Krogenar: Sawdust and Spirits - Part 6

[ 96] Krogenar: Sawdust and Spirits - Part 6   
Mon Dec 22 09:16:54 2014
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The sawyer lifted the lantern, and a slab of wood smashed onto his knuckles
knocking it from his grasp. It fell to the ground, and went black.
A voice in the darkness, feminine: "No, no, just you and me."
Clutching his hand he turned to face the she-dwarf's voice.
He heard wood being pulled from the pile. In the dark, Hapsor regarded
the wood, hefted it, found its balance.
"Turns out this wood -is- good for something."
She was perfectly at home in the pitch darkness.
He whistled twice, piercingly. Bending to pick up the evenings weapon of
choice, he reared to his full height pointed the wood before him, listening.
He was twice her size, maybe more, he recalled.
"I am -bigger- than you."
There was a pause, and then the darkness answered back, "Everyone is."
Hapsor could see Docrob perfectly, turning, listening, but not looking at her.
Her dwarven heritage had gifted her with darkvision. She saw the tremble in
his hand, the wood shaking. A few lumps later, and this would be over.
She picked up a second piece of wood for her off-hand, and strode towards
the sawyer.
Until a scream stopped her cold.
There was a second smell now, wafting on the air. Fear.
The strider's legs pushed him to greater speeds.
In the forest on the outskirts of town, his path carried him up into the trees.
Horgal, the great bear, was left behind on the forest floor, and eventually
even Shushura and Ashesh were left behind.
Now, he smelled blood.