaaaaaand.'   Krogenar boggles at the concept.   You say [OOC] 'how many sea shells has Shelly sold down by the seashore?'   Celestia grins.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Say 'unique new york' 10 times fast.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Send that one to them.' You OOC 'OK, I have an official Krog answer for Koss and Wendy:' You OOC 'Krogenar says [OOC] 'Say 'unique new york' 10 times fast.'' Krogenar rubs his hands together.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'C'mon... something hard!'   You say [OOC] 'Passed on!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'These are easy!'   Krogenar crosses his arms.   You say [OOC] 'What's your opinion on President Bush improving friendships with Russia, while at the same time screwing relations with Canada?'   Celestia snickers, muttering, 'He wanted the hard one...'   Krogenar nods gravely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I think Bush is doing great all around. His pressure on Israel lately is puzzling, but I trust him.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I never trusted Clinton. He couldn't even be true to his wife (harpy that she is) - how can I trust him?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'As for Canada...'   Krogenar says [OOC] '... I say we invade.'   You peer intently at Krogenar.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'We may have trouble getting past the hockey player army, but, it would be worth it.'   Celestia clears her throat and drums her fingers on the table.   Krogenar chuckles politely.   You say [OOC] 'MOVING ON!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Ok...'   Krogenar pokes you in the ribs.   You say [OOC] 'What's your view on domestic vs imported beer, and which is better?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I love to tease Canadians...'   Celestia will wizslap you later for the Canada comments.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I don't drink beer.'   You say [OOC] 'Cool '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Never have, never will. Tastes like warm tiger urine.'   Krogenar shakes his head.   Krogenar gacks with dismay!   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Mike's Hard Lemonade.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I drink two, and I get silly. It's pathetic.'   Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   Krogenar laces his finger behind his head... confident he can answer ANY QUESTION.   You say [OOC] 'What interview on your site so you think is read the most?'   You say [OOC] 'Or do you have stats and know? ^_^'   Krogenar sits down and thinks deeply.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I don't have stats, not on that page.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would guess Yuna's, or Cyrics.' [*OOC*]Kossuth 'Ask how much money he's spent in the last week on coffee' [*OOC*]Delanzen 'ask him if he was a Nerd/jock/popular person when he was in high school'[*OOC*]Sorlinion 'ask him if he were offered the job of an immortal..would he take it?' You nod.   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Cyric's had an element of danger to it, that the others really did not have.'   Krogenar chuckles politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*' You say [OOC] 'How much money did you spend last week on coffee?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'None. I don't drink coffee either.'   You smile happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Orange juice is my stimulant of choice.'   You say [OOC] 'Good stuff, hon. Good stuff '   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Tropicana, with the chunks of orange in it.'   Krogenar opens his eyes very, VERY WIDE.   Krogenar blinks.   You raise an eyebrow at the notion.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'That wakes me up in the morning.'   Krogenar smiles happily.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Getting hard to think of questions, now, right?'   Krogenar pokes you in the ribs.   You say [OOC] 'I'm just working with what the people give me!'   You say [OOC] 'If you were offered an imm position, would you take it?'   Krogenar sits back in his chair.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'If I did, I think I'd have to give up Krogenar.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I would be honored by even being offered. I think I would take it.'   Celestia nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'What "set" did you fall into in high school - ie nerd, jock, etc.?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Nerd. Turbo-nerd.' [*OOC*]Delanzen 'I wonder if any of my questions were used  *doesn't think so*' You OOC ‘ yes, Del, I've asked some of yours.' You snicker softly.   Krogenar starts his DOH-Nerd Engine.   You snicker softly. [*OOC*]Kossuth 'ask him if he uses the 5 second rule' [*OOC*]Ryel 'I thought everyone used the 5 second rule.'’ [*OOC*]Delanzen 'its the 10 second rule'’ [*OOC*]Kossuth 'only 5 for me' [*OOC*]Thims 'not the min rule?' [*OOC*]Kossuth '10 if it has a shell' You say [OOC] 'Do you use the 5 second rule?'   Krogenar nods.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I'm the opposite of a hypocondriac.' regression equation'   You chuckle politely.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'My current girlfriend is a hypo.'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'That's what I call her... 'my widdle hypo' - she hates it.'   You snicker softly. 3-0 Detroit! Krogenar shrugs helplessly.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Germs are everywhere - what can I do about it?'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I mean, if a cookie falls in a pile of cow dung, the Rule doesn not apply.'   Celestia laughs, her voice sounding like hundreds of tiny chimes.     Krogenar says [OOC] '*'   You say [OOC] 'Well hon...I think I ought to wrap up, if for no other reason but my parents want me to walk the dog.'   You chuckle politely. [*OOC*]Kossuth 'ask him how many times he's died giving interviews, and by whom' [*OOC*]Anduril '*rofl*' Krogenar nods at you in agreement.   You say [OOC] 'Oh!'   You say [OOC] 'One more good one.'   Krogenar raises an eyebrow.   You say [OOC] 'How many times have you died giving interviews, and by whom?'   Krogenar does some mental arithmetic..   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Should I count my impending death at your hands?'   Krogenar smirks at your saying.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Koss, and Cyric so far.'   Celestia snaps her fingers and mutters, 'No! He figured out my evil plot!'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'And Yuna _may_ have killed me once.'   You say [OOC] 'And where do you stand on the rotdeath equipment? Use any?'   You whistle innocently.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'At least twice so far. (that may have been the time I decided to give more interviews to mortals)'   You say [OOC] '*laughs*'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Rotdeath?'   You say [OOC] '*nodnod*'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I use a cloud spike.'   You say [OOC] 'All right then. I suppose I owe you something, before we finish...'   Celestia stands, smiling.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I don't think so.'   Krogenar prays for transportation! Krogenar disappears. A cave bear prays for transportation! A cave bear disappears.   Krogenar arrives from a puff of smoke.   You send Krogenar reeling through time and space!   The Temple Of Life     You stand in a large white marble temple.  A pipe organ plays in the backgound as people sing a hymn of peacefulness.  You hear the priest up front tell the story of the forces of the realms, being it Life, the force that gives you breath, a heartbeat.  And Death, the force that steals these gifts away.  You see a guard here keeping the peace.  To the south is the Temple Square.  And to the west is the donation room.  To the east is the City Morgue and to the north is the Waterdeep Gardens.     [Exits: north east south west]   [Doors: none]     Krogenar is here. [.......L....] Hollywood Hogan is here, looking out for Sting.   Krogenar raises an eyebrow.   Krogenar dodges left and right!   You say [OOC] 'Told you I would wizslap you for the Canada comments... ^_^'   Krogenar says [OOC] 'Hoo! Hah!'   You say [OOC] 'Hoo! Hah!'   Krogenar dusts himself off.   You say [OOC] 'Thanks for the interview, hon.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'I have pantherlike reflexes, I told you that!'   Krogenar bows before you.   Krogenar says [OOC] 'A pleasure, as always.'   You say [OOC] 'Same hon. Thanks for the opportunity!'   You wave.   Krogenar waves happily.